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In developed countries like the United States and Australia, healthcare seems to be one of the first priorities of their people and the government. That is nothing strange of that. They have a high standard of living, and they will care more for their health. And, simply, health is among the most important wealth a person would wish to have. This is the reason why careers in healthcare such as the nursing is very popular and with high demand. Consequently, people in those nursing careers could get a fair amount of income from it. Among all, the list of the top nursing careers that are seen to earn the most are:

1. Nurse Anesthetist

Nurse Antithesis has been known for long as the most earned nursing career. And, their main role is to assist the surgery operation and medical treatment that involve anesthesia. The qualification to get this job is to have a Master Degree of the field certified by the American Association of Nurse Anesthetist. The mean salary of this career is $110 000 a year.

2. Pain Nurse Manager

With around $900 000 as the mean annual income of the Pain Nurse Manger, it ranges number 2 in the list of the most earned nursing careers. Each year about 900 positions of this have been announced to recruit more to work in America. The main job responsibilities of this position is to work with other doctors to treat patient with sever pain. They also consult with patients about the pain management after the treatment or surgery.

3.  Family Nurse Practitioner

Nurses in the specialty of a family practitioner will have to work with the patients throughout their whole life as the healthcare professional. They will be the first person to consult with by the family for anything related to the healthcare. Over 7000 positions of this jobs have been demanded each year in the United States. Their annual income is around $90 000.

4. Nurse Midwife

Nurse Midwife is another popular specialty among all the nursing careers. This position will require a person to different kinds of services on healthcare related issues such as the childbirth and contraceptive to women. It takes a complete Master Degree on the field with a few years of certified working experience to be capable of holding this position. And, the average annual income of them would be around $ 85 000.

5. Nurse Researcher

Nurse researchers are also in our list among the best and most earned nursing careers. And, like any other researchers, their main roles are to collect data, analyse and publish their finding to the public while their main objective of their work is to find some new innovation to serve the healthcare industry, specifically in the nursing world. Their annual income is as well around $85 000.

6. Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Working mainly on the counselling, medicate and treat patients with mental healthcare, psychiatric nurse practitioners are also a very well wanted career in nursing. Each year over 4000 positions of this job are needed to serve the demand of the public in the United States. Their average annual income is also among the top – $ 80 000.

7. General Nurse Practitioner

Our next one is the General Nurse Practitioner. They are reported to earn about $ 80 000 a year as well. Recently, the statistic has shown that here is indeed an increasing demand of this kind of careers in the United States in the coming year. They have so far played an important role in the general healthcare of the country.

8. Clinical Nurse Specialist

This category of nurses will have to work mainly in the clinic in roles of consultation and diagnosing and administering the treatment procedure of the patients who has come to their clinics. They also consult to the rest of the nursing staff in the hospital on various issues related to their everyday work. Usually, the range they could earn within a year would be around $80 000.

9. Nurse Educator

Nurse educators are mainly the instructors. They work to plan their lessons, research procedure and the study development program. Their main role is in the classroom to teach, coach, and train those nursing students to be capable enough to out and perform their jobs well. That is simply like another other types of the instructors but their income is in an average of $75 000 a year.

10. Nurse Administrator

Nursing Administrator is also one of the most earned nursing careers. But, their job is mainly on the administrative role, working to supervise all the nursing staff in a healthcare setting. An advanced degree of the field and a few years of hands on experience are needed to be qualified for this kind of job. Their annual salary is around $ 70 000.

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