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Reviewed Being Updated: 26/12/15

To take care of your hair well and for its beauty, there is a need for the best quality hair steamer. Actually when natural hair does need hair steamer because steaming the hair is an effective way for its deep conditioning treatments. Simply, the moisturizing heat from the steam the conditioning recipe to be absorbed quicker and deeper by hairs. As a result, your hair is softer and more beautiful quick. Indeed, hair steamer could do many more for the hair beauty in general. If you feel like you are needing one, you are good to get a good one. It will never be negative for your hair if you do not have it excessive steamed.

However, what you do need to know is what kind of hair steamer type that best fits with your need for hair steaming. As well, there are quite a lot of products in each type to select. That could confusing and time consuming to do your own research. As quite a lot of women have faced similar difficulty looking for a good one, our team has spent hours checking and reviewing these top three hair steamers for your consideration. Each one comes from a type of hair steamer available on the market. They are Q-Redew Hand-held Hair SteamerDeluxe Hair Steamer, and Secura S-192 Hair and Facial Steamer

Q-Redew Hand-held Hair Steamer

The very good hair steamer of the first type is Q-Redew Handheld Hair Steamer. This Q-Redew is a handheld design, 1and it is extremely popular among many others. Besides its availability at an affordable price, it works great for hair steaming in a matter of minutes. Many of the times, this hair steamer is best used for reshaping hair, conditioning, styling, moisturizing and more. Also, as it is a handheld design, it is quite portable and less space consuming. If you need to, you could also bring it with on your trip. Also to notice, this hair steamer works with 120V and 650 Watt power to perform at its best.

Normally, you will not need this kind of steaming for too long. However, this hair steamer is only 2 pounds in weight. Though you need to hold it a bit longer, it will not make your hand tired. By the way, for best practice, users use follow this direction:

  1. Fill up the reservoir: As it is small, it needs to be refilled every time you want your next hair steaming.
  2. Attach it to the item: Insert it to where it is to function like usual.
  3. Plug the item in. If there is a light showing, it means it is ready to be used.
  4. To release the steam, pull the trigger.
  5. Apply the steam to where you want to steam the hair
  6. To note: never apply it directly to your skin.

What that isn’t great about the item:

This is a handheld steamer, and still, it can not do the work as the tabletop hair steamer at salon. In case you need thorough hair steaming and your hair is thin, this handheld steamer should be good. However, if your hair is thick, this small design can not do the work well. There are other times some users found out that the water inside the reservoir is very hot that they are afraid it comes out and spilled over their skin.

Deluxe Hair Steamer

For the next type to review for your consideration, it is the tabletop steamer. If you have enough space at home for a standing design, this could be a higher performance hair steamer for you. And, for the product to suggest, Deluxe Hair Steamer has been reviewed and proven great before the pick. Very good make for the quality, there are certain 2features that makes this Deluxe Hair Steamer the top choice as the tabletop steamer type. For one, this hair steamer comes with the auto shutoff timer which you can set it within 60 minutes. For the steam level, it is also adjustable between the low and high switches.

And to work well and properly, it needs 650 Watt power. Moreover, as this is the tabletop steamer kind, it comes with the hood, and this hood of this Deluxe Hair steamer is easily adjustable to fit the different situation of your home. Simply, you can have a convenient and comfortable hair steaming with this while users can also expect good effectiveness from the item. Some hairdressers have also recommended this hair steamer, especially for color processing.

At the same time, many users have expressed very good satisfaction over this item. What that happened is they could find out their hair becoming revitalized. Importantly, their hair started to be softer and stronger with less breakage. This steam steamer is also a choice of many hair stylists, and what they have found out is their clients too love the steamer. Either you need to steam your hair once a week or every day, you are recommended to have a try with this tabletop steamer. It has proven itself great through the actual experience of the majority of the users.

What isn’t great about this item:

Some users instead have commented that their one arrived without the instructions, and they would have to call the seller for proper instruction to use this hair steamer. Actually, instruction is included, but there may be mistakes for some packages. Tutorial video on Youtube is also accessible. Another issue of the product encountering by the users is the fact that the steam started to come out less and less after a couple of months in use.

Secura S-192 Hair and Facial Steamer

Lastly, it is the steamer cap, Secura S-192, that will be reviewed for your consideration. This is a special hair steamer which is built in too with the function of facial steaming. In case you need both in one, then, needless to say, this Secura S-192 is the one. Saying so, the quality of this steamer is also well recognized by many of its users, especially when you want to hydrate and moisturize your hair. Very least breakage and split have been found. That means this is a very helpful and effective hair steamer. It simply allows the hair to absorb conditioners better and deeper for best effectiveness. Even better, though this is a steamer cover type, it is designed to be convertible to be tabletop hair steamer too if you need it that way. Also to mention, this hair steamer has a built-in ozone generator to make it even more of a great hair steamer.

