Sexy and Popular Korean Movies 2022

If you are looking for a Korean movie to watch, let’s pick up the best ones. Each year there are many movies from different companies released. As the competition is tough, they have paid a lot of money and attention to produce the best movies possible to serve the audience. However, at the end of the day, it would be the audience themselves that will judge the top movies, and for the 2015 review, the top 10 best, sexy, and most popular Korean movies seem to be:

1. The Target

the target

Inspired by the French thriller, the Point Bank, here it comes the Target, the thrilling popular Korean movie of the year. Throughout the year, this movie has come to the top chart since there are so many Korean people who love to watch it. And, it is often said that if you watch this movie, you will happen to check your bedroom twice the next time you go to bad. The movie has been made in an excellent way that it produces a big impact on the audience.

2. The Tazza 2

Popular Korean Movies

This movie is the second version of first Tazza. With its first Tazza, it was already taken the attention of people to watch it again and again. And, when the part 2 of the Tazza released, a big wave of support happens again since it makes the audience very intriguing about the story of the world of gambling the movie narrates. This movie has been very successful locally and internationally. Consequentially, it becomes one of the most sexy and popular Korean Movies of the year.

3. No Breathing

No Breathing

No Breathing is, with no question, another option of the year to watch. Anyone who have watched this would feel very exciting for that two hour period. With the perfect filming technology and line of story, you will be thrilling with the story of the movie about the sport competition. As well, there are many very well-known Korean stars in this movie such as Sang Kong and Octavia. That makes the movie even more wanted.

4. The OldBoy

the oldboy 2

The number 4 of the most watched and popular Korean Movies in 2015 is the OldBoy. Actually, the first ever Oldboy Korean movie was shot and released 10 years ago. It was a great movie with great popularity at the time. However, for this new Oldboy, things happen the same. With the new filming technology, the movie has been made in a excellence production. And, again, it gives audience a great time, watching the movie.

5. Koala

koala korean movie

If to talk about a nice popular Korean movie of the year, it can’t be completed without Koala. This movie was initially out to the public in the Seoul Film Festival. It features about a group of young Korean youth who have gone through countless difficulties in starting up their own business. The scriptwriter of the movie has been said as a very creative one, and many audience have seen that through the movie script.

6. New World

new world

As often, the criminal movie is another very popular category of movie either in Korea or other countries such as the United States. And, in Korea for this 2015, the most amazing crime movie would be the New World. It features the story of the notorious criminal in the film, and throughout the film, the modernity, luxurious life, great building have been put in along all the movie. You will be amazed by the movie after watching it.

7. Man On The Edge

man on the edge

Man on the Edge is another very popular Korean movie, especially in its category of the funny movie. The success of any comedy film or funny movie is to make the audience laugh, and this one did it a lot. That is why it has been referred a lot to watch this Korean comedy film. If you like so much to have fun watching the comedy, this is the perfect Korean movie to watch of the year.

8. The Attorney

the attorney

And, when people say how popular the Korean film, The Attorney, is, it has become a fact. This movie has gained a great support and like from so many Korean people. This film is mainly produced by the fact and history of the Korean former president,Roo Moo-hyun, since his time as an attorney. Asides from a taste of fun or thrilling, if you watch this movie, it will give you a different taste.

9.  The Berlin File

the berlin file

The Berlin File is a very creative film production of the year in Korea. It is a combination of thrilling, drama and action type of film. During your time watching the movie, you will be completely bought out into the film and its plots. And, because it produced an exciting experience for the audience that it has become one of the most popular Korean movies in this 2015. And, this movie was, in fact, directed by a well-known director, Mr. Seung Ryoo.

10. Nobody Daughter’s Heawon

nobody daughter heawon

Rich in the drama flavor, this Korean movie has been so popular that it has moved up to the top chart. Earlier than that, this Korean movie has also been screened in many film festivals such as the Berlin Film Festival and Hong Kong Film Festival. Actually, this movie has had a great attention from the audience even before it was released since it was produced and directed by Mr. Hong Sang-soo, a well know Korean director.

Any choice of these will not give you the disappointment if you are to look for a great Korean movie of the year to watch. You can pick up the movie based on the category and interest you have, and you will surely enjoy your time.

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