Super Richest People in Pakistan 2022

Though Pakistan is among the poorest countries in the world, there are still a few outstanding entrepreneurs who have emerged through their international business. It is very interesting that people from a very poor country could reach a world class wealth rank. That might prove to the younger generation that nothing is impossible to achieve. Now, let’s see the list of the story of the richest people in Pakistan.

1. Mian Muhammad Mansha


Born in 1947 to a wealthy family, Mian Muhmmad Mansha has had an opportunity to have a good business education in an elite university in British. After the graduation, he went in to work in his family business. As of today, he is the CEO of Nishat Group which its business involves mainly in textile industry. Officially, he is the richest man in Pakistan with a wealth of $2.5 billion.

2.  Shahid Khan


Shahid Khan is a Pakistan-American businessman with billions of dollars estimated for his total wealth. He has owned numerous businesses including Jacksonville Jaguars, Fullham F.C., and Flex-n-Gate.  He was born in Pakistan and went to pursue his education in Engineering in the United States when he was 16. After the graduation, he realized dish-washing machine is a good business opportunity to make big money. He did it and has revolutionized the industry.

3. Sir Anwar Pervez O.B.E


Differently, Anwar Perves has a SIR status. He was awarded that by the Queen of England in 1999 due to his outstanding contribution in charity field. His origin is from Pakistan, but he went to the UK when he was 21. Soon, after that, he owned a supermarket chain of 10 stores. That is the big turning point of his life. Now, he is the founder and chairman of Bestway Group which is the cash and carry operator, the second largest of its kind in Pakistan.

4. Asif Ali Zardari


Instead, Asif Ali Zardari is not a business man. He is a politician but has earned a great deal of money that he was ranked as one of the richest people in Pakistan. His source of wealth is known to mainly be found from his land ownership of the tribe Hos Baloch. His status became prominent when he got married to Benazir Bhutto.

5. Saddaruddin Hashwani


Saddaruddin Hashwani is an interesting figure in the tourism industry of the world. This is because he has had a big part of his business in travel and tourism industry. he is now the owner of Hashoo Group which besides their investment in the hospitality field, he has also put his hands into technology, real estate development and health businesses. His wealth is estimated to be 1.1 billion US dollars.

6. Nawaz Sharif


Another richest man in Pakistan is her current president. Nawaz Sharif is officially the president of Pakistan since June 2013. Additionally, he is also a popular and powerful businessman in Pakistan owning the Ittefug Group in Pakistan which is a big business group in transport and agriculture industry. In Pakistan, he is often known as the Lion of Punjub.

7. Abdul Yaqoob


Born in 1944, Abdul Yaqoob is an Dubai -based businessman from Pakistan. Sadly, he passed away in 2014. His total net worth earned during his life time is estimated to be around $ 1 billion. That wealth had main earned from his ARY group of companies in various business fields such as real estate and telecommunication.

8. Nasir Schon


Nashir Schon, without a question, is a business leader and a guy among the richest people in Pakistan. His main business is with his Schon Properties. Currently, they are very busy with their $830 billion real estate project in Dubai. Born in 1957, he has also invested in fertilizer production as well as the pilot training center in Karachi to have earned his status as one of the richest people in Pakistan with a net worth of $1 billion.

9. Tariq Saigol


Similarly, Tariq Saigol is among the richest people in Pakistan who have involved their business actively in the production industry in Pakistan. Tariq Saigol’s business is mainly in leaf cement and textile industry. His company is among the largest of its kind in the country.

10. Malik Riaz Hussain

Richest People in Pakistan

Malik Raize Hussian is the incredible business man in Pakistan. He own his Bahria Town which is the biggest real estate development company in Asia. Born in 1954, Hussain is not from a wealthy family like the majority of the richest people in Pakistan mentioned here. His family often encountered financial problem. He started to work as a clerk when he was 19, and started a his own business after that.


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