Most Dangerous Animals You Should Notice

A few days ago, I was watching a movie about animals. During the time, I happened to be so curious of the world deadly animals. So, within the weekend, I have done a bit of the research about it, just to have some answers for myself. As I think there might be some of us who want to know it as well, I have decided to place it on this one of my blog. According to my brief reading of several articles, it seems that the top 10 most dangerous animals are Box Jellyfish, Black Mamba, African Lion and some others you may find in the list below with their brief details.

1. Box Jellyfish

Box Jellyfish

Box Jellyfish has had a few species of its type. However, most of them are reported to be deadly dangerous. There are many cases happening especially in Australia. If anyone has been attacked by this animal, it is unlikely that the person will survive because this Box Jellyfish is very poisonous. Hundred of people in Australia are killed by this kind of sea species.

2. Black Mamba

Black Mamba

The second most dangerous one is Black Mamba. This kind of snake is known to be deadly poisonous through its fangs. And, it is very speedy in attacking its enemies. It is mostly found in Africa and has been described firstly since 1986. It is also the second longest one to the king Cobra.

3. African Lion

African Lion

The next most dangerous one is African Lion. Its body strengths, the sharp teeth and fangs could kill their enemies within minutes. As research says, this king of jungle could run as fast as 50 km per hour.

4. Siafu Ants

Saifu Ants

Siafu Ants are like others. They are very small, and when I first saw it, I saw myself how this small creature could be a dangerous animal. It actually is. This Saifu ants are dangerous by its number. Normally, these Siafu ants are called driver ant. They travel in group of around 50 000 000. And, when whichever single ant needs the help, all of them will react the same to fight and save their friend. With its number and willingness to fight, they could fail other bigger animals easily.

5.  Salt Water Crocodile

Salt Water Crocodile

Often found in Asia, Australia, and Africa, the salt water crocodile are among the biggest, in size, reptile ever seen by human. It has a very strong jaw which could kills others animals or human quite easily. Most importantly, they eat meat, so either human and other animals are perceived as food to them. That is why they are likely to attack any animals they see including human as their food.

6. Cape Buffalo

Cape Buffolo

When it comes to talking about Cape Buffalo as among the most dangerous animals, it will mainly be about its strength and the sharp horns could attack other animals to death within seconds.Even lions are somehow scared of coming near or attacking these big fellow. You can see how big it normally is in the picture, maybe four or five times bigger to human body.

7. Great White Shark

Great White Shark

In sea, another one among the most dangerous animal is the Great White Shark. The size, the strength and big jaw could bring a deadly attack to human or other animal easily. The size of its jaw is often 4 feet long with 300 sharp and strong teeth. In terms of food, great white sharks often do not prefer human that much because they like something boneless more such as the sea seals.

8. Death stalker Scorpion

dealth stalker scorpion

For this scorpion, they are small in size but deadly in the poisonous fangs. And, its poisonous toxin is much greater in deadly impact than other types of scorpion. And, the statistics simply reveal that among all the death incidence caused by the scorpions, three fourth of the total number is done by this type of scorpion. That is why people named it death stalker scorpion.

9. Hyena


Hyena is by nature a scavenger. They do not hunt, and they eat only the dead body of other animals. However, when they are in hunger, they will do it. Once it does, it is very dangerous. Many research has reported that specifically to this kind of animals, they develop the taste of human flesh mainly during war time when there are manly body around.

10. Stone Fish

stone fishStone fish are one of the most dangerous animals for three main reasons. They are stone-like look which is hard to see, they are the most venomous fish, and they are super quick when attacking others. Normally, they fight only to find food. However, because it is not easily seen as a fish, it is easily stepped on. And, if you really do, you could end up losing a limp or even die due to his venomous.


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