Most Popular Bollywood Actresses 2022

Within India, the best well-known movie industry is Bollywood which is so similar to the Hollywood in the United States. Though not in such a big business as Hollywood, Bollywood of India is among a huge one. The movie stars around the industry are of great influence in its local India as well as the world. And, among those stars, the most popular Bollywood actresses who outstandingly shines are:

1. Katrina Kaif


In deed Katrina Kaif is not an Indian. She is a British model who came to India and involve in its entertainment industry, Bollywood. However, she has been quite successful and is among the best of the best and popular Bollywood actresses. Specifically, she has two main careers, the actress and the model. And, what that has brought her to such a fame is her incredible talent and charming beauty. So far, she has had many successful movies in India.

2. Deepika Padukone


Deepika Padukone is another female actress in Bollywood who has gained a huge popularity. She has got big hits one after another in the movies she has performed. Born in 1986, Deepika Padukone, through Indian media, is often ranked as one of the most attractive celebrities in India. In fact, initially, she was a sportswoman playing badminton before she left and becomes the fashion model and actress instead.

3. Shradha Kapoor


Having her dad as the famous film director in this entertainment industry in India, Shradha Kapoor is a very talent Bollywood actress. She could manage to be very well-known since the first movie she has a presence. It is Ashique 2, released last year. Because she is so new but very good at her acting, she is said to be the popular rising stars of the Bollywood. Soon, she is expected to release a few other hits. That would bring her fame to another level.

4. Priyanka Chopra


Comparing to the above popular Bollywood actresses, Priyanka Chopra has started her career much earlier. Her first movie that she had a presence in was almost a decade ago until now. However, before becoming the actress, she won the Miss World Peagant of 2000. After that, her fame rose to the top, and she became one of very popular celebrities and the highest paid Bollywood actresses in India.

5. Sonakshi Sihna


Sonakshi Sihna is a daughter of a well known actor Shatrugahn Sihna. Born in 1987, Sonakshi is initially a custom designer and later on she joined the career as the actress. And, the journey has been a successful one. She works in  Hindi Cinema and made her film with Dabangg. The movie then became the highest gross movie of the year. Consequently, because her incredible performance in the movie, she has won the Filmfare Award for Best Female Debut.

6. Nargis Fakhri


Nargis Fakhri is An American model and actress but her career involved mainly as the actress in Hindi movies or Bollywood. Remarkably within her career, she has appeared in the American’s  Next Top Model and made her first movie with Rockstar in 2011. And, it is her roles in Mandras Cafe in 2013 and Main Tera Hero in 2014 that are the last two biggest hits from her.

7. Jacqueline Fernandez


Formerly working as a model, Jacqueline Fernandez is now among the best actresses in Bollywood. Earlier, she has won the championship of the Miss Sri Lanka universe Pageant of 2006. During her time as a journalist, she was also working as a model. However, she shifted to appear in the film industry,  and she made her first debut in 2009 in the film, Aladin that boomed in the box office. And the best time of her acting career started to shine. From those, she has appeared in many other films and won many awards

8. Anushka Sharma


While earlier working as a model, Anushka Sharma is now a Bollywood actress and producer. She was born in 1988. In 2008, her career in performing started. She was signed for three movies contract with Yash Raj Films. That was how she could shine to India as well as the world.

9. Parineeti Chopra


Originally from India, Parineeti Chopra was initially interested to pursue her education in investment banking. After graduating on that from the Manchester Business School in England, she returned to India in 2009 and worked as the public relation consultant in Yash Raj Films. But, later on due to her charming look and great acting talent, she signed with this same company for three film contract. She began her first film in her supporting roles in a romantic comedy, Ladies Vs Ricky Bahl.

10. Kareena Kapoor

Popular Bollywood Actresses

Kareena Kapoor is surely among the most popular Bollywood actresses. Her talent, beautiful looks, and her family reputation are what that made up of her fame today. Kareena Kapoor can be seen in movies with various genre from the romantic comedy to the crime drama. She seems to be so good and could perform in different roles in different types of movies. That is a unique skill of her.


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