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One of the lovely things to buy and hang somewhere on the wall at home is the wireless digital photo frame. It can also be bought as a gift, indeed. Actually, there are many brands which have been recognized for having provided the satisfactory and best digital photo frames on the market. Some of them include the Micaa, Philippe digital photo frame, Viewsonic digital photo frame, Nixplay, Pix-Star, and the Aluratek digital photo frame. Some of those have brought to you with the reviews in this post. Additionally, if you are clueless on what type or size of the digital photo frame you need, the buying guides and basic features are also mentioned for your more information.

Things become digital now at this modern age of technology. Photo frame is a story of that. There is a need to see our pass memory, and because of the technology, the digital photo frame has come to replace the traditional frame. And, of course, there are much more value in a digital photo frame than the traditional ones. For one reason, it could store more pictures and automatically slide themselves for your view. For some, it is even more advanced through the connection to email or cloud account. It is these reasons what many like the digital ones more. However, it seems quite confusing to pick when so many brands and products design are available. As you are here, it is no longer an issue. Our team has done thorough searched and reviewed lots until we could find these three to recommend you: Micca M703 7-Inch, Pix-Star 10.4 Inch, and Nixplay 12 inch

Micca M703 7-Inch

1As for now, in many online stores, Micca M703 is one of the very popular digital photo frames. Indeed, this frame has been made with many interesting features in addition to its stylish and sleek design as you could witness. At such an affordable price, the Micca design comes with the LCD screen display at 4:3 ratio which its shape is like square. For the resolution, this Micca M703 has the 800 x 600 display which works great for picture display at a great details. For the source of display, this digital photo frame works perfectly with USB, Memory or even the hard disk. You can simply store as many images as you may want.

Additionally, in case you also need clock and calendar on the frame, this design has them more you which let users schedule their on and off conveniently. Also, this Micca is constructed with great durability and long lasting use by its high quality standard. Many users, at the same time, have been very happy with the performance and quality sliding the pictures for them from the frame. However, though so, this digital picture frame is extremely efficiency and consume so little energy for its daily work.

For full dimension, this Micca M703 is at 7.6 x 1 x 6.2 inches with 1 pound weight. Its totally quality is very reliable with 4 stars rated by the customers though its price is cheap, and it is mainly made from plastic materials. You should never overlook this design.

What isn’t so great about the item:

To some buyers, there are certain technical issues that happened to them, and one is when the frame went off after being on for 30 minutes. Someone else was confused with the setting of this digital photo frame, and thought it is not a matter for them, it is where it could be developed.

Pix-Star 10.4 Inch

Instead, if it is a want to hang the digital photo frame in kitchen or on your office desk, this Pix-Star is recommended as it is made at 10.4 inch for the screen size. For quality, this Pix-Star design is outstanding. As well, it is one of the2 latest designs, and it comes with many advanced features such as the connection with smartphone and internet while it also supports USB stick and the SD card. The built-in memory is 4G. That is enough for about 20000 pictures to go if you do not want to bother with it. Also, for the full dimension of this is 1.9 x 10.8 x 11.4.

Besides great lasting use, this Pix-Star has the LED display screen which will let you view your picture at rich detail quality, 800 x 600 resolution. You will just enjoy your pictures and memory badly when looking at it. Designed smart and simple to use, this Pix-Star would allow you and your family to enjoy the old memory at your like. Made even easier, there is remote control with the frame in the package, and you can control it even when you are in your sofa. In addition to all these amazing feature, the company would also support for the unlimited online storage for their customers.

What isn’t so great about this item:

Though this choice seems to be better than most others, there are still little things that bother some users. Some users find the frame very clunky while some still demand better image quality showing from the digital photo frame. A few others thought this digital photo frame should have had more possibilities for them.

Nixplay 12 inch

If you still think you need a bigger size for the screen, we then would suggest you this Nixplay sleek design, available at 12 inch in screen size. However, the quality of this is recognized and it performs fantastic photo sliding for you. Often bought as a great gift for loved ones, this Nixplay 12 inch could stream pictures directly from smartphone as well as email if you do not want to have photo stored in its memory card or USB stick. Even smarter, users have an option to create and customize their own playlist. 10G of online storage has also been included and given to customers for easy album storing and managing.

Made more special than the rest, this Nixplay is constructed to be able to play video playback with good quality at a3 high resolution. For the screen of this digital photo frame, it is an LED screen with anti-glare feature. As well, this digital photo frame can be easily mounted to the wall you like. Likewise, with its design, many users find this digital photo frame very easy and simple to use. Actually, users even can control the frame settings from a distance through the remote control. This Nixplay is a 2014 design from the brand, and it is really a great choice to consider. At the 2.99 x 13.54 x 14.41 inch dimension, this is 4 pounds for the shipping weight.

