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Sitting while working seems to be the most convenient way for productivity. But did you know that sitting for long hours can cause neck and back pain and increase the chance of you getting fatter? Well, that is why you need to stand up from time to time to release strains and burn more calories. Standing desk is a new innovation that allows you to be ready to stand up working by just adding it to the normal desk or cubicle. Now keep on reading this list of the top 10 best standing desks to see which one interests you most.

10. The Original Stand Steady Standing Desk


The Original Stand Steady Standing Desk gets your health back on track! This Stand Steady desk sits on top of your normal desk making you have a chance to stand up while working which boosts your activities and get you burn more calories. It can accommodate large desktop with 24 inches x 20 inches. And you can start working with your keyboard, mouse, coffee and more. The footprint is 18 inches by 15 inches and height is adjustable from 11. 25 inches.

9. The Executive Stand Steady Standing Desk


This is another Stand Steady product that is larger than the previous one mentioned. It is 32 inch by 22 inch size desk top which is more than enough to accommodate two monitors at the same time. Additionally, you can put some other equipment such as a printer below the desktop for easy storage and convenience. This can be adjusted the height from 11.25 inches to 15.25 inches according to your height. The foot print size is 28 inches by 19 inches.

8. Techni Mobili Mobile Laptop MDF Cart with Storage


Techni Mobili Mobile Laptop MDF Cart is a very portable tool to place your laptop and other tools right in front of you while standing. It is movable with dual wheel that keep you working anywhere within the space. The material is constructed using MDF construction with laminated PVC surface that gives a good look with extra durability. The height adjustment is from 35 inches to 44 inches. It comes with 5 years of manufacturing warranty. You can surely buy this with great confidence.

7. VARIDESK Pro 36 Height-Adjustable Standing Desk


VARIDESK Pro 36 is a very modern-looking standing desk that make you feel stylish and luxurious. It fit on your desk or cubicle or table at your workplace and home. The big display surface gives you plenty of space that you can put keyboard/mouse and some documents on without having to have additional dock which gives you extra comfort and ease for better productivity. The patented spring-loaded lifting mechanism allows you to lift up 35 lbs in 3 seconds that helps you sit up and down without losing concentration.

6. Workez Standing Desk


Workez Standing Desk works best with both laptop and monitor that has adjustable height of 0-2’. It has adjustable angle too. The body, on the other hand, is made of aluminum for extra sturdiness and stability during working. There’s also a dedicated keyboard tray that is adjustable from 0-1.5’. The mous pad works on both left and right side and is removable and adjustable. It works with laptops or monitors below 13 lbs.

5. 60″ Crank Adjustable Height Sit to Stand Up Desk


To reduce the back and neck pain and thinner waist line and increase productivity. With the new adjustable height you can easily switch from sitting to standing with just a few seconds. The adjustable smooth crank is from 29 inches to 42.625 inches for the lower surface and 33.5 inches to 47.5 inches for the upper surface. The two tire shelf design helps you put your computer at proper place to your eyes and the lower keyboard and mouse shelves is below for proper usage too.

4. 48″ Crank Adjustable Height Sit to Stand Up Desk


48″ Crank Adjustable Height Sit to Stand Up Desk is the same with the previous one mentioned which its smooth crank adjustment for the lower surface is from 29 inches to 42.625 inches and for the upper surface is from 33.5 inches to 47.5 inches. The silver gray powder coat for these products make the layer look good and protect from harmful weather effect which can help your desk last for long. Additionally, the overall design of this design is done in a lovely and ergonomic way which makes it even a greater choice of the standing desks.

3. Traveler Folding Stand up Desk


Stand up for your health with this laptop sized standing desk as it is so portable, lightweight and folds up easily. It can even fit in the carry-on luggage. So no matter where you work whether at office or at home you can carry around to use for convenience. It weighs only 2 lbs with the surface size of 19.7 inches by 11 inches. The height is adjustable from 9.25 to 12.8 inches. It is all these features that make it a superior and more special, and users are very satisfied with it, consequentially.

2. iCraze Adjustable Vented Laptop Desk


The number two best standing desk goes to iCraze Adjustable Vented Laptop Desk. It is just the most compact laptop stand. It is light but strong because it is made from aluminum alloy. It also has a mouse pad aside which gives enough room for the hand. The coolest feature about it is that it has built-in fan that can cool down your laptop using USB power which other standing desks don’t have. Indeed, this makes it one of the best standing desks to consider.

1. VARIDESK Pro Plus 36 Height-Adjustable Standing Desks

Best Standing Desks

Here comes the top selling adjustable standing desk in the Monitor Arms & Monitor Stands department of Amazon and also the number one in our top ten list. It can fit to two monitors at the same time whether it’s a desktop or a laptop. The high quality, beautiful two-tier design gives you access to the top display of the computer and the deck for keyboard and mouse. It is adjustable in height up to 11 different positions for ergonomic comfort. It is very stable and sturdy that you don’t need to worry and just work with confidence. Stay healthy at fit from now on by standing while working! and this standing desk is the best friend to have.

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