The World Most Powerful Politicians to Know

This will show you the list of the world most powerful politicians. I bet because they are among the most well-known people, you will know them very well. Additionally, there will be some extra information you will read about each of those politician until they have come to this top level of life and career. They could reach higher, so they must have had something special. We are going to find that out and make them our lessons.

1. Xi Jinping


Xi Jinping is the boss of China, and China is a gigantic country, economically and politically. So, want it or not, he is the most powerful guy whose decisions could impact the world in some way. As of now, Xi Jinping has hold three positions in the Chinese government, the secretary general of the Communist Party of China, the chairman of the central military commission, and the president of the People’s Republic of China.

2. Barack Obama


Of course, everyone knows who Barack Obama is because the United States is big and powerful, and he is her boss. Even with the controversy of his origin, nationality, and education, he still could afford to reach the seat of the president of the United States. He is now serving in his second term as the president. Overwhelmingly, he is not only most powerful but also popular. The majority of the people in the United States have shown their like for Barack Obama.

3. Imran Khan




Imran Khan is a very well-known man in Pakistan. Early to his career in politic, he was once a great cricket player. Throughout the career, he has been named as the most successful cricket captain who led his country to win many championships such as the 1992 Cricket World Cup. After he was retired, he went into the his politic career. And, his popularity and capacity have often won him the top position in the poll he involved in. He was also once voted as the Asia’s Person of the World.

4. Hillary Clinton


Hillary Clinton, needless to say, is a powerful lady of the world and the United States. She is the wife of the former the President of the United State, Bill Clinton. She has been considered as the main force through her capacity and calmness in the party she serves. Born in 1947, Hillary Clinton is the First Lady of the United State. She was also formerly the General Secretary of the United States and U.S. Senator.

5. Kim Jong Un


It might sound funny if a person does not know Kim Jong Un. He is a very powerful and influential leader of North Korea. Many gigantic democratic countries like the United States are not happy with North Korea, but they could still stand where they are and operate the country in the way they think is good. That implies a great power they have.

6. David Cameron


Born in 1966, David Cameron is the current Prime Minster of the United Kingdom and the leader of his Conservative Party. Academically, David Cameron has had his degree in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics. Initially in his political career, David Cameron stood for the Parliament in 1997 at Stafford. And, in 2005, he won the position as the leader of the Conservative Party. This party won the majority of the seat in the parliament in 2010, and he has become the youngest Prime Minister of the United Kingdom since then.

7. Tayyip Erdogan


Tayyip Erdogan has been in power as the leader of Turkey since 2003. His remarkable fight for his country is the policy to control tobacco. This effort has won him the recognition from the World Health Organization. As of 2014, he has changed from his position as the 25th Minister of Turkey to be the 8th President of Turkey. So far through his career as the politician, he has had many achievement for his country.

8. Bashar al-Assad


Bashar al-Assad is now the President of Syria. He has got the position and the power as the leader of this country in 2000 when his father passed away. Bashar al-Assad was indeed a medical student in the University of Damascus, and after he graduated, he worked as the physician in the army. Though so, he has done his job very well as the political leader of Syria so far with great influence.

9. Francois Hollande


Francois Hollande is a leader of the Socialist Party for years before he became the President of French in the election in 2012. Born to a middle-class family, Francois Hollande has a mother as the social worker and the father as the ear, nose and throat doctor. He was a young talent man who have jumped up the politic ladder so quick to become the President of French.

10. Angela Merkel



Graduated from her doctorate degree in Physical Chemist, Angela Merkel had worked as the research scentist before she involved her life in politics. And, though so, she has had a great success to date with her life as the female politician in Germany. She is the first lady of Germany who have been in both position of the leader of the Christian Democratic Union in 2000 and the counselor of Germany in 2005. She was once ranked as among the top most 50 influential people of the world.


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