Best Stand-Up Comedians and Comedians 2022

Everyone would love comedy, and there is only one taste for it either it is a comedy film, stand-up comedy or any other forms of comedy. More importantly, you can laugh and be happy at least for the moment. Some really great and talented people could do this quite well. Every word coming out of their mouths are just so funny that you can not stand laughing. And, like the music or film celebrities, most amazing comedians have jump to the top list. Some of them even make up their own history in the history of comedy field. This is really the amazing career they have had. They earn money for the living, and at the same time, they make people happy. Also, there is often a question of who the best comedians are in the world. To answer that, we have searched and compiled this list of the most famous and best comedians in the world for your entertaining reading in addition that it is a general knowledge you should know.

10. Louis Ck

Louis Ck

Originally known as the Louis Szekely, Louis Ck is a brilliant American comedian who is also an editor, producer, writer and director. He is incredibly talented on the field. For the comedy series “Louie”, Louis CK is the actor, writer and director. And, the series itself is one of the work that has contributed a lot to the fame Louis Ck has got today. Because he is so good at the career, he has to date been awarded numerous recognition such as his winning of Peaboy Award and the 5 Grammy Awards. Moreover, his stand-up comedy shows are as well very interesting.

9. Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart

Born in 1979, Kevin Hart is a terrific comedian who has been recognized for international fame. Like Louis Ck, Kevin Hart is also the American actor, writer as well as producer, just to name a few. He is among the super talented celebrities, and this talent has get up started his career through his comedy competitions in clubs. However, until 2000, he had an opportunity to cast in the TV series called “Undeclared”.  From the role, he became extremely famous for that, and he then had a role in many other movies such as the Paper Soldiers, Scary Movie 3 and Soul Plane.

8. Rob Delaney

Rob Delaney

Rob Delaney is another name many people would know since it is a well-known comedian who can make everyone laugh. Currently living in London, Rob Delaney is also a writer and actor who comes from Boston of the United States. Indeed, his fame started to boost out to the public from his Twitter account in 2009 which later in 2014, he has got 1.11 million followers. He is one of the very few comedians with pure talent who has shined from social media. He shared his jokes, his very funny jokes, and many people liked and shared to make this extremely famous in the early stage of his comedy career. He, then, proceeded to be a great comedian in the field.

7. Mike Birbiglia

Mike Birbiglia

Mike Birbiglia is another guy who is known as among the best comedians in the world while he is also the actor, writer and director. This multiple careers in one show he is a very talented man in the entertainment field. Born in Strawberry of Massachusetts, Mike Birgiglia graduated from Georgetown University for his degree. During his school time, Mike Birbiglia had also had some role in his school’s Georgetown Player Improv Troupe. And, at the early stage of his career, one of the big hit from him when he was presented in three Comedy Central specials, and then, his name started to explode until he becomes this popular.

6. Tig Notaro

Tig Notaro

Tig Notaro, born in 1971, is a well known comedian as well as the writer who has been once nominated for Grammy Award. Regarding her initial career in stand-up comedy, it was her Los Angeles time that was her very first time of all that she had an opportunity to perform her stand-up comedy. However, because her real pure talent was there, she had done it quite well. After that she has been featured in many comedy shows such as Comedy Central Presents and the Sarah Silverman Program.

5. George Carlin

George Carlin

Born in 1937 and passed away in 2008, George Carlin was also an unbelievable comedian who has made his name to the top as the among the most funniest men in the stand-up comedy stage. In the meantime, he was also an author as well as the writer. During his time, it was in 1978 which his “Seven Dirty Words” joke had gone wild to the public and made his name known to the majority of the people. George Carlin had also been considered as one of the most influential comedians.

4. Chris Rock

Chris Rock

As a well-known American comedian, Chris Rock is also a screenwriter, producer and actor. He possesses multiple talents to have many careers in the entertainment industry of the United States. However, his name and reputation has gone beyond the border. Initially, Chris Rock has appeared in many stand-up comedy shows as well as some other minor roles in the film. His talent shone to the public, and he often preceded himself to another level. One upon a time, Chris Rock has also been voted to be one of the greatest stand-up comedians in the survey conducted by Comedy Central.

3. Steve Martin

Steve Martin

Being a great musician, writer, actor, and producer, Steve Martin is also an amazing comedian in the United States. His name is unquestionably big in the industry. Actually, the real start of Steve Martin was as a writer of the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour. Then, he had a presence in The Tonight Show as the guest. During his peak time, Steve Martin has also had the nation tour performance, and it was really another hit to get his fame even to another level. However, Steve Martin has taken a step away from Stand-Up Comedy to also be an actor, author and musician. He is as well every successful in those until he won many awards such as the Emmy Award, Grammy Awards, and the American Comedy Award.

2. John Mulaney

Best known from his work in Saturday Night Live, everyone knows John Mulaney is a wonderful stand-up comedian. Like many of the people in the list, Joh Mulaney is also an actor, writer, and producer. Likewise, Fox Sitcom Mulaney is also known to be the work of John Mulaney, and it was a very successful program around the comedy show. Since 2006, there are over 15 comedy shows that he has been in, and it has been a hug success for him in the career from that.

1. Richard Pryor

Stand-Up Comedians

Richard Pryor was absolutely another brilliant comedian during his time and the history of comedy of American. Besides being so well-known in comedy, he was also great in acting, writing and directing the film. He could do all what he had done very well. That shows his pure talent on that. As a results, he had won many highly recognized awards such as the Emmy Award in 1973, and the 5 Grammy awards from 1074 to 1982. In the list of the Comedy Central, Richard Pryor is named as the number 1 greatest ever stand-up comedian.

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