Best Tower Fans and Air Circulators 2022 – Consumer Reports

Tower fan was a pioneering invention to make the fan blow much quieter and brings smoother airflow. Sometime, using the ceiling fan for maximum airflow might be a little too loud or the normal electric fan might not produce a desirable air level. Thus, if you are considering for a tower fan for your living room or bedroom, you have come to the right place. Have a look at our review for the 10 best tower fans in 2015 review.

10. Ozeri Ultra 42 inch Wind Fan


Being such a classy and slim tower fan, Ozeri Ultra will not only blend in your room but it will also improve your room beauty. This tower fan runs quietly and produces so much air that you almost cannot detect whether it’s on or off. It also contains 3 preloaded modes for air speed which are sleep, relaxation and comfort. Furthermore, you can set the timer to your preference, whether to increase or decrease using the new remote control with longer range.

9. Lasko #2554 42-Inch Wind Curve Fan with Remote


The Lasko 2554 Wind Curve Fan is also a tower fan that has a customizable timer, providing users with better experience using the fan. It is designed tall enough to bring the air to your surroundings very comfortably. Moreover, the 3 presets airflow will be very quiet while bringing you the satisfying cool air.

8. Arctic-Pro Digital Screen Tower Fan with Remote Control Dark Gray


Likewise, this Artic-Pro Digital screen tower fan also contains 3 air speed levels. It is very customizable which let you have control over the airflow speed as well as the oscillation speed. For coverage area, this tower fan is able to blow up to 80 degrees oscillation, providing wind to everyone in the room.

7. Dyson Air Multiplier AM07 Tower Fan, Black


The Dyson Air Multiplier AM07 is a little bit pricy compared to other tower fan on the market. However, you will definitely get more than you pay for when buying this tower fan. Its Air Multiplier Technology will deliver you the most comfortable air. Plus, the air produced will be much quieter than the previous model, making it the best of Dyson. The built-in timer mode will allow you to set the sleeping time if you prefer to save energy. Contains 10 different air speed, designed to match your preference.

6. Soleus Air 35″ Tower Fan with Remote Control, # FC-35R-A


In overall, Soleus Air 35-inch has received positive reviews in term of its price and quality. With 3 airflow speeds and the horizontal oscillation, you can enjoy the best airflows from this tower fan. Timer setting is also available on the LCD screen attached with this tower fan (7.5 hours timer), so you can set the fan to automatically turn off at any time you want.

5. Ozeri 3x Tower Fan (44″) with Passive Noise Reduction Technology


In contrast with other tower fan, this Ozeri 3x features 3 mini propeller blades innovatively built to deliver you the maximum airflow, comfortably and noiselessly. The 3 airflow speeds are preinstalled to suitable situation such as sleeping, relaxing, and comfort. In addition, it also includes the long range remote control for changing your setting or adjust the timer from a distance.

4. Holmes 36 Inch Oscillating Tower Fan with Remote Control


With a thin design, the Holmes 36 inches tower fan will fit in any place in your room. At the top of fan is the LED lights control panel for detailed viewing of your fan speed. By the way, the oscillation of the fan will cover a wide area giving you the pleasant cool with 3 airflow speeds.

3. Honeywell QuietSet Whole Room Tower Fan


Honeywell QuietSet tower fan is a decent-looking fan, and yet one of the most affordable tower fan. It has 8 airflow speeds along with the quiet control setting to project the comfortable air. If you want set the time for automatic turn off, there are 4 preset timer setting available in the fan.

2. Lasko 2551 Wind Curve Platinum Tower Fan With Remote Control and Fresh Air Ionizer


The Lasko 2551 resembles the the Lasko 2554 model which has 3 presets airflow bringing the optimal airflow for everyone in the room. This model will provide the control storage at the rear of the fan, and it added a handle, so you can carry it around easily.

1. Honeywell Fresh Breeze Tower Fan with Remote Control


For the best tower fan, we picked the one from Honeywell, the Fresh Breeze HY-048BP. Similar to most of the tower fan, it has 3 airflow speeds and a timer setting which has the options from 1 to 12 hour to automatically turn off the fan. Additionally, there is a thermostat which you can easily program for your desirable temperature. On top of the tower fan, there is an LCD display for setting. The air filter of the fan is washable, so when it gets dusty, you can always clean it to get better fresh air.

Best Room Air Circulators in Review

1. Vornado 630 Mid-Size Whole Room Air Circulator


When you are looking for the fan, it does matter if it is a tower fan or the air circulator, it is all about have a better air and environment in your room. So, in this article we have also featured the air circulators for you to check out in addition to the best tower fans above. This first air circulator for the review is the Vornado 630. This is a high performing and best air circulators which you can really trust for circling the air in your room better, especially when you turn the air conditioning on. As well, this item was made with smart technology to move its fan and circle the air best accordingly.

2. Vornado 660 Whole Room Air Circulator


This second room air circulator is also the Vornado product but a different model which is also extremely powerful and durable for the air circling in the room. In addition, the design of this room air circulator is also great and stylish. Black and white are available to choose for the design. Superb experience will be delivered to the users by this air circulator. In the meantime 4 speed settings can be controlled, and importantly, the Vernado Room Air Circulator operates powerfully in a very silent way.

3. Vornado 573 Compact Flat Panel Air Circulator

Best Tower Fans

The third last panel air circulator is the Vornado 573. Yes, of course. This one has a different design to the first two. And, it is great on its way. However, the performance of this Panel Air Circulator is no less powerful than the rest. This particular product model has also been marked as the best selling product since it has sold so many while having satisfied its users to the max. In addition to its unique design, the air circulator also comes with three speed settings which users can adjust conveniently. Additionally, 5 year warranty is added.

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