Best Waterproof iPods 2020 – Consumer Reports

Not many people have realized that there are waterproof Ipods which are ok to bring deep down into the water, and there are not many people who realize there is someone who swims listening to music. This does happen, and that is why many ipods are made water resistant and are sold with the waterproof headphone so that it becomes a complete set to allow you to enjoy your music even you are in water. As this could be a demand for that group of users, we have decided to make it easy for them to find their favorite waterproof ipods, and here are the best 10 reviews of the waterproof ipods, being sold on the market.

1.SILVER – 100% WATERPROOF Apple iPod shuffle


Colored in sliver, this Apple Ipod shuffle is absolutely waterproof. Either you are dancing under the rain, doing the surfing or even swimming, this waterproof Ipod shuffle is best for you. This waterproof ipod is actually the choice of many professional swimmer as well as the medalists. For its quality, you surely can trust the product since it is proven to work so well under deep water. Coming with a 2 GB space storage, you will have enough of your favorite music in this.

2.Waterfi Waterproof Apple iPod Shuffle with Short Cord Waterproof Headphones


This Waterfi waterproof Apple Ipod Shuffle is as well among the best mp3 players that is perfectly water resistant and is made for use with water safely such as when swimming or in the rain. Uniquely, the package will also include the cord waterproof headphones. And, this will allow you to enjoy your music freely for worry even in the water. Additionally, the audio quality of this Ipod shuffle is also fantastic and premium. 2 year warranty has also been included in the order.

3. Underwater Audio waterproof iPod shuffle AND Swimbuds headphones AND AQS-02 sports style headphones


Highly reviewed by its prior users as the best and reliable product, this Ipod Shuffle package also comes with the swimbuds headphone and the sports style headphones. It indeed is a complete package for your music in the water. And because there are more items in the package, its price is a bit higher than the rest. As tested, deep down into the 200 ft under the water, this waterproof ipod shuffle is still working properly. And, this shows how good the quality of this Waterproof ipod is.

4.BLUE Waterproof Apple iPod


Nicely designed in blue, the BLUE waterproof Apple Ipod is among the top rated ones. It has the best quality audio, and it has the best waterproof feature to protect your ipod perfectly even under water. Of course, the ipod is made for use in swimming and surfing for example. At an affordable price, you will enjoy your music badly along with your water activities. For the built-in storage for this particular water resistant Apple Ipod is 2 GB.

5.Waterproof Ipod Shuffle by Waterproof Ipod, 4th Generation


With the storage space of 2 GB, this is big enough for you to store all your favorite music, and more importantly, the Ipod is produced for being used around water. So, you will feel great and free if you need your music along with your activities that may involve water. Also, this is the latest model of the waterproof ipod shuffle you may find on the market. And, interestingly, it sells at a good reasonable price for everyone. Premium audio quality is another amazing point of the product. You are not all going to be disappointed by this waterproof ipod.

6.BLUE Underwater Audio Waterproof iPod Shuffle


Great and lovely as it is, besides the smart beautiful design, this BLUE Underwater Audio Waterproof Ipod shuffle has been very popular lately since it is proven to be able deliver great service of music playing in water. The Ipod is as well very durable with its good quality. You have not to be careful too. There are many similar ones to this. However, they are not genuine products at all. This one really is, and it has 2 year warranty to prove that.

7.Waterproof Apple iPod Shuffle by AudioFlood with True Short Cord Headphones


A bigger package with more of the items for water sport and music at the same time needs the presence of this Waterproof Apple Ipod Shuffle. In the package, it contains the ipod, the swimming cap, the waterproof headphone, the adapter for synchronizing music and the bag. If you do not want to mess around with finding all the items in a different order, you had better seriously consider this package while its price is good and considerable.

8.SPACE GRAY Underwater Audio Waterproof iPod Shuffle


Space Gray Underwater Audio Waterproof Ipod shuffle is also a wonderful product. Available in many colors for your selection, as you know, this kind of music player is best, and importantly, this particular one comes with complete water resistant feature which water can not stop its operation to provide you the music in your water activities, either a surfing or swimming. At the same time, its considerable price also makes this one the perfect deal.

9.Waterfi Waterproof Apple iPod Shuffle with Short Cord Waterproof Headphones


Before going to see the last best Ipod shuffle that is ideally water resistant, let’s enjoy the review of this Wateri Waterproof Apple Ipod Shuffle first. Indeed, the quality of this is amazing with the great audio it produces. Also added in with a water resistant headphone, these two is enough for you to swim with your music on. To many previous users of this particular item, this one is also highly recommended, and for the overall rate of this package is 4.5 stars.

10.Waterproof Apple iPod Shuffle by AudioFlood with True Short Cord Headphone

Waterproof iPods10

The last lovely and best quality water resistant Ipod is this amazing product. And, interestingly, it comes in a full package of all the accessories needed for your swimming and music to happen at the same time. Though there are a lot of items in the package, its selling is still at an affordable one. Different colors of the ipod of this package are also available for the users to choose. If you love the package, there is no reason you could not find also your favorite color.

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