Super Effective Keys to Be a Good Team Leader

Being a good team leader is so meaningful to the productivity and happiness of the whole during the time to complete the task. And, because team work is everywhere and unavoidable, it is so necessary that each one of us should be preparing ourselves to be one. It might takes a bit of time to achieve it. However, there are some tips to know which will allow people to become one quite easier. Now, we will go to the top 10 keys to be a good team leader.

1. Modelling others

A good team leader does more than just talking. He or she will also act a an example. They tell everyone what to do, and they act it for everyone to follow. And, it is more effective to send the message or rules to the rest members through actions, not only the talking. So, walking the talk is a key to being a good leader.

2. Motivating Members

Motivation is an emotional fuel to keep working towards the goal. Keep injecting it to the members mean giving them a reason to work hard and maintain their strong performance till the objectives are achieved. Without enough motivation, members will lose energy and focus to achieve the aim.

3. Continuous Recognition

Recognition is a form of appreciation, and it is done to show the value and encourage the whole team to work even harder. Actually, recognition is a very important form of incentive. Being recognized for their hard work, it is so much meaningful to the members themselves. Feeling proud of their work would be a reason to try even harder.

4. Celebrate the victory

One of the tips to achieving the big end goal is to break them up and get it done one by one. It is actually a milestone. And, celebrating the small achievement is somehow very useful to have some fun time and refresh the mind as well as informing everyone of the team of where they are at now, and what is next for them.

5. Shaping a Culture

Shaping the culture will take so much of time, but it is very necessary. Because a good culture can assure a harmonious productive team. So, as a good team leader, one should pay some of his or her attention to it and start building it since the first day. Actually, being able to build a great culture is also a great achievement of the team at the end of the project.

6. Being Responsible

A good team leader will always stand in front of the problems. They are very responsible for everything that has happened. It is during the tough time that the members would even see who their leader is. So, being a strong one to fight with any problems in front of the members is a key to building trust and confidence among the members.

7. Mentoring Spirit

Willingness to mentor the members is another attitude a good team leader should bear. That is giving more skills and capacities to the existing ones of the members. With higher knowledge and ability, everyone will be working better as well. So, training, coaching, and mentoring the rest of the members is a good long term investment.

8. Being Patient

Leading is so time consuming, It takes step by step and things can go badly wrong easily. So, being patient to achieving the end purpose is really important. If not, the team leader him or herself could become desperate any time during the project. That could potentially impact to the rest of the team. It is really a negative impact to avoid. So, being patient and persistent should always be an attitude of a good team leader.

9. Presence

Presence is really vital in the leadership. So, in every tough time of the whole team, the presence of the team leader is so important. That simply means, a good leader will always be there for the whole team when they face difficulties.

10. Empathy

Empathy is the ability to understand the feeling of theirs. And, in the context of leading the team, it is the ability to understand how everyone is feeling about the work, the group, and everything around. By knowing, the team leader will have more ideas of what need to be done urgently to improve and develop the team.

It takes time and great experience to be a good team leader. However, it does not seem too difficult to be one as long as you are willing to be one.

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