Best Whole House Air Purifier 2020 – Consumer Reports

It is so disturbing and unhealthy for the family when the inside air is not fresh. That is why the air purifier is needed, and it is one of the common but effective solution to the problem. Many interesting brands of the best air purifiers include Honeywell air purifier, Holmes air purifier, Alen air purifier and Hepa air purifier. Many of their products have been recognized by the users. However, besides these, there are still some other products from different brands which are also great. Even better, their pricing deals are even more reasonable. By the way, you can scan through the list of the best whole house air purifier reviews down here to consider.

10. New Green Air Pro


New Green Air Pro is equipped with two purifier plates. This Air Pro would clean all the unclean air when passing it through the pre-filter which are the hospital grade HEPA filter and the PhotoCatalytic (PCL) filter. Meanwhile, all the negative ions released from the anion emitters will attach themselves to dust particles and eventually drop them straight to the floor. This modern function is designed to get rid of any bacterial, animal dander, dust and other harmful particles floating in the air. It will generate the pure and fresh oxygen air that is suitable for those who are allergies, respiratory or asthma infected.

9. Rabbit Air BioGS 2.0


The Rabbit Air BioGS2.0 could purify the air in the space up to 550 square feet twice in just an hour. Moreover, the BioGS HEPA filtration offers four stages of deodorization and purification. These will actuate the carbon filter which is durable for three years if it is 12 hours daily operated. The pre-filter could be washed, while the ultra quiet BLDC motor is designed with 5 different speeds that quiet operated at low speed. This air purifier is certified with Energy Star which helps save the energy expense. Additionally, the company has initiated the five years warranty for the Rabbit Air BioGS 2.0.

8. Mammoth Adjustable


The Mammoth Air purifier, manufactured by Mammoth Company, is designed for filtering any pollutants coming from pollens, airs, dust, bacteria and any viruses. This air filter is made from Mammoth Ice Tech, having the HEPA and Carbon to effectively purify and circulate the air flow. Moreover, it has the Negative Ion Ionizer so that it is safe to remove the dirt from the air. Additionally, the Charcoal would work its role to get rid of any odor, pollutants and pollens from the air without any problem. With its five-speed adjustable fan and output level ozone, it could actuate the oxygen that purifier uses. Enjoy the five years warranty from Mammoth Company now.



The New Green Air Classic will purify the unclean air through its carbon filter which is able to remove smaller airborne particles (0.3 microns). This air purifier also functions as the odors eliminator. The air then goes to the inner PCO cell in order to filter all the contaminants of smaller 0.2 microns. The sterilizer starts to turns on the units blue UV-C lamp to burn 90 percent of microorganism and airborne gems when they passed through it. Moreover, the purifier will activate the oxygen which sanitizes all the pollutants on the ceilings, floors or furniture. One year warranty is offered.

6. GT50 Professional


The GT50 offers a scientifically power of ozone with the negative ionization to get rid of so many different kinds of chemical disinfectants. The GT50, it effectively kills the E-coli more than 3000 times more quickly than chlorine. Ideally, it is designed for laundry rooms, work stations, bathrooms or kitchens. Additionally, it works best to get rid of any mold or mildew found in bathrooms. Its tiny and lightweight figure could be easily carried and stored in any room. Moreover, it uses up power less than 7 watts of power which is less than a night light bulb. You now could get your room with the fresh oxygen (ozone) for breathing. Stay healthy with the GT50 air purifier.

5. Holmes Remover Purifier


Holmes is equipped with HEPA filtration that effectively and efficiently kills up to 99.97% of airborne allergens circulated in the airs passing through its filter. Moreover, it is manufactured with the arm and hammer, enhancing the filter to remove any common household odors. In addition, the filter monitors would signal once the filter changes are needed to balance its maximum performance. It is ideal for rooms up to 340 square feet. Plus, it is quietly operated with the slim design and four speed settings.

4. 3500 SQF Living Fresh


This purifier system is made of stainless steel and solid wood cabinetry. The air purifier is functioned as the odour removers, such as from molds, allergens, dust, tobacco smoke, and paint fumes which could causes asthma, eye and ear irritations, and sinus. It facilitates the filter to cover up the room of 3500 square feet. Thus, it is best for any form of unit including home, hotels, schools, hospitals, and others. Additionally, it generates the natural balance of positive and negative Ions to reduce all the air borne pollutants. Even more, the ceramic plate filter will get rid of particles such as radioactive dust in atomic plants.

3. Whirlpool Whispure Air Purifier


Whirlpool Whispure air purifier could filter the air like 4.8 times per hour in a 500 square feet room. In addition, it is operated quietly, while the electronic controls are so easily functioned. It features three-stage filtration system which includes pre-filter, true HEPA filter and carbon filter. There is the air purifier’s outside girl which functions as the permanent pre-filter. It could remove all the particles and prevent all of them to enter the space. While the carbon filter works to kill unwanted odors and protect the life of the HEPA filter.

2. Honeywell Compact Air Purifier


Honeywell Compact Air purifier could cover rooms up to 85 square feet. It is designed with the HEPA clean offering low maintenance with effective air purifying with the permanent HEPA-type filter. It features three stage filtration systems. It cleans the air via using a washable pre-filter which works its way to collect all the airborne particles. After that, the permanent HEPA-Type filter will clean up to 95% of microscopic particles including pollen, pet dander, smoke and dust. In addition, ionizer filed acts as the converter and releases the filtered airs into the space.

1. Honeywell 50250-S

Best Whole House Air Purifier

Air purifier from Honeywell has been rated as the top best air purifier. It is specially designed with the round shape that could covers units or larger rooms up to 390 square feet. Its HEPA filter would be able to eliminate 99.97 percent of pollutants and airborne. Glass fiber HEPA material also helps kill all the bacteria, dust, viruses, and particles. This Honeywell 50250-S features three speeds which equipped with 360 degree airflow, and a standard 120v wattage plug. Moreover, the company offers five years limited warranty.

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