Best Step Stools for Kids 2022 – Consumer Reports

If you are looking for a handful tool to give your lovely kids at home an extra step to reach a hard-to-reach places. For instance, when they are struggling to reach stuffs in the bathroom or living room, it is always a good idea to have a good support for the kids. Below list will thus present ten of the best step stools for kids available in the market out there.

10. Aojia Children’s Slip Resistant Step Stool


Starting the list at number ten is the Aojia Children’s Slip Resistant Step Stool. Weighted at around 59 ounces, this great quality product from Aojia is one of the best step stools you can get for your kids. It ensures superb slip resistance very effectively, thanks to the anti-slip material that is equipped on the underside part of this step stool. With such great build quality, it also allows for a pretty steady and stable standing as well.

9. Bumbo Step Stool, Black/White


Ranked at number nine of the list is this Bumbo Step Stool Black/White. It is made from polypropylene with a very durable and lightweight build design. This thus also offers a great portability feature which is very important for those who like to travel and want to bring this step stool along for their kids. Both the base and the step part is surfaced by slip resistant material which is very effective and convenient to use.

8. KidKraft Two Step Stool – White


Another great quality step stool also makes its place in this top ten list is the KidKraft Two Step Stool. It is available in three different color options, including white, black and yellow. This top quality step stool is made from premium and durable plastic material which is very lightweight and easy to move around. With this step stool, it adds that extra step to your children when they are in need. They can reach hard-to-reach places very safely and conveniently.

7. Mommy’s Helper Step Up Non-Slip Stepstool Froggie Collection


Standing at number seven of the list is the Mommy’s Helper Step Up Non-Slip Stepstool Froggie Collection. What is very notable and special about this step stool is its lovely frog design that every little kid would be attracted to. It comes with high-performing slip-resistant quality that functions as a great support and protection for your kid whenever they need an extra step for reaching out-of-reach places. Also, this step stool is very easy to clean and store.

6. Paw Patrol Step Stool Toy


Paw Patrol Step Stool Toy is indeed another decent quality product also worth considering. It is made from highly durable and sturdy plastic material for its body construction. Perfectly suitable for children whose age is between three and seven years old, this patrol step stool can be a very helpful tool for your kid. They can simply use it to reach difficult-reaching places, or even for sitting like a portable chair if they want to.

5. Disney Frozen Elsa Step Stool


Ranked in the middle of the list is the Disney Frozen Elsa Step Stool which is another popular option out there. It is indeed a very useful tool for your kid when they want to reach an extra step. This step stool measures at 16.7 by 13.7 by 7.7 inches, which offers a pretty decent and solid structure overall. More than a typical step stool, this handy tool can also be used a seat for the children as well.

4. Teamson Kids – Windsor Step Stool


Standing at number four is the Teamson Kids – Windsor Step Stool. This step stool is made for multi purposes as it can be used for both a typical step stool or chair. For its build construction, this windsor step stool is made from top quality wood that features non toxic paint or any harmful chemical. It has a non-slip surface that is very effective and also very easy to clean.

3. Guidecraft Expressions Step Stool


The third best step stool for kids in the market right now is this Guidecraft Expressions Step Stool. Come with five different color options, this great quality step stool offers a pretty sleek and neat design that is quite different from other standard options out there. With two-step body construction, this high-end wooden step stool is such a handy tool for kids to rely on particularly when they want to reach an out-of-reach area.

2. Kikkerland EZ Fold Short Step Stool


Ranked second of the list is the Kikkerland EZ Fold Short Step Stool. It is indeed one of the best step stools out there that comes with quite an interesting and unique construction. What is greatly known about this useful equipment is the fact that it is built specially for portable purpose. It features a foldable construction as well as a decent handle for convenient carrying feature. This premium step stool can hold up to 300 lbs with no worry at all.

1. Cozy Greens Step Stool


The best of the best step stool for children out there is this Cozy Green Step Stool. This popular product is arguably the the most sleek and stylish step stool you can get out there for you lovely children. The white and light green design makes it somehow very sleek and attractive for the majority of children. With this highly functional tool, your children will definitely get a helping hand whenever they needs that extra step to reach any difficult areas in the house.

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