Most Popular Male Singers in The World 2022

There are many famous singers around the world, but many people still keep asking who is best and most popular. According to the list of the popular male singers in 2015 I have searched, there is no doubt big names like Timberlake, Bruno Mars, and Usher are there. By the way, below is that list with some details of those super star male star singers who are having their peak time in their singing career now.

1. Justin Timberlake


Through years in his career in the music industry, Justin Timberlake has gained a great reputation as one of the most popular male singers. He is going to release a few more of his songs soon this year. His some earlier songs which reached the top chart are Rock Your Body, Sexy Black and My Love. In addition to being a very talented singer, Justin also has also involved himself in the film industry as an actor. As the news says, his new hit will be releasing soon. That would make his name even louder.

2. Usher


If we make up a list of popular male singers of the world, currently, it is, of course, can not be without Usher. Usher, born in 1978, is initially a dancer, but he has developed himself to also be an actor, songwriter and businessman. Though he started as a dancer, still he could sing very well. That has collected him a huge popularity. The biggest he had so far are Yeah, Or You Get It Bad, and You Remind Me.

3. Bruno Mars


Needless to say, everyone knows Bruno Mars has shaken the music industry of the world. He really deserves a place on the list of the most popular male singers. Personally, like the majority of the people, the songs I like most from Bruno Mars are The Lazy Songs, When I Was Your Man, and Just The Way You Are. His romantic songs is so deeply emotional that it has touched the hearts of his fans.

4. Will I Am


If you are old enough in the 2000s, you would have heard of Will I Am. He had a great reputation from his singing and dancing career during the years. He indeed has a great voice with the very unique dancing skills. Though after those years, he disappeared for a while, he still could secure his popularity among the top other singers in this generation. He precisely deserves a name among the most popular male singers of the year.

5.  Justin Bieber


This young singer who was born in 1994, of course, has had his name known across the world in a very quick way. Besides singing, he is actually also a songwriter and actor.  Though he has had some haters and many scandals in his singing career, he is still among the most appreciated and popular singer in the US and the world.

6. David Guetta


David Guetta is a French singer and producer, but he has quite a huge recognition in the United States. Specializing in electronic music, David started his singing career in 2009, and gained a big success even with his first ever album. Since then, he was silent for awhile over the past years, but he is said to release his new hit soon. That would again bring him to the top.

7. Macklemore


Macklemore is indeed a new name in this world music industry. However, his deep lyric and his passion on music has allowed him to produce the songs that go deeply into the heart of millions of people around the world. That is how he simply started his career with a success. At the moment, though his name is so new, he is among the top ones in the United States. His very successful hit started with his song, Thrift Shop.

8. Drake


Drake is currently the youngest but very famous Canadian rapper. His quality and talent to sing is so unique that his fame has been sky-rocketed in a blink. Soon, Drake will have his songs with many world singers such as Nicki Minaj and Rihanna that makes people believe his reputation will even reach another level.

9. Taio Cruz


Taio Cruz has had multiple talents and skills. In addition to his singing career, he is also an entrepreneur, a record producer, rapper and songwriter. Born in British in 1985, Taio Cruz started this career of him in 2008 and has so far gain a hug popularity. His CD has been sold millions of copies over the year. And, the best hit from him are Break Your Heart and Dynamite.

10. Chris Brown


Chris Brown is a singer who is best know for three things, his scandal, great voice, and the talented dancing style. Because of that his popularity has increased dramatically till he was announced to win the Grammy Award a few years earlier. It is all these that have brought him millions of fan from around the world.

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