Richest Boxers in the World 2022

Definitely, boxing is a world class sport with the top most popularity for worldwide audience. Take the recent most interesting moment about the fight between the Filipino Manny Paquiao and Floyd Mayweather as an example. It is the very well-known event of the world. It does shake the world media. However, that event is also called the fight of the decades with the richest expense to make it happen since both fighters are the top most famous fighters of the world. At the same time, many people have questioned about the richest boxers in the world. As to answer to that, we have done our rigorous research and finally come to reveal the top richest boxers in the world with their net worth statistics included below.

10. Bernard Hopkins

One of the amazing boxers in the history is Bernard Hopkins. And, financially, he is also seen to be one of the richest boxers for the moment at the net worth of $40 million. Bernard Hopkins is indeed the famous fighter in light heavy weight and middle weight category. The majority of his fights tend to be quite interesting, and yes, he is a very talented boxer. With this hard work too, he has reached a very top level in his career. Also interestingly about Bernard Hopkins, he had 20 times defended his middle weight title, and he, then, was named the B-Hop.

9.Marvin Hagler

Marvin Hagler

Like Bernard Hopkins, Marvin Hagler is also a big name in the middle weight champion. So far, he has achieved many great results in his fighting career including the win of the “Fighter of the Year” as well as “Fighter of the Decade”. And, this is some of the whole that makes many people called him the Marvelous Marvin Hagler. In relation to his net worth, it is $ 45 Million, and he is ranged number 9 as the richest boxer in the history.

8. Muhammad Ali

8 Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali is an incredible American fighter and boxer. Though now he is already retired, his name has long been remembered as the greatest fighter. He did shape the boxing world when he was still fighting. Throughout time in his boxing career, he has won so many championship including the Kentuckey Golden Gloves as well ass the National Golden Gloves. And, his net worth is estimated to be $ 50 Million.

7. Vitali Klitschko

7 Vitali Klitschko

Instead for the Vitali Klitschko, he is a heavy fighter who has built his name to the top while having won so many championship along the way. At the same time, he is also one of the most earned boxers in the industry. With his net worth of $ 65 million, he is unquestionably one of the richest boxers for the moment. And, because everyone knows he is the great fighter, he is as well called “Dr. Ironfist”.

6. Sugar Ray Leonard

Sugar Ray Leonard

Standing number 6 with the net worth of $ 120 million, another great fighter of the history is Sugar Ray Leonard. Besides being a great boxer, he is also a smart and outlandish motivational speaker. Within his career, he was the man who shook 5 different weight divisions, and he had gotten all those championships in each of those division. Sugar Ray Leonard is really a wonderful boxer.

5. Lennox Lewis

5 Lennox Lewis

Financially, Lennox Lewis is estimated to own a net worth of about $ 130 million. And, this allows him to be the number 5 richest boxers in the world. The weight division he was in was the heavy weight, and he has won 41 champions in that. Actually, Lennox Lewis is a British Canadian boxer as well as actor who really made his name top. Another interesting achievement of him is the Gold Medal he won at the 1988 Olympic Game.

4. Oscar De La Hoya

Being handsome and great at fighting, Oscar De La Hoya is one of the very name boxing lovers would know. His incredible talent and the hard work had brought him and his career very high with the winning of the Gold Medal in the Olympic Game in 1992 in Barcelona. Additionally, he has also become the pop celebrity which gets him even more famous. At the same time, he has earned a lot of net worth, and with that estimated 200 million he has earned, he is the number 4 richest boxer in the world.

3. Manny Pacquiao

For the moment, many Pacquiao is the world most heard name in world media since he has just had a fight with the world never lost boxer, Flod Mayweather. Though the fight was controversial one, it was named as the Fight of the Decades. However, for Manny Pacquiao, he has really done a terrific job in his boxing career. And, whenever he appears on the ring, there will be millions of eyes are waiting to see his fight. Because he is such fantastic, he does have earned a lot from that, and from the estimation his net worth is $ 200 million, as well the name that of Oscar De La Hoya.

2. George Foreman

2 George Foreman

Before revealing the number 1 richest boxer, let see this second to last incredibly famous man of the fight. And, he is George Foreman. Actually, George Foreman is a multiple talent man who is also the author, entrepreneur, and actor besides the boxing career. For his total net worth, it has been estimated to be $ 230 million. And, with this amount, he is the second richest boxer in the world with no questions. Even at other careers of him besides the boxing, George Foreman is really an amazing guy.

1. Floyd Mayweather Jr.

1 Floyd Mayweather

Here it comes the last and most richest boxer ever in the history with the net worth of $ 380 million. He is the fighter that has never lost in his career. And, the last fight he has done was with Manny Paquiao. He won this controversial match and earned about 180 millions more from the fight. In the meantime, Floyd has been reported to have contracted with many companies who will bring more millions to his bank account each year. However, it comes down time now that he will retire soon from the boxing career as he has announced that his next fight might be his last one in the career.

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