3For safety reason, this Secura S-192 is designed with the auto shutoff function when water in the tank reaches its minimum level. It is not hard to see the water level as the tank is transparent. Therefore, users should have a glance at it by time, and if it runs out, try refill it quick and you can enjoyably continue your steaming. At the same time, as many experienced, the effectiveness on this steamer on hair would also depend on other hair products users use too. If that is the right solution for your hair health, this hair steamer even makers it greater.

Moreover, from the customer’s perspective, this Secura S-192 is extremely easy to assemble while even for the first try, they could see the hair steamer functioning very good, especially the quick heat-up of the steam with high pressure. This enables the product for its amazing performance. Some even has compared this to the version of Huetiful hair steamer. What they have found out is the quality of both are similarly the same while this costs less. Lastly, through the experience of many users, this hair steamer could leak out if you overfill the tank. So, be careful when you refill, and never again overfill it.

What isn’t Great about this item:

Overall, this hair steamer gets rated 3.5 stars over 5 among its 416 reviews from the customers. However, that implies there are still room for improvement for this Secura-s192 model. In this, a few users have been unhappy when there were times this hair steamer went malfunction such as repeatedly keeping shutoff and some experienced leak from the tank. Another issue to check out too is when some buyers do not find the setup instruction helpful enough while actually video tutorial is available on Youtube.

Buying Tips and Features You Look for in a Hair Steamer:

As to look for the best quality hair steamer, you would need to have some ideas of basic features in a hair steamer so that you could have your own evaluation between what you need and what your favorite hair steamers have. You thus are likely to pick up the right one easier. Below are some to notice:

  1. Product Quality: For whatever you are looking to buy, product quality is always the first priority to check out. Besides the trust there is a well-known brand, you had better check out the stars rated and product reviewed by the customers. That is normally even more important because it comes from the actual experience of other users.
  2. Timer: Timer is another feature you would need to have a convenient hair steaming. Normally, it is recommended that you never steam your hair over 30 minutes. Thus, if you have the timer, you just need to set it out and enjoy the steaming to its finished time.
  3. Hood adjustment: If you are looking for is a tabletop steamer type, then the hood adjustment is important to look at. Otherwise, you would find it hard to have a comfortable lie down and have your hair steamed conveniently.
  4. Design: When talking about design, it is how it looks from your eyes, and how easy it is to use. Many hair steamers available online seem to have good presentation while it depends on the individual to see it. However, you could seek more for the products that consume less space with easy mobility.
  5. Water Tank: the size of water tank built in a hair steamer will decide how much water it could hold. That also means how long you will have to refill it again. Big enough one is great, and you can enjoy the steaming without having to refill it often.
  6. Warranty: Good hair steamer usually comes with warranty. There are some warranties that cover the product up to 12 months while some covers only about 90 days. It is strongly recommended you go for the 12 month one because that proves they have more confidence in their product before offering it to the market.

Things you should know about Hair Steaming

  1. Hair Steamer is Good for Natural Hair: Commonly, many women would their hair conditioning to make it soft and more beautiful. There are other times that hair steamers are also needed. And, according to many experts, hair steaming has no negative affect or could damage your hair at all if you do not do it too often and do not steam it more than 30 minutes each time.
  2. Hair steamer is not a dryer: some users think there is a hair dryer function in the hair steamer. Mostly, this does not happen. You simply can not dry your hair with the hair steamer.
  3. Use of Hair Steamer: It is suggested that you steam your hair before having it shampooed. It will help to make your hair light, soft and look more beautiful.
  4. Price: If it is hair steamer you are looking for, it is not a big need for budget. Tabletop hair steamer is the most expensive one among the three while only around 100 dollars you could get a good quality one.
  5. Types of Hair Steamers: Because there is a different need though around steaming the hair, three different types of hair steamers are produced and made available on the market. You can study each one out and see if which type is best for your need, and you can go and look for the specific one directly.
    • Steamer Cap: more affordable than the rest, steamer cap is also popular for its portability. It is small, and you can adjust it easily within your reach to have your hair steamed. However, it is not that powerful and could produce that much of the moisturizer as the tabletop steam could.
    • Handheld Steamer: Even smaller and similar to the steamer cap, handheld steamer is also a good solution to home use hair steamer. It does not take much space, and you will just need to hold it and move it around to steam your hair thoroughly. To many users’ experience, it also works great with satisfactory result while small budget is needed.
    • Tabletop Steamer: This is the type of hair steamer which comes with the base, the hood, and the cap. This one is said to produce more powerful moisturizing heat to steam hair quicker and better.

