Best Shampoo Bowl Sinks 2020 – Consumer Reports

If you are to need the best shampoo bowl sinks for hair cleaning, this article is simple the right one for you. It comes with the 10 reviews of the best shampoo bowl sinks you can check out. They are different in designs, shapes, sizes, and prices. However, for the quality, they have been selected carefully to only the best rated ones by the users. Thus, it is likely that you can trust their quality with confidence. For more details about each one, you can scan through their reviews down here.

10. Healthline Shampoo Bowl Sink


The Healthline shampoo Bowl Sink is made of acrylic fiber and heavy steel materials. This shampoo sink is best for beauty salon or beauty-up center. Moreover, it is designed with the unique round style, with the stain resistant quality. With the hot and cold water pipes function, it is really convenience with the deep bowl and the drainer with filter lid and basket. Additionally, it also features the premium and long lasting quality faucet.

9.Natalie Shampoo Bowl


The Shampoo Bowl from Natalie is uniquely made from the ABS premium plastic. With its wide size of neck rest, it offers enormous convenience for your customers. This tough bowl features the drainer and mounting hardware with an vacuum breaker. Furthermore, it is attached with the UPC (H2-1) certified faucet. This shampoo bowl offers the best size that would nicely fits your hair-washing bed, along with its elegance and superior look that anyone would fall in love with.

8. Saloniture Portable Salon Shampoo Sink


Saloniture Shampoo Sink is designed for a professional beauty stylish. It is made from the durable ABS composite, creating a stain-resistant and easy to clean qualities. Additionally, the edge is manufactured for more comfort and strength with the large capacity of 18-1/2 inch front to back, 6 inch dept and 17 inch. This can be installed permanently or remove anytime you want. Furthermore, it is specially designed with the adjustable for standard or reclining chairs. With the sturdy pedestal base, it is the best shampoo bowl for your salon.

7. Shampoo Bowl TLC-1016 KSG


The TLC-1016KSG shampoo bowl is made from the ABS plastic which offers a long lasting quality and a high gloss finish which provides an appealing look and extra functional features. There are hot and cold faucet for water draining with the vacuum breaker. Additionally, there is a spray hose with the built-in receiver plate, along with the water proof comfort-gel neck rest. This shampoo bowl is attached with the easy-clean hair trap which is used for protecting against loss of contact lenses and valuables accessories while doing the hair-wash.

6. Beauty Salon TLC-1167


This TCL 1167 is made of stainless steel with the extra durable and thick of 2mm. There is an extra comfortable gel neck rest with the spray hose and the draining. Moreover, the faucet features two functions such as the Hot and Cold water supply, having the vacuum breaker and receiver plate. It also has a hair trap and the drain. Furthermore, it is manufactured to meet the UPC and ASSE compliant U.S standard hardware.

5. Deluxe Inflatable Bed Shampooer Basin

Best Shampoo Bowl Sinks

This Deluxe Bed shampoo basin performs as the flexible and comfortable portable for washing the hair. There is a built-in pillow to get your neck and head a softer place to relax while doing the hair wash. Additionally, an extra deep basin is constructed which is so easy for cleaning. This could be inflated or deflated when is not in use. Both drain and 40 inch drain tube are provided.

4. EZ-Shampoo Hair Washing Tray


Perfectly designed with the convenient neck rest feature, this EZ-Shampoo Hair Washing Tray would offer your clients the best relaxing feeling ever. The tray is uniquely made with the flexible rubber facing, broadening the neck space to offer a more comfy with slipping prevention. Additionally, as the size is so compact and light, it facilitates the awkward bending for those who have limited motion. Plus, it will also reduce the backache even if bending for long hours. Cleansing is even more convenient with just soap or liquid detergent.

3. Shampoo Bowl


The Shampoo sink by best choice products is made of ABS lasting plastic and specifically designed to be the best thing in any beauty salons and spas. The black coated gloss has enriched the shining look with its lightweight quality. This shampoo bowl would fits when installing on the wall as it has a wall-mount bracket and larger bowl. Additionally, accessories such as the spray hose, faucet, shampoo sink, and hanging bracket.

2. Ableware 764302000


Ableware easy shampoo basin offers the most comfy and relaxing basin while doing the hair-wash. The cushion has been designed to support the shoulders, neck and head during washing, and even lying down for hours, you will definitely not soar at all. Moreover, it is designed with a double tube which prevents splashing. It is so convenient for storing as you can inflate or deflate it anytime. With its drain hose, soap suds and water will be removed.

1. Portable Height Adjustable Shampoo Basin


This top reviewed rate shampoo basin is made from molded plastic injection for lasting life with the black coated gloss finish creating a shining look. With a sturdy stand design, your customer will be feeling safe leaning their head back into. Moreover, the drain hose is so lengthy with the deep and adjustable bowl. In addition, the drain is in the middle of the basin for draining out the water.

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