Google Adsense Alternatives 2022

Earning money online has been one of the favorite ways to earn a living in this modern era. Simply said, it is just like running any other businesses. It needs a quality and unique contents to attract visitors, and the more visitors you have, the money you are going to make. However, the most common ways to make money online is to be a partnering publisher of the online advertisement agencies such as Google Adsense and the affiliate account with Amazon. Though these are the two biggest ones, there are still some more companies you can work with as well. Below are are the top 10 best Google adsense alternatives.

1. Amazon Associates

First of all, it is the Amazon Associates. It is a partnering program, run by Amazon. As Amazon is one of the largest e-commerce in the world, it needs to generate so many of their sales. Amazon associates is a one of their programs to make that happen. It is a partnering agreement with the publishers. Any time a customer links out to Amazon and buy any product there, the publisher or referral link will get a commission, and the rate is 7% of the product price. There are many people who makes thousand of dollars each month from this.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is so much similar to the Amazon Associates. However, there are some differences on the policies. For Amazon, its main policy is giving the referral link 7% of the product price. But, for many other Affiliate program, they will give a certain amount of money as long as there is a referral link to their site and their products have been bought while the flow is largely similar.

3. Clicksor

Clicksor is instead much more like the Google Adsense. But, it is also one of the popular advertising networks. The three main types of popup, text-based and contextual advertisement. Because there are so many publishers registered to be a part of this, Clicksor has become a very interesting alternative to Google Adsense. As estimated, there are over 150 ooo pages now that are working in Clicksor circle network.

4. Info Links

Info Links could be another great option. The very good new is Info Links can be used with Google Adsense. They have not contradict policy. However, many people would not choose to do it because it will look a bit annoying in your site. In terms of system, it will work just like Clicksor and Google Adsense. It pays the publishers through its pay per click system.

5. Kontera

Kontera is another very effective pay per click system. It works on the text-based blog in which its system will scan through and insert their advertisement into specific key words that are related to their advertisement. If your blog is small, this might be perfect for you. And, the payment from Kontera would be done through check or Paypal.

6. Adversal

Based on the reviews, Adversal is another quite popular and interesting option besides Google Adsense. It is best known as a advertisement network which have very good looking banners. Many people like this because placing that on their blogs or websites, it also helps beautify the blogs. Even better, when you apply to be a partner of this Adversal, you are likely to get it very quick.

7. Chitika

Chitika is almost identical to Google Adsense. It is operated in a pay per click system. Though its network is not big as the Google Adsense, it has been quite successful in their own way so far. The problem is only it gets lower rate than Google Adsense. Nonetheless, it has a looser policy. If you apply to be their partner, it will not require so much like Google Adsense to approve you to be one of their members.

8. BuySellAds

BuySellAds is another different in concept though it is similarly in the online advertisement business. This type of advertisement is very good especially when you have a lot of traffic in your site. Here is how it works. After being their partner, you can post your available banner space on their websites. If there are some people who buy it, the revenue will be shared 75% and 25%. You as a publisher will get 75%, and the BuySellAds will get 25%.

9. Qadabra

One another option is Qadabra. It is an easy platform to work with. The revenue you get will depend largely on your blog or website performance. In relation to its banners, there are various sizes the publishers can choose from. Popup is another option available. Normally, the payment from Qadabra is done through Pioneer, Paypal and Wire Transfer.

10. Text Links Ads

The last one you can also consider as a replacement to Google Adsense is Text Links Ads. For this Text Links Ads, the rate and revenue you will get as a partner will depend so much on your blog rank and the number of the visitors. Often, if your Alexa rank is high, you can sell more links and make more money accordingly. Generally, the revenue will be shared 50 % – 50% between you as a publisher and the advertising network.

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