Best Skateboards and Skateboard Helmets 2020 – Consumer Reports

You know riding a skateboard is fun and enjoyable for kids and teenagers once they learn how to ride it. And to prolong the joyous moments, we should make the best purchase for our skateboard. The best skateboard for you should be the one which comprises of a rigid deck, tough trucks (for supporting your weight and the wheels), and the smooth bearings (for easy steering). If you don’t what brands contained such qualities, let us be the guide for you to pick your best skateboards below.

10. EightBit 22 Inch Complete Skate Board – Retro Skateboard


Being on sale, the classy, yet quality EightBit 22 inch skateboard can now be bought at a reasonable price. Its deck is built from hard plastic material with a nice crystal look which will keep your shoes stick better onto the deck. Plus, the wheels are made using Urethane-cored, providing a smoother ride when you skateboard.

9. Powell-Peralta Blacklight Skull and Sword Complete Skateboard, Black, 7.93-Inch


This Powell-Peralta features a nice design of Blacklight Skull and Sword, very stylish for teenager. It’s a quality skateboard with the length of 31.67-inch which has a warranty on purchase. The trucks and bearings of the skateboard (the parts which support the wheels and for turning) are very strong and durable, so you can ride it on any rough terrain.

8. The Boss Board – Complete 22″ Vintage Skateboard


You can choose the Vintage 22 inch skateboard from the Boss Board either for exercising or for have fun with your friend as its simplistic design will be super easy to carry with you. There are a wide range of colors to pick from, whether you like it to be colorful or just a simple black or white. Robustly built with the thick plastic deck, excellent smooth wheel, ABED7 bearings and sturdy trucks, hence you will have so much fun with this skateboard.

7. Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Down Stained Complete Longboard


The Yocaher Professional is a premium-built skateboard with toughness and durability. It will be a perfect choice for a professional skateboarder and a non-professional one as well. For the wheels, it used Q-Ball for smoother riding; and HD7 is used for the trucks to withstand the heavy-duty usage. It will be pre-assembled, hence you can ride it instantly upon delivery.

6. Atom Drop-Through Longboard (41-Inch)


The Atom Drop-Through Longboard is designed as low as possible which ensures the best skateboarding experience. With such low design, you can steer smoothly, and especially it will be very convenient for riding downhill. The deck of this board is made from laminated maple wood attached with the Reverse King Pin trucks making this longboard extremely solid to ride.

5. Punisher Cherry Blossom Complete Skateboard, Red, 31-Inch


Similarly, this Punisher Cherry Blossom complete skateboard is also constructed using the Maple wood for its deck, a choice for those who prefer the wood deck. The kicktails, which are the parts near each end of a skateboard used for flipping the board), are concave giving you better grip and riding. New Seguall 5-inch alloy is used for the trucks and awesome PU ivory are used for the wheel.

4. SCSK8 Natural Blank & Stained Assembled Complete Longboard Skateboard


The SCSK8 is a different, but nice design longboard with the size of 40 inches. Such a quality board is available in an affordable price. The wheels’ size are 70mm small and it used Abec 5 for the bearings. Overall, it was praised by many customers as it’s has a smooth wheels and fast steering, which is ideal and convenient for beginner to ride.

3. Plastic Mini Cruiser Skateboard 22″ X 6″ Frisky Board


At first sight of the mini cruiser skateboard (22-inch), you will be absolute amazed at the variety of fashionable skateboards that Frisky can provide. With 7 stylish colors, it features robust PU wheels and a smooth ABEC-7 bearing, which will deliver the comfort when you use the skateboard. Furthermore, the skateboard is designed for portability with the PP deck and it is pre-assembled when you buy it.

2. Penny Graphic Complete Skateboard


The Penny Skateboard will never let you down when you hang out with friend because its retro design and quality will bring you the best riding experience as a rider. The skateboard is modeled after the earliest appearance of skateboard from the 1970’s, but using the modern high quality trucks and wheels from the Penny company itself giving you the smoothest ride for any situation.

1. Quest Super Cruiser Artisan Bamboo Longboard Skateboard


At the number place, the Quest Super Cruiser is built out of the bamboo mixed with multi-ply hardwood maple to bring you the most elegant skateboard you can ever find. Included in the build are the solid 7-inch aluminum trucks and 70mm PU wheels which is highly durable. Additionally, a kick tail is designed at the rear giving you the best and most comfortable riding and flipping.

Best Knee and Elbow Pads and Best Skateboard Helmets

1.Mongoose BMX Bike Gel Knee and Elbow Pads


This black knee and elbow pads are the very soft gel pads which could protect your knees and elbows very well if you happen to fall down during your skateboard game. The gel used to make this pads is shock absorbing while the band is a breathable mesh with foam fitting. On the other hand, the out shells of this pads are extremely hard, perfect for the complete protection of your knees and elbow.

2.Razor Child Elbow and Knee Pad Set, Pink


The second ones is the Razor Child pad set which is designed beautifully in pink. Similarly, the internal part of these pad are attached with very soft and comfortable foam while the out shells are hard and sturdy for the protection when falling down. The pads are designed with great safety feature and consideration. So, these pads are very much reliable for your protection during the play. With this one, the kids will play much safer, and you do not have to worry much.

3.Triple 8 Brainsaver Rubber Helmet with Sweatsaver Liner


This product instead is the safety skateboard helmet. Of course, at the same time that you need to protect your knees and elbow, head is even more important to protect. And, the best skateboard helmet will do. And, this recommended product is one of the amazing item with great quality and proven safety and protection feature. The design of the helmet is also very lovely to many users.

4.Triple Eight Certified Helmet


The last product is the Triple Eight helmet. This is also the best and safest skateboard helmets to check out. Its safety standard also responses very well to the US safety standard. Actually, this helmet is not only the best one for skateboard. You can also use it when biking and roller skating, for example. It is going to work best the same to protect your head at unexpected moment.

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