Popular Kpop Girl Groups 2022

It is undeniably that Korea has gone to the world stage of its entertainment industry. Many of its movie stars have stepped on the Hollywood while the local atmosphere of its entertainment industry has almost reached the peak. As an obvious example, we can see so many of its Kpop Girl groups in Korea which are locally and internationally very famous. For this 2015, the top 10 best Korean Kpop girl groups would be:

1. Girl Generation

girls generation

Girl Generation has gone to the top for now. Anyone who has kept an eye on the Korean entertainment world, they can say this easily. In fact, their reputation has spread out very quick even to many countries around the world than just in Korea. However, this group has been formed long time before in 2007 by S.M. Entertainment. Their effort has finally brought them the result and the fame they have today.

2. Crayon Pop

Crayon Pop is a Kpop girl group which consists of 5 members. They are very good singers and dancers. From day to day, their fans have increased, and they have become so successful like today. Many people who have watched their shows and performance are more than likely to fall in love with them. Their stage time is often very entertaining.

3.  A Pink

A Pink is another great Kpop girl group with a lot of cute and talent Korean girls. It has taken them years to be trained to have the unique skills in singing and dancing till they are ready to show it on the stage. After a few years of involving in the actual career in front of the public, they have well won the heart of millions of their fans. And, it is clear that they are one of the most popular Kpop girl groups now in Korea.

4. AOA

Standing for Age of Angels, AOA is a popular name of the Kpop girl groups at this time. This group is created and controlled by the FNC Entertainment of South Korea. It launched the whole team officially in 2012 with its first album, Angels’ Story. Time has passed, and they become so popular in Korea, especially for young Korean.

5. Ladies Code

ladies code

Music is really a competitive industry in Korea. Their Kpop girl groups are also running very fast to collect and gain the most popularity possible. For this 2015, Ladies Codes has also climbed to be one of the top 10 most popular Kpop girl groups in Korea. Their performances have often be the great performance which have taken the attention of millions of people in Korea and outside.

6. F-ve Dolls

Another one of the remarkable Kpop girl groups in Korea is the F-ve Dolls. They initially began to form the group in 2010 with two tracks, “I mean You” and “Lips Stains”. It takes them quite awhile to start collecting the popularity and become one of the very well known Kpop girl groups in Korea. All the five members in the team now are Cho Seunghee, Ha Nayeon, Ryu Hyoyoung, Oh Yeonkyung, Seo Eunkyo, and Jin Hye Won.

7. Nine Muses

Nine Muses has been formed for quite a few years already. So far, this group seems to be so successful with their performance. Each time they are one the stage, so many of their fans have gathered to show their support. They are indeed a collection of the very young talented Korean singers and dance. Their dancing performance is as well very consistent from time to time. Their first debut was in 2010 with an album called Let’s Have the Party.

8. Sistars

It is no doubt that Sistar is one of the most famous and popular Kpop girls group in Korea for this 2015. They have spent years in that singing and dancing. Millions of people have fallen in love with their performance and become their fans. More importantly, all of their members are completely those with great talent. That is why they could have made such a wonderful performance each time they are on the stage.

9.  Davichi

Davichi is another incredible popular Korean Kpop girl groups. In addition to have collected millions of fans, they have been awarded so many awards as the recognition for their great contributions. This group consists only of two singers, the  Lee Haeri and Kang MinkyungThough with only two members, they have managed to be one of the most popular Kpop girl groups in Korea for now.

10.  Girl’s Day

Popular Kpop Girl Groups

The last Kpop girl group in our list today is Girl’s Day. They are also one of the very passionate girl group who are very talented. Every of their performance is very unique and fantastic. It makes millions of people exciting with the way they dance and sing together. It is because they could manage to entertain so many people that they have won their heart and become an incredible Kpop girl groups in Korea in this 2015.

Each year, things have changed a little bit regarding the status of the people and groups in the entertainment industry. That would largely depend on their new activities and numbers of the performance and exposure to the public. We will wait to see more what is going to happen soon in the Korean entertainment industry.

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