Best Toddler Table and Chairs 2022 – Consumer Reports

For playing and learning, kids would need the toddle table and chairs, and many nicely design toddle table and chair sets are everywhere on the market. For some people, to make it easy for the storage, they are looking for the kid’s folding table and chairs. If you are seeking for some of these, then this article is right for you. Our team has searched and compiled these best toddler table and chairs to review for your information. Many of them are also the most popular ones among parents according to their product rate and reviews online. So, if you like any of the design below, you should be able to buy them with good confidence.

10. Flash Furniture Kids Table and Chair Set


Flash Furniture kids table and chair set is designed carefully for easy mobility and store. The table comes with vinyl padded top which allow you to clean easily, so this product is very suitable to use for toddlers who always mess up their own stuff. In addition, the chairs are padded with CA117 sponge foam to provide soft feeling of all times. The chair is lightweight and foldable to ensure the portability. Hence, this set of 1 table and 4 chairs can be used inside and outside the house for multi purposes: reading, eating, picnic and so forth.

09. eHemco Kids table and chairs set


eHemco set comes with one table and two chairs. All products are constructed of solid hardwood with espresso finish making this product leading in durability. Without Veneers, MDF, soft wood, and plywood, it can endure with every learning and playing activity of your kids. The size of table is 19.5-inch height, 23.25-inch width and 19.5-inch diameter, so its large size is very easy for your kids and it can avoid the clutter on the floor as well.

08. Step2 LifeStyle Kitchen Table and Chairs Set


The plastic table and chairs of Step2 Lifestyle Kitchen is designed with cute colors to fit your kid’s bedroom and playroom well. With the stunning outlook, your kids will love playing and studying on this table every times which is the good habit to prevent them from working on the bed or floor. The plastic materials are all top-quality to make this set durable. The chairs and table come with sturdy legs to ensure safety, and comfort.

07. Tot Tutors Kids’ Table and Chair Set


Tot Tutors set comes with one rectangular table and 4 chairs. The table’s dimension is 26-inch width, 19-inch height and 22-inch depth which is the proper child size providing every kid with comfortable and convenient use. Additionally, they all are made of the top-grade woods. The table comes with natural finish outlook, and other four chairs are designed with four different brilliant colors to attract your kids. It is usable with the kids of 3 years old up.

06. Children’s Table & Chairs Furniture Set by Bracelet Babies


This table and chair set of Bracelet Babies is designed colorfully with one blue table and one each of red, yellow, green and blue chairs. All child-sized products are foldable to ensure the great convenience and portability. The chairs are equipped with safety locks to prevent pinching children’s fingers and folding unintentionally. Plus, the rubbers caps are added on the bottom of the chair and table legs to make sure that they can maintains the balance and avoid sliding.

05. IKEA Children’s Kids Table & Chairs Set Furniture


IKEA products are created of fiberboard, softwood top rail, and acrylic paint which are all high-quality materials to ensure the long-lasting use and to provide the natural feeling. The table is built with the dimension of 24.75-inch width, 18.375-inch depth, and 17.75-inch height. The set includes one large table and two sturdy chairs. The price of this set is very affordable compared to other products in the market with the similar quality.

04. Melissa & Doug Wooden Table and Chairs Set


This wooden model of Melissa & Doug comes with one rectangular table and two chairs. All products are designed with natural finish. Importantly, you can assemble this set easily by using Philips-head screwdriver. The chairs are constructed with 11-inch height to make sure that all children can sit comfortably and work happily with the on table. Also, it is designed with tip resistance for durability.

03. Kids’ Table Set by Tot Tutors


This is very special design of Tot Tutors Kids’ Table and Chair Set, because of its five different bright colors: yellow table and one each light blue, orange, green and purple chair. This set is very adorable and your children will enjoy their varieties of activities on it. Made of high quality plastic, table and chairs are sturdy and easy to clean. With the height of 20-inch table and 11-inch depth, your children will enjoy their studying or playing by using this set comfortably.

02. Little Tikes Bold ‘n Bright Table and Chairs Set


You will buy this Little Tikes table and chair set with fully assembled products. It includes one round table and two chairs. Made in USA, all products are created of high-quality plastic. Besides, to make you easy to deal with your child messy activities, these products are easy to clean. With bright color, your kids will love playing on it.

01. Delta Children Table & Chairs Set


Delta Children table and chairs are made of premium hardwood to ensure the durability and safety of your kids. The set comes with one table and two chairs. The surface is built carefully to be easy to clean. Plus, due to its high capacity, it can support the maximum weight of 50 pounds. Additionally, table and chairs are designed with Mickey Mouse picture to attract your children to work and play favorably.

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