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For decades, technology revolution has replaced the original black and white TVs with the colorful and smart LED TVs. The quality, shape and functions have been revolutionized and innovated throughout changes of time. Many of Televisions nowadays could access to the thousands of broadcasted channels around the globe with the built-in internet accessibility function. The enchantment of colorful and HD quality has created a wonderful atmosphere and chances for you and your family members to fully enjoys your preferred movies or shows and other entertainment. If you are looking to equip your house with the best LED TV of 60 Inch, below top 10 best 60 Inch LED TV reviews could be really helpful. Check it out!!!

10. Sony KDL60W850B


The 60 Inch of KDL60W850B by Sony has the highest solution of 1080 pixels. It is equipped with 3D with the backlight of LED. It has the smart function, so you can use Skype, Twitter and Internet browser. In addition, with it refresh rate of 120 Hz (Native), you could enjoy the crystal clear images with no delays. It comes with 3 USB slot, MHL and 4 HDMI. However, this suggested LED TV is 60 inch in screen size. In case you need a smaller or bigger one, you can also find the version with a different size.

9. Sony KDL60W630B


KDL60W630B from Sony offers the best watching experience with its smart LED TV function. You also could access to internet browsers such as Twitter, Skype or any other apps. It displays the full HD with viewing angle of 178 (89/89) degree and 16:9 aspect ratio. It comes with the remote control and table top stand. Talking about the quality, without a question, this LED TV is already among the best while its design is as well outstanding. Like many users, you will have a great movie experience with the TV.

8. LG Electronics 60LB5200


This LG 60 Inch introduces Led TV of 1080 pixels resolution. It has 120Hz (Native) refresh rate with the 480 (Effective) motion clarity Index. Moreover, there are two USB ports, 1 RF In, one component, one composite, and three HDMI ports. It shall be the new TV for your family this New Year Eve. At the same time, at such a great price, you might not find the best quality LED TV like this one. Even greater, the TV comes with a superb design and smarter functionality.

7. VIZIO M60-C3


VIZIO has designed the M60-C3 for the ultra HD TV of LED backlighting. Additionally, it has the effective refresh rate of 240Hz with 720 of clear action. HD streaming support offers your family the quick browsing experience of variety of channels. It is manufactured to meet IEEE standard 802.11 specifications. In short, this TV is brilliant enough to be one of the most amazing LED TVs to own for this year. For the pricing, it is somehow very affordable.

6. Samsung UN60H7150


The Samsung UN60H7150 is able to generate 960(Effective) Clear Motion Rate with the refreshing rate of 240Hz (Native). This 3D smart led offers the voice control and motion control with camera accessory. Moreover, it comes with a smart touch remote control and two pairs of 3D active glasses. There are three ports of USB and four HDMI built-in for greater accessibility. Indeed, this LED TV has been integrated with the latest technology with many new features and functions. That is why it becomes so popular in a short period of time before it was selected to be one of the best LED TVs to recommend.

5. VIZIO E601i-A3


VIZIO E601i-A3 has the internet apps built in so that now you could enjoy the streaming movies, music or TV show with your family. On the other hand, the 1080s Full HD resolution enhances the clear images. There is also a Wi-Fi function so that faster the internet connection. In addition, for fast and smooth motion, VIZIO E601i-A3 offers 120Hz refreshing rate and the ultra-thin profile for your space. Unquestionably, you will have the fantastic experience with this VIZIO TV model.

4. LG Electronics 60LB5900


For so many years, LG LB5900 has received the highest review for its exceptional image quality. The full HD 1080 pixels resolution, LED backlighting, 120Hz refresh rate, brightness and colorful images will definitely enhance the viewing experience. With the USB ports of 2.0, you are able to view your slideshow or play your MP3 right away.  This LED TV is just incredibly great and much more amazing than most other TVs on the market while its price is good, making customers even more like the deal. Importantly, they become even happier after having the actual experience with the TV.

3. Samsung UN60F6300


Samsung UN60F6300 is designed with the slim shape that no other TV brands could compete with. It is the smart LED HDTV with 1080p resolution which enriches the color and clear pictures. Along with its refresh rate of 120Hz, you now could watch the premium quality pictures with this Samsung model. Either for the quality, the design, the feature, and the durability, this Samsung is terrific. That is why many users have rated this tv highly positive. And, they strongly recommend this to those who like to have a new 60 Inch LED TV.

2. VIZIO E600i-B3


With the full array LED back lighting, VIZIO E600-B3 offers the superior light and great performance. It has 120Hz effective refreshing rate for clearer and fast action movies. Moreover, there is the VIZIO internet apps that your TV now could access to internet via Wi-Fi; therefore, you now could watch your favorite movies on stream. This is really a perfect model with 60 inch in screen size. Owning this one will give a new great movie experience.

1. Samsung UN60H6350

Best 60 Inch LED TV Reviews

Samsung UN60H6350 is definitely the best model of 2015. It is designed with a smart function so that you could access to internet. The high refreshing rate of 120Hz and 240 Clear Motion Rate are able to enhance the quality of pictures and speed of action movies. This LED TV has a built in ports including Composite (1), Component (1), HDMI (4), and USB (3). To sum up, there are not a lot of such a great LED TV like this one at such a reasonable price. This deal is indeed among the best ones you can consider for sure.

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