To See: The Coldest Places on The Planet

We all know that Antarctica is the coldest continent on earth because it is where the ice world is. But, still there are certain smaller area or regions in Antarctica or outside that its temperature could go even lower and colder to be the coldest. Normally, countries like Russia and Canada are also known to be among the coldest countries in the world. That is why certain places in those countries have become the coldest places. And, the top 10 coldest places on the planet would be:

1. Fuji Ridge

Fuji Ridge

Ever found by Human, the coldest, coldest place ever would be the Fuji Ridge. This area locates in the Eastern part of Antarctica. The lowest temperate it could go down to is – 93.2 c. That is the record ever reached according to Nasa Satellite information. Though so, it becomes a very interesting place to visit my some researchers or people who love adventurous exploration.

2. Russia’s Vostok research station

The second coldest place is the Vostok Research Station of Russia. The temperature at this area can decrease to as low as -89.2 c. That is the record taken in July 1983.  Vostok Station has opened since 1957 as an ice research area. It includes ice core drilling and magnetometer.

3. Dome Argus

Dome Argus is also a very cold area which locates just near the Fuji Ridge in Antarctica at the east. The temperature at the Dome Argus goes up and down by time. However, in 2005, it broke its lowest temperature to -82.5 c. That makes it the third coldest place on earth after the Fuji Ride and Vostok, the Russian Ice research station.

4. Amundsen–Scott South Pole Station

Amundsen is another very cold place on earth. It locates in a remote area in Scotland, the south pole. That is also where the scientific research station of Scotland. Generally, the temperature of the area would be around – 82 c while the lowest it has ever been recorded is -73 c.

5. Mount McKinley

Mount McKinley

Mount McKinley is the a wide range of snowy mountainous area. In another word, this Mount McKinley is often known as Denali in Alaska. The lowest temperature around the Mount McKinley is often – 73. That is really a bloody cold area. The Mount McKinley is not only the area covered by ice, it is also the highest peak in North America. That is why it becomes one of the coldest places on the planet.

6. Oymyakon

Oymyakon is a rural area of the Oymyakonsky district of Russia. There are very few people found living there. Oymyakon is another one of the coldest places on the planet. That is because it is a really cold place. Its temperate often stays at – 71.2 c. So far, Oymyakon is the only coldest place on earth where there are people currently living there.

7. Verkhoyansk

Verkhoyansk is another remote area in Russia, found in 1638. It is also noted as one of the coldest places on the planet. Overall, there are just more than 1000 found living around the area. The normal temperature at this Verkhoyansk is -45c.

8.  Klinck, Greenland

At the lowest temperature of -69.4c, Klinck of Greenland has also been named as one of the coldest places. The area is also a research station, mostly about the area of ice research. Besides the researchers, there are none of the resident found around the area.

9.  North Ice, Greenland

North Ice is another coldest place in our list which belongs to Greenland. This is the location of the research station of the British North Greenland Expedition. It was so only between 1952 – 1954. The research was indeed led by James Simpson. During the research, the lowest temperature recorded over the area is – 66.1 c.

10. Snag, Canada

Snag, Canada

The last coldest place on earth locates in Canada in a remote area called Snag, the small village in Yukon. There are quite a few people currently living around the area, and the lowest temperature it could go to is – 63.9c. That is the lowest record as the coldest place in North America.

These are such the coldest places on earth. Mostly, they are the residential with few people or the research stations for scientists to do their research of the ice formation. It is really doubtful whether what those places could become in the future. It could become the very interesting places for tourists by some ways in the future.

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