Sexiest Hollywood Actresses of All 2022

American films, especially, the Hollywood ones, are among the best. While the filming techniques are so advanced, the actors and actresses are also among the most talented ones in addition to their looks. So far, the real superstars have emerged one after another, and here is the best list of sexiest Hollywood actresses.

1. Angelina Julie

Angelina Jolie super starWithout question Angelina Julie is a top Hollywood actress. She is incredibly talented with her staring in addition to her very attractive look. And, through all the films she has stared in, it has brought her a great reputation. As well, she is also a filmmaker.  The two other interesting pieces of information about her are that her husband is Brad Pitt which is also one of the best and most famous Holly actors. And, the other thing is she is so kind to help raise many kids from the developing country like Cambodia.

2.  Naome Watte

Naomi Watts superstar

Naome Watte is a British film star who started to find her fame in Australia. She firstly appeared in an Australian drama called For Love Alone. She then had a presence in the television series such as Home and Away. Like the pictures, she is so beautiful. However, though how new this photo looks like, it is a very old picture. Naome Watte instead was born in 1968.

3. Jenifer Aniston

Jenifer Aniston

In addition to be one of the sexies Hollywood actress, Jenifer Aniston is also a filmmaker and business woman. The first moment when she earned a great public recognition is when she stared in the television series Friends. And, because of a great success from this, she has won the Emmy Award, Golden Globe Award, and a Screen Actor Guild Award. Most interestingly, she was named as the sexiest woman of all time by Men’s Health Magazine.

4. Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart superstar

I bet everyone who has liked the Twilight Saga Series would know her. She is the actress in all its series. Look at her smile, it is so sexy that many fans consider her as a very sexiest Hollywood actress.  Aside from her staring in the Twilight Saga series, she has had the presence in many other successful films such as the Snow White and the Huntsman and On Equals.

5. Marion Cotillard

Marion Cotillard

Marion Cotillard is another one of the sexiest Hollywood actresses the fans name. She is also a singer and songwriter. The best shot she has that gave her the fame is her staring in Inception, Rust and Bone, and the Immigrant. Like many well known Hollywood actress, she has won many wards including the Academy Award, Golden Globe Award, and Cesa Award.

6. Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba is more than a Hollywood star. She is also a model and business woman. Regarding if she is a sexy one, I do not have to say  anything. You can by yourself look at her smile. There is a big sexy crush in that, and because she is a model, her slimming body is so attractive. In relation to her staring career, she started even when she was 13 in Camp Nowhere. After that she was in Dark Angel. These are where the early fame she has gained from.

7. Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron

Being most recognizable in the film the Devil’s Advocate and Mighty Joe Young, Charlize Theron is a South African actress who is also a fashion model. Simply, her talent has given her many awards such as the Silver Bear, Golden Globe Award, and the Academy Award. The last two movies she appeared in are the Snow White and the Hutsman and the Prometheus in 2012.

8. Mila Kunis


As a new young sexiest Hollywood actress, Mila Kunis started in a television show before she was given a significant role in the film The 70s Show as Jackie Burkart. However, the best moment in her staring career was when she had a presence in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. And, then her reputation started to grow till today.

9. Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz super star

As one of the sexiest Hollywood actresses, Cameron Diaz is actually a successful super model. Originally, she was from San Diego, California. She was most known in the film called My Best Friends’ Wedding. Cameron Diaz has been nominated for the Golden Globe Award for four times, and she is ranked as the highest paid Hollywood actress over 40.

10.  Julia Roberts Sexiest Hollywood Actresses

 Possessing a very sexy look, Julia Roberts became a Hollywood star when she stared in the romantic comedy Pretty Woman in 1990. Talking about awards, she has won four Golden Globe Awards and the Academy Awards for best actress in 2000. Furthermore, Roberts is among the highest paid Hollywood actress. In 2003, she was paid 25 million dollars for her role in Mona lisa Smile.

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