Super Greatest Leaders in the History

People like Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela are among the greatest leaders of the modern time the world has recognized by their great contribution to a course such as the world peace. However, that the world could have gone through such a great history started thousands years ago. And, below here is the list of those greatest leaders that have made a remarkable contributions to make the world a better place.

1. George Washington


George Washington is the first ever president of the United States. Born in 1732, George Washington is among the greatest American military leaders of its history. When we talk about founding the American, of course, it is about George Washington. He, indeed, had a combination of great qualities in leadership skills that made him such successful during his life.

2. Alexander the Great


Either in the Greek or world history, Alexander the Great is considered as the greatest military leader so far. His conquering stories in Asia, Persia, and Mecedonia have still been talked about for thousands of years so far. Even more incredible, he had done and achieved this great success at a very young age of 33, and he passed away from Malaria at the end.

3. Winston Churchill


Winston Churchill is one of the greatest leaders of the United Kingdom. He ruled the UK during World War 2. He is indeed a daring leader who got into the leadership position in a tough time of British due to the attack from Hitler, Germany. However, he could afford to lead the whole country to success again the invading of Hitler during the World War 2. The leadership qualities he had that have been widely recognized is courage, perseverance, devotion, and determination.

4. Franklin Delano Roosevelt

frankline roosevelt

Franklin Roosevelt is another great leader during the World War 2. He made a tremendous contribution to the government reform in his time as well as leading the country through the Great Depress of the world. Historically, he is the only ever American President who could stay in his president position for 4 terms continuously.

5. Nelson Mandela


Nelson Mandela is, in fact, among the great world peace leader at this modern time. His contribution to bringing peace to the world by fighting with the Apartheid is priceless. Because of his dedicated peaceful campaign against the the Apartheid, he had been jailed for almost 2o years, but his determination to bring the peace to South African never disappeared. When he was released, his popularity has increased even more, allowing him to successful get what he wants. He finally became the president of South African with zero Apartheid.

6. Julius Caesar


Julius Caesar is among the most well-known figures of the world and Roman history. His military strategies and leadership are considered the greatest. He had brought many victories to the Roman Empire as well as made a great reform in the governance of the Empire. His leadership has been a great lessons the next generation of the world have followed after he made an enormous reform in the Roman Empire and created the leadership framework to manage it.

7. Martin Luther King. Jr


When it comes to be about Martin Luther King. Jr, one would remember the phrase ” I have a dream”. In the United States, Martin Luther King. Jr is the icon of peace and equal right between the black and white. It is a world class challenge that he had dedicated his whole life for it. That dream he had is everyone is born the same and should deserve equality regardless of their race, color or nationality.  The outstanding leadership quality of him that shines are courage, peaceful attitude, and the perseverance.

8. Abraham Lincoln


In every 5 dollar note of the United State lies the face of Abraham Lincoln. This is a memory and recognition for his hug contribution to the country. He was the 16th president of the United States during its civil war who is considered a very inspirational leader. He is also the one who had brought an end to the slavery in the United States.

9. Mahatma Gandhi


Mahatma Gandhi is known as the father of India. He is the most important figure that had taken the non-violent approach to demand back the freedom for India from the colonial rule of the British. He finally did it in 1947, and became the world peace exemplary leader of the world while earlier he was just a usual man, graduating from a law school in London.

10.Napoleon Bonaparte

Greatest LeadersNapoleon Bonaparte is another one of the greatest leaders in the military service for France. What that is considered best from Napoleon are his military training strategies, Napoleonic code, and the approach to revolutionize the organization. Historically, he had led many successful  military campaigns, making French very powerful at the time.


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