Best Soft Sided Pet Carriers 2022 – Consumer Reports

To find a convenient way to carry your pets around, you may need the best sift sided pet carriers. Many of them are available on the market while few of them have the most amazing designs. On the other hand, if you look through all the features of those, we could see some are more outstanding than others. And, as to help you find the right one, we have collected and reviewed those top best soft sided pet carriers in the list below as for your suggestions if you are to find and order the item for your pet. For the details of each one, you can check them down here.

10. Soft Sided Pet Travel Carrier


This is a pet travel portable bag for dog, cat puppies or other small animals from Pet Magasin. Specifically, it has been tested and approved by airline. With its simple and captivating design, it is manufactured to be so lightweight and flexible for storage. For instance, if you zip up, you can put together a pet carrier and zip down to come to folded mode. Moreover, the material is made of durable material with the two years warranty.

9. Zampa Pet Carrier


Are you looking for a cute and fine pet carrier while you are travelling? This pet carrier from Zampa is designed with several opening, so that you could zip it easily. Moreover, it has a folded mode so you can increase the size for more space. There are mesh windows to keep your pets stay at a cozy temperature, while it does help reduce anxiety of your pets as well. Additionally, it comes with the removable pad for easy cleansing. There is a clip designed to clip your pet into their collar for more safety, along with adjustable shoulder straps.

8. Portable Cat Carrier


This has been rated as the #1 best seller soft-side pet carriers. This portable carrier is exceptionally designed for cat and the like, small animals. Made with durable cloth and materials, this pet carrier is ultra-light and so sturdy. It is made convenient for travelling as it is foldable. There are mesh windows which generate superior ventilation from all sides of carriers. Thus, you can now take your beloved pets to the clinic or anywhere you want to go with this elegant and comfy carrier. This is the safe haven for your best friend while you are travelling.

7. Pawfect Pet Carrier


The Pet carrier from Pawfect is one of the best and soft sided travelling carriers. With its sturdy frame design, it can support the top of this soft sided carrier while maintain optimum shape. While staying in, your pet could have maximum space available for lying or napping. The zipper is a new full all around design which is on the top of carrier, securing your pet from escaping. It is made from lasting microfiber materials which are easy for cleansing. Moreover, it is approved for in cabin under seat storage by airline.

6. Pet Gear


The Pet Gear carrier is ideal for car seat or while you are travelling. There is a front and top zipper, along with the mesh windows for extra ventilation. Additionally, it is easily attached with the car seat belt to keep your carrier in place while transporting. Moreover, the fleece pad cover is washable and there is a tether to keep your pets close. It also include the rear pouches which is ideal for small storage.

5. SturdiBag Large Pet Carrier


The carrier from SturdiBag is famous for its long lasting materials and premium quality. It is made of 600-Denier polyester which creates lightweight bags or carriers. Thus, it does not consume a lot of space while you are travelling. Moreover, the 4 point pad shoulder straps are adjustable with the leather hand grip. The mesh windows are equipped with retractable privacy flaps. In addition, it also includes the safety straps for seatbelt.

4. Petmate Softsided Kennel Carrier


Softsided Kennel Carrier from Petmate is made from the premium quality materials which guaranteed the best health for your pets. It is manufactured to meet the high standards set in the US and has been doing great in the market for decades. Moreover, it has been approved for general airline travel. It features a 2 door design for both top and front loading. The mesh windows, on the other hand, offers better air circulation with the shoulder straps which is so convenient for carrying. You can now travel in style with this Kennel Carrier with your beloved pets.

3. Sherpa Delta Deluxe Pet Carrier


This Delta Delux Pet Carrier has been guaranteed for airline travel with the special spring wire frame which is uniquely designed to match the airplane under-seat. With its styling and elegant design, this carrier is made with durable materials for extra comfy and sturdy while transporting your pets. Additionally, there is a luggage or seat belt strap for more safety when you put your pet in. Moreover, with the mesh panel windows, the air will be well-circulated. It has a top and side entry along with the side pocket.

2. SCT Pet Carrier


SCT Pet carrier, a comfy handbag for pet, has been given a good review for its lovely design and lasting quality. SCT has a bind and unwind features which guaranteed having no risk of escape. There are removable panels and adjustable shoulder strap, along with three compartments: toys, treats and meds. Furthermore, this carrier is also designed to create a comfortable atmosphere with the best air circulating and ventilated security screens. The pad is washable.

1. Bergan Comfort Carrier


Carrier from Bergen has been the #1 Best Seller among pet carriers for its high storage up to 22 pounds. The pad inside is super soft and washable. The half zip is opening on one end, while the full zip is opening on the other end. On the other hand, there are mesh panels which offers maximum accessibility and ventilation for your pets. With the exclusive pet connect side zipper, you can comfort or communicate with your pet safely while on the go.

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