Korean Actors and Actresses Who Are in Hollywood

Korean is definitely an amazing country for many reasons including the beautiful country with beautiful people as well as its entertainment industry, especially the Kpop groups which are worldwide popular. Additionally, its film industry is also the most interesting story in Korea. That field of Korea has developed sharply to the world stage. As a result, some amazing Korean actors and actresses have also managed to go and be the super movie stars in Hollywood, where the world standard of film production is. And, of course, they have had incredible talent as well as acting skills to be able to go there. Particularly, so far the most fantastic Korean actors and actress who might not know have gone to Hollywood and be very famous are :

10.Bobby Lee

1. Bobby Lee

Bobbly Lee is one of the very good Korean actor, and till these days, he has achieved a lot in his acting career. More interestingly, he is one of the Korea actors who could get into the film industry of the US, particularly the Hollywood. Actually, Bobby Lee is also a comedian and best known as one of the cast member of Mad TV. Born in 1971, he started his career in this entertainment industry in 2001. Some of the interesting movies he has had the role in are the Pineapple Express and the Dictator.

9.Ki-hong Lee

2. Ki-hong Lee

Ki-hong Lee is also one of the best, and his popularity becomes even well-known recently after the release of The Maze Runner. He is handsome, he is talent, and he has worked extremely hard to have the result he gets today. So far from his involvement in Hollywood movie, he is considered as one of the few Korean actors who helps to drag Korea to even more at the international stage. Ki-hong Lee who was born in 1986 gets also his major role in The Nine Lives of Chloe King.

8.Ken Jeong

3. Ken Jeong

Ken Jeong has had a lot of story related to the US, and he is also the well-known Korean actor who has got an MD from the University of North Carolina in the US. Interestingly, Ken Jeong has enough of the talent and skills to get a good fame in the Hollywood movies he has appeared in such as The Hangover, and the Community Series which is a popular comedy in America. Born in 1969, Ken Jeong is interestingly a comedian, physician as well as the actor. He does own multiple talents in different fields.

7.Nicole Bilderback

4. Nicole Bilderback

Nicole Bilderback is another amazing Korean woman who is very well known in the United State. Until today, she seems to have appeared in so many TV shows such as the Dark Angel and Heroes. Though being born in Korea in 1975, she is one of the few Korean actresses who have found a great success in the new develop country of the world, and of course, without outstanding talent, she could not have achieved this much.

6.Margaret Cho

5. Margaret Cho

Another incredible Korean woman who has made a big name in the land of the United States is Margaret Cho while not many people may realize she is a Korean. Best known for her stand-up comedy show, this woman is absolutely genius for her many skills and career including the fashion designer, comedian, author, and song writer. Likewise, she is seemed to have acted in so many films while a few of her books have won her the award for Humanitarian work.

5.John Cho

6. John Cho

Having appeared in many successful films and TV shows, John Cho has had a big hit in Harold and Kumar series which he acted as Harold. Born in Korea, John Cho was raised in the US, and because he does possess great talent in acting, he has shone on that brightly. Additionally, he is also best known as a musician. Another interesting thing about his career is his role in the big Asian American films, Yellow and Better Luck Tomorrow.

4.Arden Cho

7. Arden Cho

Arden Cho is a very beautiful Korean actress who has made a lot in her acting career while in the early time, people knew best when she appeared in many TV shows and Programs, especially her presence in Teen Wolf. Her appearance in Agents of Secret Stuff is another top hit she has got along her career, and it does spread her name to the public. In addition to her acting career, Arden Cho is as well a model and singer. For her modeling career, it is seemed she mostly are busy with the work in Asia instead of the United States. Importantly, many people do not realize she is a Korean, and she really is.


8. Rain

Doubtlessly, Rain is the super star in Korea. He is an amazing and incredible man. He is best for acting, singing and dancing. Nonetheless, Rain is also among the few Korean actors who have managed to step into the Hollywood filming production. His two major roles are in Ninja Assassin and Speed Racer. His accomplishment so far in his career in the entertain industry of Korea and outside is enormous. Originally, his real name is Jung Ji-Hoon. However, he is better known as Rain on stage. Indeed, he is also a songwriter and music producer.

2.Steven Yeun

9. Steven Yeun

Also very sexy and handsome, Steven Yeun is a terrific Korean actor who has a success in Hollywood, and his remarkable point of his career is in the Walking Dead as Glene Rhee. In fact, Steven Yeun was born in Korea, but because his architecture father moved to live in Regina, USA, he has been raised over there.  Though he seems to have accomplished a lot already, there will still be a lot more from this Korean American actor. And, we will wait to see that.

1.Lee Byung hun

10. Lee Byung hun, Korean Actors

Being best considered as the hottest Korean actor, Lee Byung Hun has had the sexiest face and handsome body shape which is extremely attractive to women. Remarkably, Lee Byung Hun is also the man who have been able to jump and gain a success in his acting career in the Hollywood. The two major films he has acted in are the G.I Joe and the Terminator. Born in 1970, Lee Byung Hun, in fact, has become very very popular since 2000 when he acted in Joint Security Area.

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