The Coldest Towns in the United States

United States is not only among the most powerful countries. It is also very beautiful. However, since its land size is huge, the geography including the weather from an area to another could be so much different. And, it is very important to know this when you are about to move into a new town or city of the United States, even just for a visit, so that you will be more well-prepared for it. If you look into the weather specifically, there are about 15 towns around the United States which are seen to be the coldest. We are going to bring those 15 coldest towns in the US out in below for you to check out.

15. Silver City, New Mexico


Silver city of the US is incredibly a fashionable city with many artistic talents. This Silver City is really the city of art with many writers, musicians, and artists. Even more interesting, it locates near the natural reserve, Gila Wilderness. Nonetheless, its weather is bloody cold while there were only about 10273 people living around the area. Another interesting thing about this Silver City is it is where the Western New Mexico University is.

14. Chattanooga, Tennessee


Another beautiful town to live in, though it is very cold, in the United States is Chattanooga, Tennessee. The Chattanooga of Tennessee is such lovely place to visit and live in with not so many population. One of the unique things about Chattanooga is the fact that it is among the very first town in the United States which has their own facetype and chatype. The city is, at the same time, very famous for its natural landscape which allows many outdoor activities to happen enjoyably.

13. Athens, Ohio


There are two things that Athens of Ohio is best known for. One is the fact that it is home to the Ohio University, and two is the sense of artistic life it possesses. Many music scenes as well as the street festivals in this town are favorable and are celebrated very often. One of the examples is the Halloween celebration of the town which often attracts thousands of people to join each year. Though the weather of this town is quite cold, it is still an amazing town for many people.

12. Mount Desert Island, Maine

12 Mount Desert Island, Maine

Mount Desert Island in Maine is a super wonder town to visit in the United States. Arriving and walking around the island, you will feel a lot of free spirit which exists in this state of Maine. For tourists as well as local people, there are many activities they can enjoy such as rock climbing and boating while great restaurants are also around. Many beautiful places such as the Bar Harbor and the Acadia National Park are also around.

11. Lawrence, Kansas

Lawrence is also very nice town in the Midwest. To seek for pleasant life, Lawrence is among the place to consider. Its locates near the coastal area, and there are many music, education, food, business opportunities existing around the town, making it lovely and favorable for the happier lifestyle. The Lawrence of Kansas is really an amazing place to explore if you are to take a tour.

10. Marfa, Texas

10 Marfa, Texas

As a small town of Texas, Marfa is as well a great tourist attraction. The Big Bend National Park and the Marfa lights are the two very interesting place and phenomenon that makes want to visit the place even more. Moreover, the architecture and installments around the town also push this Marfa to be even more of a dream destination to visit for many people.

9. Freeport, New York

9. Freeport, New York

Having the very best geography, the Freeport is very favorable for people to live and visit the area. It locates near the Atlantic Ocean, and it has a beautiful scenic view for the residents as well as the tourists. Seafood restaurants are another very famous thing about the Freeport. This Freeport is also best considered as the perfect place for escape from the city pollution and busy environment.

8. Missoula, Montana

8. Missoula, Montana

At a different landscape view, the Missoula in Montana is a charming mountainous area. It locates just close to many wilderness and national forests of the country which makes very accessible to wildlife. That is a great activity you could find in Missoula, Montana. Its art galleries, restaurants, coffee shop and the beautiful town view make this area a lovely place to live in.

7. Sun Valley, Idaho

7. Sun Valley, Idaho

Sun Valley is brilliantly an intersection of what it takes to create a wonderful lifestyle. They have artistic scene, great restaurant, unique landscape view, and importantly the adventure sense. This makes Sun Valley a good tourist destination for many tourists. As well, many local people seem to live their lives enjoyably in and around the Sung Valley. You might love this area even more if you has ever been there.

6. North Charleston, South Carolina

6. North Charleston, South Carolina

Another interesting town of the United States is the North Charleston in South Carolina. This is another area which is full of activities and opportunities. Boeing and Google have their locations in the area, and it encourages many young residents to be around. In the meantime, the trendy restaurants and bars are a lot, making it very entertaining to live around the area. Its landscape is as well extremely beautiful.

5. Laguna Beach, California

5. Laguna Beach, California

Located along the coastline, the Laguna Beach in California is an amazing place which there is tones of fun festival as well as the stunning city view, Laguna Beach is doubtlessly one of the most popular cities in the United States. The city is also seen to be highly artistic as it has its own history as the artist colony since 1920s. Many tourists who have happened to be there really enjoy their time a lot.

4. Frisco, Colorado

4. Frisco, Colorado

Skiing, mountain biking and sailing are activities you can play and enjoy best in Frisco, Colorado. Both for tourists and the local residents, the Frisco has been a very nice place to live and visit with a beautiful environment and charming landscape in addition to its cold favorable weather and the welcoming main street. Exactly, the Frisco is one of the best places to visit for many reasons.

3. Asheville, North Carolina

Asheville NC Skyline

Culture, unique geographical landscape, and the engaging local residents have made Asheville is very special for tourists and the residents. In the meantime, you could manage to arrive in this area, you will see many friendly local people, and with its great culture, it makes the Asheville very nice to be in. The are also experienced good economic transformation in the recent decades.

2. Oneonta, New York

2. Oneonta, New York

Home to Hartwick college, the Oneonta is a wonderful residential area and tourist attraction to many people. With its recent economic improvement, it makes Oneonta even more favorable. Moreover, it has the location close to Catskill Mountains which gives itself the beautiful scenic landscape for the people who are living around the area. And, many tourists also want to see that. That is why they are there.

1. Mercer, Wisconsin

Coldest Towns

Incredible forest trails and Mom-and-pop shops are the two major attractions of Mercer in Wisconsin. Visiting the Mercer will give you the pleasantness and joy to the max. Mercer is really an incredible town in the United States to have a trip to though Mercer is also listed as one of the 15 most coldest towns in the US. Getting into the town, you will feel relax and super fresh with its today environment.

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