10. Salon Sundry Professional Hair Steamer


Kicking off the list at number ten is the Professional Salon Hair Steamer with Rolling Floor Stand Base from Salon Sundry. This hair steamer is powered with 650 watts of heating power supply with a built-in 32-ounce water compartment for storing water. Moreover, this high-end hair steamer comes with a decent, stainless steel coil that provides therapeutic steam vapor for the steaming process. Great for amateur or professional hairdresser, this amazing hair steamer should be a great option to go for.

9. “Cayenne” White Professional Salon Hair Steamer


Standing at number nine is the Cayenne White Professional Salon Hair Steamer from Icarus. Perfect for hair treatment procedures, this hair steamer offers a delicate and gentle steaming that will not dry hair out. With a 32-ounce water compartment and 50-watt heating power, this professional salon hair steamer is such a decent equipment for professional salon uses or any typical hairdresser. There are also great user interfaces for saturation control and settings as well. In short, this is simply a brilliant product you should not miss to consider.

8. Q-Redew Hand-held Hair Steamer

The Q-Redew Hand-held Hair Steamer is another top-notch hair steamer to look for if you are looking for a high-quality and portable one. It is a handheld design that comes with a sleek and delicate build quality, great for portable hair steaming performance. This hair steamer is thus well known for its superb capability to moisturize, detangle, restyle, hydrate, stretch as well as reshape hair structure very conveniently. Indeed, this is one of the best hair steamers for your consideration.

7. Deluxe Hair Steamer With Timer By Skin Act


At number seven of the list, the Deluxe Hair Steamer With Timer By Skin Act is indeed another great quality hair steamer to look for. It powers at 650 watt and offers a highly-adjustable steaming performance with convenient High and Low switches. The vented hood of this steamer is made of top-quality materials that ensure great stability to adjust and control the steam level. With this steamer from Skin Act, you can also set a timer up to 60 minutes for assisting the steaming process as well. The product is, at the same time, having a nice and attractive design.

6. Professional Salon Hair Steamer


Another highly-recommended hair steamer in the market right now is this Professional Salon Hair Steamer from Omwah. With a rolling floor stand base, this hair steamer offers a highly-structured and durable build quality that ensures great performance on the go. This steamer is delicately designed for hair conditioning purpose. It has a 650-watt power with 14 inches Diameter Hood Opening. There is also a High/Low steam option for great control ability as well. Unquestionably, you are going to love this product badly after using it.

5. Yescom 2in1 Hair Sauna & Ozone and hot Steam Facial Steamer

Yescom 2in1 Hair Sauna and Ozone/hot Steam Facial Steamer stands as the fifth best hair steamer in the market right now. This steamer is indeed one of the most convenient and versatile steaming products out there you should look for. It has a nylon base with a table top design, perfect for both professional salon or personal home base use. What is special about this steamer is the fact that it comes with a UV ozone technology that helps to increase the vapor quantity with great convenience. This Yescom Hair Sauna is just lovely and amazing.

4. Best Choice Products Hair Steamer


Standing fourth of the list is this quality Hair Steamer Beauty Salon Equipment Color Processing from Best Choice Products. This top-quality hair steamer offers such a renowned quality for hair conditioning and color processing performance. With a 650-watt power, this popular hair steamer is highly known for its extremely low noise performance which is such a vital feature for long-period steaming process.

3. LCL Beauty Salon Hair Steamer


Ranked third of the list is the LCL Beauty Professional Grade Hair Steamer. Known for a professional grade, this hair steamer offers two strength settings that are great for hair treatment and hair conditioning purposes. The build quality of this hair steamer is also great, ensuring both stability and durability of the steamer. If you are looking for a professional grade hair steamer, this LCL Beauty product shall be the ideal one to go for.

2. Secura S-192 Hair and Facial Steamer

The second best hair steamer in the market is the Secura S-192 Hair and Facial Steamer. Just as the name shown, this steamer can function as both a hair and a facial steamer. Great for hydrating and moisturizing the hair, this S-192 steamer is such a convenient and versatile steamer to have around. More than a hair steamer, this steamer can be converted very easily to be a table top facial steamer with powerful and efficient quality.

1. Ivation Hair & Facial Steamer

Best Hair Steamer

The best hair steamer to look for is the Ivation 2-in-1 Tabletop Hair and Facial Steamer. Similar to the previous model from Secura, this model from Ivation also functions as both a hair and facial steamer, depending on your preferences. What is best for this steamer is the fact that it comes with an Ultrasonic Atomizer technology that offers an ultra-fine mist particles that give great support to your hair and skin. As such, this steamer is a very ideal choice for hair conditioning, moisturizing and hydrating.

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