Best Sport-Brella Recliner Chair 2020 – Consumer Reports

Oftentimes, when you go and have your holiday on the beach, you would want to sit and lie down to relax on the beach. And, in such a case, you will need the sport brella chair. Actually, this kind of product is rare, and not many of their designs are available. However, if you are looking for one, this list will help you find the best one. These best Sport-Brella Recliner chair are attractive in design and light to bring with in any of your trip. Their prices are also greatly affordable. To go straight into those nice designs, you can check them below here.

06. Sport-Brella Chair


Sport-Brella chair can be swivel in 360 degree to enable you to enjoy the view around you happily. This foldable chair can support up to 280 lbs. with high safety. The seat comes with soft rugged nylon for high comfort. The sturdy stainless steel frame is lightweight yet durable, so it is easy for portability. Some useful features are provided such as bottle opener, cup holder, and carry bag. In addition, the umbrella is designed in ultra-aerodynamic shape that can protect the sun of either side of the chair; furthermore, it can turn around with push button hinges. Importantly, this chair canopy is built with UPF 50 lining which ensures that your kids are stay safe from risky UV light and sun heat. Also, the umbrella can be opened up to the maximum width of 46 inches and it adjusted well for wind protection.

05. Sport-Brella Event Chair


Sport-Brella Event Chair comes with the high-quality umbrella that can provide safe sun and wind protection. The umbrella is adjustable to provide shade in any preference angle. Moreover, the seat is top-grade nylon construction which offers softness and durability. Backrest is designed perfectly plus the comfortable rugged arm to make you feel more comfortable and relaxed. It is lightweight and compact for convenient portability. With the weight support of 300 lbs., you can rest peacefully in your travelling, picnic or any sport event with ease.

04. Sport-Brella Mini Chair


This product of Sport-Bella is designed ergonomically for kids to enjoy their holiday cheerfully. The umbrella includes UPF 50+ lining which can ensure that your kids are under the effective sun protection. Moreover, this patented canopy can be swivel in 360 degree to adjust with the wind blow. It is designed in innovative aerodynamic shape for better performance. Besides, the long-lasting steel construction is lightweight, so it is convenient for you to use on the go. Plus, it can support the maximum weight of 120 lbs. stably and safely. A mesh cup holder is added as well for your convenience. Finally, its price is not expensive if you consider about its high performance and quality.

03. Sport-Brella Umbrella Chair by SKLZ


SKLZ Sport-Brella Umbrella Chair comes with detachable umbrella to put in either side with ease. The umbrella is designed carefully to provide sun, rain and wind protection from any angles efficiently. UPF 5+ lining is the important materials to protect your skin from UV ray. Plus, with its aerodynamic shape, it can adjust very well with the strong wind on the beach. Besides, the chair can be turned around in 360 degree easily with the umbrella. It is foldable and lightweight to enable you to bring for your trip conveniently. Furthermore, the canvas chair pops and heavy-duty nylon are the main material seat construction to ensure softness and durability. Carry bag is also included for compact transportation. To increase comfort, some important features like cup holder, bottle opener, and zippered item pouch are provided to store your accessories securely.

02. Sport-Brella Beach Chair


This mode of Sport-Brella is the premium recliner chair because of its three important features: frame, seat and umbrella. First, frame is the sturdy steel construction yet lightweight for high durability and portability. The leg is designed with low length to the ground to enable you to recline comfortably. This design makes sure that your legs will rest and stretch out at the best or pool with the real relaxation feeling. Second, seat is made of canvas chair pops and soft nylon provides you the maximum of comfort. The seat is built perfectly for back and neck rest. A small bottle holder is equipped as well. Third, umbrella is constructed with UPF 50+ lining to ensure that you will not be affected from UV ray of sunlight, and sun heat. Plus, it comes with aerodynamic shape which can adjust well with the wind blow and is able to provide shade on both side of chair. The umbrella and seat can be adjusted and swivel to any angles. Finally, the given carry bag is suitable for its compact size for go-anywhere use.

01. Sport-Brella Recliner Chair

Sport-Brella Recliner Chair

Sport-Brella Recliner Chair is the bestselling product due to its smart features and high quality. To relax peacefully, this chair can be reclined in three positions with adjustable hinges. With the weight support of 250lbs. you can sit comfortably with kids. It is also designed with back-rest and foot-rest for maximum comfort. Moreover, the umbrella is metallic undercoating including UPF 50+ for sunlight protection. Its special feature is able to protect your children from rain and wind as well. At the end of the umbrella points, they are equipped with eye protective tips. Besides, the chair is built with sturdy steel for strong endurance. It is rust-resistance no matter how frequent you use it on the salt sand. Built-in pocket are included to hold up to 4 drinks. Last but not least, the chair and umbrella can be folded down as a single unit for easy storage and portability.

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