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When asked what the important thing about a life is, people often say happiness is the end purpose. However, what they are perusing is not always to reach happiness. They sometimes get lost and forget even to smile. Actually, there are plenty of reasons everyone should and deserve to be happy. What many people need to do is to slow down and realize things surrounding themselves. That way, they can have more chance to adjust how they instead should run their lives.

1. Life is Busy-ness

Whether you want it or not, life is often very busy because everyone has a goal or purpose either a short-term or long-term one. They will be doing and living everyday to fulfill those purpose. And, most of the people set themselves the pressure to achieve what they have set to. Actually, they should not measure their success by the result only. Every single minute of their effort is counted. They should appreciated those effort and allow themselves to be re-happy.

2. You have done a lot already

If you have taken a big step already, there is not reason to be pushing yourself too bad. You have to also learn to accept the reality that things take time to achieve and happen. Feeling bad for not achieving enough like what you want might let you work even harder but too much of it could potentially get you stressful and decrease your productivity instead.

3. Being Happy is a positive energy to move on

To Keep moving on, you will surely need motivation. Being happy is a big part of the motivation because you say you are doing everything to make yourself happy. This good energy is so important to life no matter what.

4. Learn to share happiness

Of course, you do not want to be surrounded by negative, stressful people. However, you also have to be none of them. You do not want to also share the negative energy to everyone around. By being happy, you can also make people around feeling better. That means a lot, especially when you are working in a team. If the mood in the team is not right, it also affects how things work.

5. Being happy is appreciating life

For one more reason, being happy is appreciating life. People are born and will pass away one day. If so, why do we need to be so serious about it? Why do not we just try our best to do what we like, we think it right, and what is beneficial to use in a more relaxing way. You might be very happy when you arrive at your goal. But how meaningful if that result has taken you for many stressful years for it?

6. Everyone deserves to be happy

In fact, being happy is a choice, but the society has trained us to work the hardest possible that we forget to be happy. With the current modern lifestyle everyone is getting into the modern slavery context. We buy a house, a car and everything by borrowing the money from the bank. That way, we have to always stick our life to the work in order to earn back the money to pay them each month. And, normally, it takes 10, 20 or even 30 years finish the loan. That is too bad.

7. Being happy makes you more productive

Actually, being happy is more than just feeling better or great. It has something to do with your own productivity as well. If your mind becomes messy, you might not think well you when you feel fresh and happy. So, take some time off and be happy might mean a lot more to the work you are doing and the speed you are processing to reach your goal.

8. Living longer

Being happy and laugh a lot will make you internally feel better, and it will allow you to live longer. This is also scientifically proved that the life expectancy of happy people tends to be longer than the ones full of stress. And, longer life will allow you more time to get your dream a reality.

9. Have a better relationship and social life

Feeling good each day is a bless. If you are so stressful, the way you communicate with your friends, family and relatives will affect badly. If you look fresh and relaxing, you might be able to like being around them. That is really an important aspect of the social and family life. And, they will be happy to see you are looking alright as well.

10. Never forget the purpose of your existence

Again, you can work the hardest you like it to be to achieve your dream. However, never forget the purpose of your existence. That is to be happy. That is why you deserve to be happy.  Life is quit short and the more you understand it, the more you might live better than more of the people who are also living. So, taking some time to understand it through reading and learning from a different perspective, you have more advantage than the rest.

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