What Isn’t so great about this item:

A few users experienced difficulty in setting this digital photo frame up, and they said it often asked for reboot. Instead, some users find it not helpful and friendly with the cloud service when this Nixplay is connected to. However, all these are rare errors of the products according to what we have reviewed as a whole.

Features You should find in a digital photo frame:

If you are looking for the best digital photo frame but has no idea what you need to find, these listed features will help you decide what kind of digital photo frame that best suites your need. These below features are the basic and most common ones in a digital photo frame.

1. Screen Size: As to suite different needs, digital photo frames that are available have been made at different screen sizes. You probably meet most the 7 inch, 8 inch, 12 inch and 15 inch. And, each one fits better to different walls, spaces, decors and rooms. Thus, which to choose depends mainly on your situation and where you want to hang it. Some people need it on their working desk, in this case, 7 inch is enough.

2. Resolution: Resolution is another feature you need to decide before looking for your favorite one because it will decide how good the quality of the pictures you will see in the frame. The available ones are 1024×768, 800×600, 640×480, 320×240, 320×234, 800×480, and 480×23. However, it highly recommended that you find a good resolution one, and never bother with the cheap, low quality resolution, or you could end up annoying with it and find a new one instead after awhile.

3. Wifi-Enabled: Bluetooth connection as well as wifi-enabled function is another feature in innovative design of a digital photo frame. This function could make things a lot easier for you to connect and transfer the pictures from your PC or Phones to the frame for showing. Many new models of the digital photo frames have this.

4. Image Auto Crop Function: For certain pictures in the wrong made frame, they could look awkward when it does not showing properly. However, if you could find the ones with auto crop feature, it will do the work for you easily. You do not need to care if your pictures are at what size. The frame will help crop and slide them out beautifully.

5. Music and Clips: Certain digital photo frames come with the ability to play music and video clips along the sliding of the pictures. If that is what you may need too, you had better look for it in the digital photo frame you are interested in. Similarly, in many latest models of the digital photo frames have it built in.

6. Portrait or Landscape Views: This is another interesting question to ask yourself when you are in need for the best digital photo frame for your room or workplace. Some works in Portrait, some work in landscape view, and some others are available for both as you set it to. Whichever you decide, you could find them right.

7. Aspect Ratio: Aspect Ratio is the shape of digital photo frame screen. Commonly, most digital photo frames are made in 4:3 ratio and 16:9. 4:3 ratio design looks more like square while the 16:9 looks like in a rectangular shape. Which ever aspect ratio you think would fit your space and decor more, you can go for it.

8. Image Storing Capacity: Storing capacity is another issue to care for. All digital photo frame will have its own memory capacity, so if you would like to store so much on it, you had better find the ones that have bigger memory. Normally, 8G is the maximum one. However, the number of images you could store would also depend on the resolution and quality of those images. At 2MP quality, you probably could store up to 1140 images in 1G memory in a digital photo frame. This should give you an idea how much memory you would need.

9. Easily Connection: Most digital photo frames would be made connectable to the PC or other devices which you can transfer the photo in and out. And, it worth considering also if the frame you are looking for could be conveniently connected to those other devices.

Buying Tips when looking for a digital photo frame:

1. Where It suits: Before buying a digital photo frame, it is really a good idea to think where you want it hanged because you would need different designs and sizes that will look best in the situation. Normally, people want it in their living room, kitchen or office. In living room, you probably need a bigger screen size, and 12 inch digital photo frame is the recommended on. In Kitchen, 10 inch is best while in office, it is the 7 inch one that would look perfect, even on your working desk.

2. Frame Design: frame design is also another thing you should look for and compare. Generally, they come with different aspect ratio and different detail designs. Many of the stylish and attractive designed digital photo frames are available, you could check them out conveniently online.

3. Quality Brand: When it comes to trusted brands of the digital photo frame, Sony, Kodak Pulse, and Nixplay are among the ones. However, there are still many more which their products are also awesome.

4. Memory Need: In a digital photo frame, you find the ones with the ones with up to 8G storage support, and by that thousands of pictures could be transferred in for the sliding view. If you have some ideas of how many pictures you want it to slide, you could get the specific ones you need.

5. Viewing Angle: viewing angel worth also the checking. If you hang it on the wall, you might look at it from any angle, so it would be great too if the digital photo frame you have got could let you see the images clearer from most angles. That simply means you would enjoy it more.

6. Advanced Feature: As there is a good development on the product design and technology, new features are commonly seen in the latest models of digital photo frame. Therefore, if you have specific features to find in mind such as Touch Screen and Remote Control, you can specifically look for it, and not all designs would include those.

