Most Handsome Korean Actors 2022

Korean is one of the countries that is so appearance driven. That is why we easily see people with very nice dress around. However, naturally, Korea has a lot of very beautiful and handsome people.  And, if we talk about the Korean Actors, their charm is beyond the boundary ,and their fame has been recognized through many countries. As an example of that, here is selective list of the very popular and handsome Korean Actors.

1. Lee Min-ho

Lee Min-ho

Lee Min-ho is a very talent person in South Korean entertainment industry. Of course, wildly, he is best known as an actor, but he is also a singer and model. The movies that have brought him to this level fame are Boys Over Flowers (2009), City Hunter (2011) and the Heirs (2013). Regardless of his talent, he is among the top handsome Korean actors the country recognizes.

2. Song Joong Ki


Song Joong Ki is purely a South Korean actor who was born in 1985. This handsome Korean actor has began his acting career in 2008 with the film A Frozen Flower. However, his remarkable turning point of his career is when he acted in a drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal and a variety show The Running Man. As of now, his reputation is becoming noticeably big.

3. Kang Dong-won


Coming from a privilege family, Kang Dong-won is a very smart boy at school. He is so gifted at studying. He has had an IQ of 137 since he was so young. It was an incident that he has jumped into the entertainment industry. When he was in his year 1 at the university, he was spotted by an model agent on the street. So, his model career began since then. Later on, he has an opportunity to star in a music video, The Swear. That experience has convinced him to involve in acting career until he has gained the fame he has today.

4. Kim Hyun Joong


Like Lee Min-ho, Kim Hyun Jong is another actor in Boy Over Flowers from which has got a big success. Another movie that has added into his flame of fame is Playful Kiss. And, besides a actor, he is also a rapper of the Boyband SS501. Addition to his fame, his another achievement is having won a few Popularity Awards in his career. To many Korean people, he is one of the most handsome Korean actors at this moment.

5. Kim Bum


Born in Seoul in 1989, Kim Bum is a model, actor and singer. The movie which gave him a big push in his acting career is his role as So Yi-jong in Boy Over Flowers. Currently, Kim Bum is attending his university to continue his study in film. As his personal life, he used to begin the relationship with Moon Geung-young. However, it ended 7 months after that.

6. Lee Joon-gi


Lee Joon-gi is best known as Gong-gil in The Town and The Crown. Because of his popularity, he was appointed in 2009 as the Ambassador of tourism by the Minstry of Tourism of Korea. he has also had the presence in a few TV series such as My Girl, Iljimae, Arang and the Magistrate. That burned the flame of his fame to even bigger.

7.  Taecyeon


In fact, Taecyuon is a singer and a member in the Boy band 2 PM. Among the team, he is the main rapper. In 2010, he added his career and began acting in a Korean drama Cinderella’s sisters. The success of that convinced to have another role in Dream High of KBS. And, he is also considered as one of the very handsome Korean actors.

8. Jung Yong Hwa


Comparing to the rest, Jong Yong Hwa is a Koran actor who has also had incredible talent behind the stage. He is also a musician, songwriter, and producer. His movie that he had made the debut in is a Korean drama You are Beautiful in 2009 and after that he acted in Heartstrings as Lee Shin. Actually, Jong Yong Hwa has had a lot of background in music with his talent that he can do of these.

9. Nichkhun


Nichkhun is a singer in South Korea, and his origin is Thai American. He was born in California to a Thai-Chinese family but has a very active career in South Korea. He is a member of 2pm boy band. Though most of his past has been spent in singing, he is also an actor in some music videos and the film The Shinning Diploma.

10. Jang Dong-gun

Jang Dong Gun
Best known in Friends (2001) and Taegukgi: The Brotherhood of War, Jang Dong-gun was born in 1972. He is a bit older, but he is still the most loved Korean actors due to his gentle and kind look. As well, he is one among the highest paid Korean actors according to the survey of the industry insider. 

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