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Soccer is such a fun and healthy sport to play. However, soccer players are also very prone to injuries. For that, it is vitally important that you have all necessary protections in place when playing soccer. Amongst the many protection gears out there, soccer shin guard is arguably a very important equipment to have when playing. Below list will thus present ten of the best soccer shin guards you can look for in the market right now.

10. Wilson WSP 2000 Shin Guards


Kicking off the list at number ten is the Wilson WSP 2000 Shin Guards. This great quality shin guard comes with a very lightweight build design that offers reinforced shells for decent protection of your shin. It also has a perforated foam backing design that gives great support and comfort while you are playing soccer. Moreover, it also features a single strap Velcro closure design that make it a very comfortable pair of shin guards to try.

9. adidas Performance Ghost Guard


Standing at number nine is the adidas Performance Ghost Guard. It is indeed a top quality shin guard that is specially designed to give not just a great protection while playing, but also a decent compression fit feature that can contribute in circulation and recovery of injured players. This shin guard is also designed with a very easy slip-on styling that lets you wear in on and off very conveniently.

8. Vizari Malaga Shin Guard


At number eight is the Vizari Malaga Shin Guard which is another popular model out there that many soccer players opt for. This shin guard is designed with a PP shell for protection that is both lightweight and highly durable. The hard shell of this shin guard is also supported by foam backing to ensure sufficient protections for your shin while playing.

7. NIKE Mercurial Lite Soccer Shin Guards


Another decent option is the NIKE Mercurial Lite Soccer Shin Guards. This superbly awesome soccer shin guard from NIKE has indeed been on the market for quite a while; yet still maintain a pretty high popularity, mainly due to its reasonable price range at an acceptable qualities. It has a regular fit size that can thus be worn by any standard size of shin. The mercurial design of this shin guard is also spot on, making it so good looking on the eyes.

6. NIKE J GUARD (white)


Another high quality model from NIKE, the NIKE J GUARD (white) is also another decent product to seek for if you want sufficient protection on such an injury-prone area. It has a pretty strong and sturdy PP shell, and features a really soft and comfortable foam backing to give that added protection to the users. Also available at an acceptable price tag, this outstanding shin guard is indeed one of the best models from NIKE to date.

5. adidas Club Shin Guard


Ranked fifth of the list is the adidas Club Shin Guard. It is designed with an optimized fit feature that allows for secure and stable fit on your shin. Moreover, it also has a very lightweight build structure that does not affect or disrupt the performance of your playing at all. The soft and durable cushioning of this shin guard, along with the EVA backing material can also add an extra protection and comfort to the users when playing as well.

4. adidas Performance Pro Youth Shin Guard, Power Blue


Standing at number four is the another top quality product from adidas, the adidas Performance Pro Youth Shin Guard. Perfect for those people who are looking for style and performance qualities at the same time, then this high-performing shin guard from adidas should be a great deal to seal. It is highly flexible and also very lightweight, making it very user-friendly to wear along when playing soccer.

3. adidas Performance Predator Lesto Shin Guard


Another product from adidas also makes its spot in this list is the adidas Performance Predator Lesto Shin Guard. It is indeed one of the classic editions of the adidas shin guard that never gets outdated as modern models hit the market. It can help protect the shin very nicely and effectively, thanks to its wide and strong build construction. For that, this shin guard can be very fit and secure to wear in any sorts of situations.

2. adidas Performance Predator Club Shin Guard


The second best soccer accessory, particularly the adidas Performance Predator Club Shin Guard has also become a very popular option out there that you may look for. It is indeed a very light and highly flexible shin guard that can be worn by anybody who wants to play soccer. It also features a nice ankle protection with a soft and durable EVA backing support, which will offer an outstanding protection for the shin.

1. Nike U.S Mercurial Lite Shinguard, Blue/Red/White

Best Soccer Shin Guards

On top of the list, the best soccer shin guard in the market right now is the NIKE U.S Mercurial Lite Shin guard that is so sleek and stylish to wear. It is designed with low-profile shell that offers a very comfortable and effective shin protection. Moreover, it also comes included with a dense foam backing that is made for dealing with impact diffusion and providing superb comfort against the skin.

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