2016 Korean Most Popular Kpop Boy Bands

Korea has now had a very well-known entertainment industry. Its influence has spread out worldwide very quick. Take the Gangnam Style music video for example. It has gone virally worldwide, and it helps millions of people enjoy with the song and the performance. Many of Korean Kpop stars are also international stars now. Nonetheless, if we compare the popularity of the Kpop boy bands in Korea, it is obvious that the top 10 of them seem to be:

1.  Big Bang


Big Bang stared in 2006 by YG Entertainment. The 4 members of the group are Seungri, Teayang, Daesung and G-Dragon. They are incredibly talented dancers and singers. Most of their performance are very entertaining to millions of their fans and people around the world. Within 8 years in this career with the group, this Kpop boy bands has gained a great popularity in Korea, collecting many fans to follow up their actions.

2. Super Junior


Super Junior began the group in 2006 and rose to top popularity in 2009 by its release of the single “Sorry, Sorry”. Initially, they started with 12 members, then one more is added. Later on, new strategies have put in place, and the group has been divided into smaller groups. They are trained and managed to perform to entertain different targets of the audiences and music industries.



TVXQ is a two member South Korean boy band. Though with only two members, this group has been supported by so many Korean people. Their performances are often done with great entertainment and talent. Its two members are U-Know Yunho and Max Chagmin. Similarly, this group has been created and supported by SM Entertainment which is a gigantic entertainment company in Korea.

4. Infinite


By Woollim Entertainment, Infinite, the South Korean boy band, has been formed in 2010. After the announcement, this  Korean Kpop boy band has risen for the fame so quick with its first mini album, The Challenge. It was sold 160 000 copied within the year in Korea alone. That makes it one of the best selling albums in 2013. All the seven members of the group are Sungkyu, Sungjong, Dongwoo, Woohyun, L, Hoya and Sungyeol.

5. Shinee


Shinee, created and fully supported by SM Entertainment, is a very successful and potential boy band group in Korea. It started in 2008 by the SM Entertainment and debuted in the same year. To dates, it has released many full-length albums and mini albums in both Korean and Japanese languages. That simply means its total market is more beyond only in Korea.

6. EXO


EXO is a new but very popular kpop boy band in South Korea. Their music performance and production are often a combination of Korean and Margarine. They produce the music videos in these two languages. In terms of speed to gain the popularity, this EXO has been ranked as the top one in the last two years. The initial hits EXO has made are with their “Wolf” and “Growl”.

7. CNBlue


CNBlue is another remarkable success story of a boy band in Korea. It began in 2009, made the first debut in Japan the same year, and started to rise to prominence immediately after that. For each year, there are often new albums as well as many interesting performances from the group. However, more or less, all the achievements they have gained are from incredible talent.



MBLAQ instead was began by Rain under the supervision of J.Tune Camp. They are really super talent stars. They can sing and perform very well. Initially, 4 members were in the group, and in 2014, two of them were to leave the group. So, the focus was changed to individual of them instead. Still, though so, the group is still very popular in Korea.

9. 2 PM

Top 10 Best List of Korean Most Popular Kpop Boy Bands 2015

It would be very strange if a person who keeps following up Korean idol and does not know 2 PM. This group has been formed years ago and with its amazing talent and great performance, more and more people started to like and support the group. Through those years of big success, they have jumped to be one of the top kpop boy bands in Korea. Currently, they have 6 members in their team.

10. Beast


The Beast is a Korean boy band, formed by the Cube Entertainment. For now, there are 6 members in the team. Each one of them is very talented. Since their formation in 2009, they have released so many of the full-length and mini albums. They are quite successful with things they have done. In addition to their songs in Korea, they have debuted many songs and albums in Japanese as well.

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