Best Yogurt Makers for Best Home Use 2020 – Consumer Reports

Yogurt is beautifully good for health in addition to its good taste. That is why many people have often had yogurt very often. And, if you have to make it for the whole family, you would need the best yogurt makers at home. It saves a lot of your time and money having them right in your kitchen. However, a lot of designs and sizes of yogurt makers are available to choose. For this list, we have compiled the reviews of the best yogurt makers for you to consider. All of these are the most popular ones with positive rated from its previous customers, and this should make you even more confidence that you will be satisfied with the items. To check out their design still, you can scan through the list below.

10. T-fal YG232 Balanced Living Yogurt Maker


This is one of the best yogurt makers designed and made by T-fal, and it gets the rating of up to 4.5 out of 5 stars from customers. This yogurt maker is well built with 7-glass jar with lids and each one weighs 5.5 ounces. In addition, there are adjustable date codes on lid, which allows you to set the date of your yogurt; the yogurt is fresh for 7 to 10 days. Moreover, it is equipped with digital controls and countdown LCD to tell you when the yogurt is ready. Finally, it has automatic shut off function.

9. Aroma AYM-606 8-Cup Digital Yogurt Maker


Aroma AYM-606 is one of the most reliable yogurt maker which is perfect for your need. First of all, it is a great electrical yogurt maker that can make creamy healthy yogurt at home with the latest technology. It has user-friendly control panel with digital display and programmable timer, so you can easily know when your yogurt is ready. There are up to eight cups which are made of BPA-free plastic with lead-resistant lids. Lastly, it has auto shut off function and the cups are reusable.

8. Dash DGY001WBU Dash Greek Yogurt Maker


This is one of the most amazing yogurt makers brought to you by Dash, a leading company in making household appliances. It is capable of making up to two quarts of Greek yogurt at a time and it contains two BPA-free buckets (1.5 quart per bucket with lid) and Greek container. Furthermore, this yogurt maker is well built with LCD display for convenience and customer timer that tell you when the yogurt is ready. Finally, its parts are dishwasher safe and it has hidden cord storage.

7. Cuisinart CYM-100 Electronic Yogurt Maker


Cuisinart CYM-100 is a great yogurt maker which gets the rating of up to 4.5 out of 5 stars from customers. This yogurt maker is uniquely designed with built-in cooling system which automatically shifts to the perfect chilling temperature. Moreover, it uses 50-ounce yogurt container, which allows you to make more yogurt than other yogurt maker. Besides this, it has time controls for convenience, and it is easy to start and stop.

6. Dash Yogurt Maker


This yogurt is one of the most wanted products available on the market with a great price. It is made of premium quality materials, which makes it a very durable yogurt maker. Moreover, it has compact design that is easy for storing. In addition, its container comes with lid and it is made of BPA-free plastic. Furthermore, this yogurt maker has one quart capacity and it comes in two different colors: raspberry and blueberry.

5. Euro Cuisine Automatic Yogurt Maker


At a special price, this yogurt maker is one of the most incredible machine for your kitchen. This yogurt maker is capable of making up to seven 6-ounce servings of yogurt. Besides this, it is well built with digital control and timer, which allows you to control it easily and you can know when the yogurt is ready to serve. In addition, with special design, you have complete control on the ingredients, flavors, sweetness, fat content, and thickness.

4. Yogourmet Electric Yogurt Maker


Designed and made by Yogourmet, a leading company in supplying kitchen appliances globally, this yogurt maker will not fail to impress you with its premium quality and quality of yogurt it can produce. It is very good at providing the perfect for preparing healthy tasty yogurt. In addition, it is perfect for those who are on specific carbohydrate diet. Last but not least, the inner container is dishwasher safe and it comes with a simple thermometer.

3. Epica Homemade Organic “Set and Go” Electric Yogurt Maker


Epica, a leading company in manufacturing household appliances, proudly presents you its best yogurt maker which gets the rating of up to 4.6 out of 5 stars form customers. It is designed to be ideal for yogurt maker beginner and it comes with easy to start manual and delicious 2 minute recipes. It is capable of maintaining the perfect temperature for the perfect healthy yogurt. Last but not least, it is equipped with 7 6-ounce jars, so it can make enough yogurt for your whole family.

2. EuroCuisine Yogurt Maker


Brought to you by Euro Cuisine, a well-known company in making kitchen appliances, this yogurt will not disappoint you with its performance and quality. First of all, you can make homemade yogurt with any kind of milk with different flavor for each glass. With latest technology, it takes around 6 to 10 hours to make then you can taste the most tasty and healthy yogurt from your kitchen. Finally, it has auto shut off function for convenience.

1. Euro Cuisine YM80 Yogurt Maker


This is the number one best seller yogurt maker on the market. First of all, this yogurt maker is well built with seven 6-ounce glass containers, which allows you make a lot of yogurt at a time with different flavor in each container. Moreover, it is equipped with on/off switch and light indicator for convenience. Besides this, the glass jars are dishwasher safe. Last but not least, it is made of BPA-free plastic and it comes with three-year warranty.

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