Highest Paid Jobs in the US 2022

Have you ever wondered what kind of jobs that the world are needing the most? Of course, there is a big relation between the most demanded jobs and the payment they get from those careers. Usually, when talking about the highest paid jobs, one often thinks of a career like football because each week super world class stars like Christiano Ronaldo could earn hundreds thousands. That is a great earning. However, that would not be among our list today because the range is two big between players, and our highest paid jobs today are the ones that have little different of the same jobs.

1. Doctors and Surgeons

The group of people who are known to earn the most out of their careers are doctors and surgeons. In average, a doctor could earn up to $230 000. That is the highest numbers comparing to the rest of the career. The reason for this is not difficult to understand. The health care industry is a very big industry  and payment for retreat is very expensive, especially in developed. However, it takes a very extensive training until a person could become a doctor. That is why they deserve more than others.

2. Physical Therapist

The second most earned career is physical therapist. Again, this is another one in the health care industry. At this current time, there is a big number of patients who fall into the category who needs physical therapist such as accidents, heart attack, and joint replacement. As well, it is a difficult skill to learn.

3. Dentists

Many people are scared of the payment to the dentists than their teeth problems. Everyone knows it is very expensive, and they could spend thousands each time they go to see the dentists. That is why to many people, taking care of their teeth are very vital. This is a result of the high demand from the patient as well as a long tough training until a person could complete all the requirement and becomes a dentist. In average, the amount of money a dentist could earn within a year is around $ 200 000.

4. Engineering Managers

A normal engineer would earn around $800 000 a year for their technical skills they own. That means the payment is even higher for their managers, and the average rate we receive is about $150 000 a year. They do deserve that. The technical skills and knowledge they own are not easy to acquire. As well, those skills alone will not get them the job. They need to spend years on the field gaining so much of experience until they are qualified enough.

5. Natural Science Managers

Natural science managers are though in fields such as biology and chemistry. Many of people who could come to sit in this position would need a master degree of the field and a great deal of experience. Each one of them has to get through a long period of training in the lab. As an average rate, they often get around $128 000 as their income.

6. Attorneys

The annual average salary of an attorney is $116 440. As often, any career that is related to legal things, the payment is so high. This is probably because it needs a highly professional skills to work on those things with the government staff. Any carelessness could result in a very big trouble. According to the estimation, this kind of career is going to get about 2o% increase for their annual payment.

7. Information Security Experts

Information security expertise is another high demanded career. As you know, everything is going online now including the million dollar business. However, one of the main issues on internet is the protection of their data. Incredible hackers could appear from any corner of the world from a kind to an old man. So, fighting to keep their data secure is a very important task to stabilize their business. This is the reason why the information security protection career is among the all listed here. Statistically, they could get paid around $100 000 a year.

8. Information System Managers

According to the data we have researched, information system managers could earn a similar amount of money to the information security expert. They are in a similar field of data. They could earn that much because simply, they own a very important and responsible position. If there is a problem with the data they are managing, the company could fall into a difficult situation easily. So, the size of the responsibility and the skill needed make this amount of payment possible.

9. Software Developers

Software developers could earn about $90 000 a year for their task of designing, coding, and producing software for a specific target. Again, human is actively living with the computers, and with the support from the software applications, many tasks have been eased. That means there are a lot of needs of a variety of software types. This makes software developers very valuable.

10. Mechanical Engineers

The last one in this list is the mechanical engineering field. The annual payment they get is around $ 60 000 for a fresh graduate. The rate could go up to $800 000 for those who have worked of year in their position.

Regardless of what career you decide you choose, make sure it is something close to your passion so that you could earn the money as well as enjoying your life.

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