7. Digital Photo Frame makes brilliant gift: Digital photo frame is about seeing your old memory, and that is why it has become a great gift ideas for your beloved people. If you are thinking to have a digital photo frame as a gift, your choice is right. You can find a good one and hand it out with love.

8. Price: To get a good digital photo frame, you do not have to spend a lot at all. Under 100 dollars, you could also find a good quality and design one. If you need more of the features, you perhaps need around 150. And, that is extremely affordable.

Also Our Top Picks:


1. One of the very nicely design digital photo frames to see is the Pix-Star wifi one. It comes in 10 inch design for the display but consume very little energy through its LED technology. Even better, you can conveniently manage the pictures from the web. Additionally, the frame has come with the 4G storage capacity, and it could allow itself to store up to 20 000 pictures. The Pix-Star is as well made highly compatible to work well with smartphones.


2. In case you instead are looking for the best digital photo frame with 12 inch for the display size, then this Nixplay is highly recommended. From the customer reviews, this Nixplay 12 inch is indeed one of the best digital photo frames you can rely on. At the same time, its design is very nice and attractive, and it makes a good decoration to your home wall. And from the cloud account, you can manage so many pictures remotely.

3.Even a larger one, it is the NIX 18.5 inch. This is a very nice and high quality digital photo frame that comes with the 16GB storage capacity. Interestingly about this digital photo frame, it has been equipped with the motion sensor which makes it superior than the rest. As well, the frame has been placed for sale at such an affordable price everyone could order. For the display, this best digital photo frame has been produced in 1366 x 768 pixels, which could produce brilliant photo view for you.


4. For the next one to recommend, this is also from the Nixplay brand, but its screen is only 8 inch. However, for the quality, this is among the best. The majority of the buyers have also rated the product quite great as highly recommended to others. One interesting feature about this digital photo frame is the fact that it can be managed and controlled either from the smartphone or the email conveniently. Also, for the screen, it is made nicely anti-glare with the Backlit LED display.


5. For the next best digital picture frame, it is the 7 inch one from PanDigital. This is also a very popular digital picture frame on the market. For one good reason, the PanDigital has been designed elegantly flat and attractive, and it can hold up to 6400 images with its 1G internal memory. As well, the frame is built with many other functions and features such as alarm clock, calendar as well as the 5 in 1 card reader.

6. Sony is also another interesting brand which also provides the digital photo frames on the market. And, this one of them which is picked up to suggest is the 9 inch digital photo frame. It has a good design, high resolution, best durability, and affordable price. It is these features that have brought it to be one of the best. For its internal storage, it is 512MB for this digital frame. Additionally, nine slide styles are available to illustrate the picture.


7. This one is the NIX Advance, and it is 10 inch in display size. For the internal storage, it is 8GB, and it interestingly been incorporated with the motion sensor which is really a nice feature to turn the slide on only when you enter the room. That helps to save some energy through that. For the resolution, this one is 1024 x 768. Moreover, calendar and stereo speaker are also built in. Lastly, one full year warranty is attached.


8. Ranked top, here is the Panimage Digital Picture Frame. Similarly, this Panimage frame has the 10 inch screen, and regarding the quality, you should be able to highly rely on this item. For the card reader of this digital photo frame, it is 6 in 1, and for the internal storage, it is 1GB. Other functions such as the alarm and calendar are also available.

9. Surely one of the best is the Kodak Pulse wireless digital frame. This digital photo frame has 7 inch for the screen, and it could very well receive pictures from facebook, email, and other platforms easily. At such an affordable price it sells, the frame has had many other amazing features such as the motion sensor which turns its screen on only when you are close to the frame. 512MB is its internal memory.

Best Wireless Digital Photo Frame

10. This number is also the product from Sony brand, and needless to say, it has a high quality and durability. For the features, a few outstanding functions have been attached and built into this electronic gadget. For the screen size, 10 inch is what this digital photo frame is produced in. Importantly, the product has had a high resolution to display great photo of yours at home.


11. Differently from the rest, this is the 15 inch Nixplay which works great with the connection from cloud account, and you can also conveniently create your playlists to show on this digital photo frame. As both the design and the quality of this photo frame are great, it has also become a very nice gift for your loved ones. In addition, HD video playback feature is also there.

12. Second to last is the CEIVA. This photo frame is 8 inch, and it has all the qualities to be recommended. For the design of this photo frame, it is a bit special than the rest since it was made with the stance which you can hang it on the wall or just stand it on the table. If you are looking for the best digital photo frame to place on the table, this might be the perfect option for you while its price is as well great and reasonable.


13. Finally, it comes to the last, and it is the eStgarling 8 inch screen. This digital wireless picture frame is simply just one of the amazing products you can find on the market. Both the exterior design and internal functionality of the photo frame are great that you can trust. Moreover, specially for this photo frame, the JEPG rendering function is also built in.

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