Best Tricks To Be a Great Friend

It is a natural social life that we have friends either in school or at work place. But, not everyone is having enough of good friends while not everyone is themselves a good friend. Having good friends has a big thing to do with having a great social life, so it is important to have ones. However, a simple rule is you have to be a better friend first to meet and know more good friends. And, here are the tricks to know.

1. Be Helpful

Everyone would start to feel good and fall in positive image about you when you are so helpful to everyone around. That is a key to collect more people to surround you. And, naturally, when you become helpful to others, they will start to be more helpful to you. Consequently, friendship starts and becomes stronger. If this is what you want, be a helpful friend.

2. Be Empathy

Being Empathy to someone is caring. Because it takes more than the physical communication to know that. And, when you can be empathy and understand what your friends are feeling and thinking, it is the point which allows you to support them more such as giving them the right practical advice they can use to deal with their problems.

3. Having more time with them

Having time together is care taker of the friendship. No matter how best friend you are to each other, if you start to have no time with each other for so long time, the friendship will also start to drift apart. Then, the friendship becomes weaker and weaker till one day you may feel uncomfortable talking to each other the way you used to be.

4.  Taking care of the Secrets

Being friends, we share a lot of private and personal issues. Those are supposed to be secrets. So, being a good friend is important that you do not break the rule. If you do, the trust inside that friendship might also be broken. That way, it is hard to retrust someone and be a very close again. So, be careful and learn to keep secrets of your friends’ secrets.

5. Emotional connection

This is a deeper level of communication, and that is also the key point to having a deep friendship with others. It is when you can understand and share the mood with your friends that you and them become so closely different from others. So, while communicating and being with your friends, it is better to try to understand your friend deep down. That is a good tip to be a better friend.

6. Being Positive

Staying positive about your friendship, and do not bring in too many of the negative things about it. Learn to ignore some tinny bad things about each other will help you keep good feeling about each other. So that you can be with each other longer.

7. Being Honest

Being honest is about trust. So, if you break this rule, you will break the trust. And, you can guess that trust is among the most important thing that binds a friendship together, and once it is broken, it is really hard to rebuild it again. So, simply to be a better friend is to be more honest with your friends.

8. Forgiving

Mistakes will inevitably happen in any friends. Some time it is yours, and some times it is your friends. If all are not forgiving enough, those mistakes will turn to be problems, and when it becomes so many and big, it could destroy the friendship. So, it is important to learn to tolerate and forgive.

9.  Sharing difficult time

Friendship, when it becomes so strong and close, it is like the brother or sisterhood. We share good and bad time together. It is when we get through difficult time together that we know we care about each other. And, the friendship will improve accordingly.

10. Stop Manipulating your friends

More or less, one takes advantage of another to achieve what they want. Some even are willing to scarify their friendship for that. Such thing could some time happen unconsciously because you might be having a big ambitious. And, having it is not something bad at all. The important thing is to learn to control that inside you and use it the less with your friends.

The simply last words are if you want to have ones, you will have to be one first. So, becoming yourself a better friend, and you will have more of the great friends you want.

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