Bosch Washing Machines and Portable Washing Machine 2022 – Consumer Reports

Washing machines have become an important need for the family to clean up their clothes quick. As a result, many of the best washing machines and many brands are available for sale on the market. Among those, Bosch Washing machines are one while some others are also rated top as the amazing quality washing machines to consider. However, there are a few things to consider before buying one. Some people might need the portable washing machines while some might need the top loading washing machines because they have more clothes to be washed at one. At the same time, the capacity of the machines also worth checking. And, for some suggestion, we have the top rated washing machine and portable washing machine reviews including the Bosch washing machines down here for you to check out and consider.

10. Bosch WTB86200UC Ascenta 300


Bosch WTB86200UC comes with 6 drying features and 15 drying cycles to ensure that your clothes will be dry properly before you hang it; hence, it is very useful for clothes laundry in rainy season. LED display is included to indicate time and some important signals. Buying this product, you do not worry about installation because it is designed carefully to install with ease.

09. Bosch WAP24202UC Axxis 800


This mode of Bosch meets the Qualified Energy Star due to its high performance and energy saving. It features 15 wash programs for your convenient use. In addition, the wash cycle operates effectively and fast. The inner tub is large enough for medium and large loads. This machine provides up to 2.2 cubic foot for fast operation. Importantly, 10-year warranty on main components is given.

08. Bosch WAP24200UC Ascenta 300


Bosch WAP24200UC comes with 15 wash program setting, so you can choose one which is suitable for your time and the amount of clothes. The drum is stainless steel construction to ensure rust resistance and durability. Besides, the wash cycle operates quickly and efficiently. In addition, water softener is included to make your clothes completely clean.

07. Electric Mini Washing Machine by ARKSEN


ARKSEN machine has the capacity storage up to 5.5 pound. With the compact size and light weight, it ensures the great portability and mobility. Additionally, this product is designed perfectly for convenient function control, so you can simply do your laundry at any little time by just putting your clothes, turn on water, choose the timer and push the button start. Designed with white color, it fits very well with any type of decor in your house.

06. Portable Mini Washing Machine by ARKSEN


This mini machine of ARKSEN is very suitable for individual use to save water and energy consumption. With the dimension of 14.75-inch length, 14-inch width, and 21.25-height, this compact product has the maximum load capacity of 8.8 pound which can allow you to do from light to medium laundry. Due to its small size, it will not occupy your house’s space much. Plus, it is designed with two functions: spin wash and spin dry. Moreover, its body part is designed with clear tinted plastic, so you can see the wash and dry operation clearly for easy monitoring the water condition.

05. The Laundry Alternative Automatic Washer


The Laundry Alternative Automatic Washer features the 11 inches high and 13 inch diameter inner tube which in large enough for individual usage. It comes with 0.8 cubic foot capacity. Moreover, it constructed with small and light footprint for your convenience. Importantly, it is usable with hot water of 120 degree Fahrenheit. With the special design, the washer-dryer hookup is not required. Last but not least, this machine’s price is very acceptable.

04. LG Graphite WM8000HVA DLEX8000V WDP5V


This LG product is constructed with TurboWAsh technology to ensure fast load and operation. Plus, it is designed with 6 Motion function for better performance. This machine provides 5.1 cubic foot capacity for electric washer. Also, the capacity dryer also comes with 9.0 cubic feet. Besides, steam and cold-wash option are included for your convenience. Finally, 2 drawer pedestals are attached for more balance.

03. Midea Washer/Dryer Combo


This mode of Midea measures 26-inch width, 23-inch width, 24-inch diameter, and 33-inch height which are the compact size to save space in your house. It operates with just 120V and 60HZ voltage and Frequency respectively which can save your energy consumption. Moreover, it is designed with 1200 RPM spin speed that can wash your clothes cleanly and dry them fast. Importantly, the drying cycle does not need vent for its operation.

02. Haier HLP21N Portable Washer


Haier HLP21N comes with the durable stainless steel tub that can load up to 6 pounds. Water levels are designed with 3 options to save your water consumption. The wash cycle also comes with 3 features as well. The electronic control will provide you any important information through LED indicators. Furthermore, some signals are provided to alert you about some washing and drying process like cycle status and end of cycle. Besides, for easy mobility and use, the leveling leg is adjustable and the rolling casters are also included. Last but not least, the sink adapter is added for easy installation and quick connection with sink.

01. Panda Portable Washing Machine


This best-selling machine promoted by Panda is designed in compact size for convenient portability and movement. Its total weight is just 28lbs. This machine is designed with different operation side. One side is for washing and another is for spinning. It is designed perfectly for easy control because you just pour the water and set the timer and then your clothes will be cleaned. Finally, you will be offered one-year manufacture warranty.

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