Hottest and Sexiest Kpop Girls 2022

Who on earth would not admit that Korean Kpop singers looks so attractive and gorgeous? Their songs are popular to many countries around the world. Anyone who has emerged comes with a crowd support. And, each one has its own best spot, but if we talk in terms of being sexy, then this is the list of the sexiest K-pop girls in this 2015.

1. Gain


Gain is a young, gorgeous female singer in Korea. She is often also seen as among the sexiest Kpop girls in the field. Initially, in the career, she started to be in a competition of reality TV show in Korea. She unfortunately was eliminated, and she was feeling so bad for her failure. However, Anh Jung Hoon who is a famous composer in Brown Eyed Girls, the famous girl group in Korea, has seen her potential. Finally, she is one of the members of the group till today.

2. Bae Suzy


Best known as Suzy on stage, this Korean idol was born in 1994, which makes her only 20 years old now. However, she has had a great popularity and been very successfully in her career. Who knows how much more popularity she will have when she has a great deal of time to go in her career. In addition to being a singer, she is also an actress. The first move she is best know for is Dream High in KBS TV’s series.  And, related to her singing career, she is now a member of Miss A group under the JYP Entertainment.

3. Kim Hyo-Yeon


Born in Incheon, South Korea, Kim Hyo-Yeon is now in her mid 20s. She is also a member of the Girls’ Generation. She is also a young girl who appeared on the Casting Audition of SM Entertainment when she was 11. And, because of her incredible talent, she has been trainned there for so many years till she has a chance to join the Girls Generation group. And, she has now considered as one of the sexiest Kpop girls in Korea.

4. Im Yoon-Ah


Like many Kpop stars in Korea, Im Yoon-Ah is a singer and actress. Born in 1990, she has involved and acted in so many well-known drama. Some of them are Two Outs in the Ninth Inning and Love Rain.  Very early of her career, she appeared in the 2002 Casting Audition of SM Entertainment. Later on, she was trained in this same company in the field of acting, dancing and singing. Being there for 7 years, she finally becomes one of the member of the Girls’ Generation.

5. Kim Hyuna


Kim Hyuna is an interesting girl in the Kpop part of the industry in Korea. Her popularity is among the top through her years there. She previously was a member in Wonder Group, and she left in 2007 to pursue a different path in performance. She has also had a presence in the worldwide popular Gangam Style video. Currently, she is a member in the 4minute group.

6. Im Nana


Nana is an incredible Korean singer. She was born in 1991 and began her singing career with great reputation in the group, After School. She is also a model and is now in the model group, Dazzling Red. As of now, she is also in a variety show, Roommate. These all have made and maintain the popularity she has gained in the industry. In 2013, her name did appear in the list of the 100 most beautiful faces.

7. Kwon Yuri


If you are a fan of the Girl’s Generation group, you would have known Kwon Yuri. She is an outstanding singer in this group. As well, she is also a songwriter and actress around her career in the entertainment industry. Born in 989, she joined the S M Entertainment in 2001. She has been trained in that company for almost 6 years till she could make her debut.

8. Lee Chae-rin


Shortly called CL, Lee Chae-rin is of course among the sexiest Kpop girls in Korea. She not only can sing but also write the songs. In her childhood, she has traveled a lot with her father. And, she has spent most of her time in Japan and French. For her career, she has been trained for years in the JYP Entertainment, but later she joined YG Entertainment. In 2009, she began her debut officially in the girl group 2NE1.

9. Jun Hyosung


Jun Hyosung, born in 1989, is currently the leader, lead vocalist, and main dancer in the group called Secrete. This group released her first ever album in May, 2014 under the name ” Top Secrete”. Generally, she is best known as the Korean idol singer and dancer. However, earlier, she had signed a recording contract with Entertainment in 2005. In 2007, she began with the Five Girls group.

10.  Boa Kwon

 Sexiest Kpop Girls

Born in 1986, she is best known as BoA. She is also one of the sexiest Kpop girls, agreed by the majority of the fans. She is a singer as well as an actress but active in South Korea, the United States and the Japan. BoA is naturally very talented. Actually, her talent was discovered accidentally by the SM Entertainment talent agents when she accompanied her brother to a talent search program. After that, she has been trained for two years in the company and started her debut album soon after that.

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