Best-Selling Waterbed Mattresses 2020 – Consumer Reports

Having a good nice sleep, of course, needs a good environment as well as a high quality bed and mattress.  For the mattress particularly, there are many types of them made differently available on the market. Each type has its own uniqueness, and more importantly, they could bring you to a comfortable sleep. Interestingly among those types, the outstanding one seems to be the waterbed mattress type. This kind of mattress could create a soft and comfortable feel for you after lying down on it. And, many users have agreed that they could have a better sleep with this. Thus, we have decided to review this as for your suggestion if you are looking to have a nicer sleep. Below are the top 10 best-selling waterbed Mattresses you can consider.

10.Queen Size 60 x 84 Waveless Waterbed Mattress Boyd Lumbar Supreme


In a queen size, this waterbed mattress boyd lumbar is likely to be best for you. This mattress was made very soft from the vinyl attached with the vacuum molded impression. Altogether for this mattress, 4 layers have been combined including the super soft top layer of regal foam to make sure it creates the best sleeping for you. As well, 5 year warranty has been attached along your order. You indeed will feel great too about this mattress after using it for a while.

9.InnoMax Genesis 400 Gentle Wave Waterbed Mattress, Super Single


As well being the highly recommended mattress, this InnoMax Genesis mattress has had many features and great quality to offer a new sleeping experience. One of the interesting features of this mattress is its wave reduction. At the same time, it was built in with a good support which makes this mattress even special for you. Regarding the durability, this is also amazing. It will be lasting so long for your use, and its price seems to be quite reasonable.

8.InnoMax Genesis 400 Gentle Wave King Waterbed Mattress, King


Another great also InnoMax is the Wave King Waterbed Mattress. This item was produced with many layers as well as the supporting system to produce amazing experience for the users. More importantly, its top layer has been made  very comfortable and soft, giving you a great sleep after lying down on this mattress. Even more lovely, the design of this waterbed mattress allows it to be used perfectly well with also the waterbed heater.

7.InnoMax Genesis Dual 800 Ultra Waveless Lumbar Support Waterbed Mattress, Queen


If you love the InnoMax Genesis and need the queen size, then this number 7 best waterbed mattress is for you. Besides its great design, the InnoMax Genesis is the best mattress with least water through the lumbar support system built into the product. Additionally, all the layers that have been integrated to make this happen are proven to work together quite well to allow you for a comfortable sleep. Also, after ordering and purchasing this, 20 year warranty will come along. You really can trust its quality even more so.

6. InnoMax Sanctuary Free Flow Full Wave Waterbed Mattress, King


The last Innomax product to suggest in the list is this Sanctuary Free Flow Waterbed Mattress. If we look at how it has gone till today in the market, this specific InnoMax mattress is awesome and has satisfied the majority of its users. Consequentially, it sells a lot, and it then is selected as the best selling waterbed mattress in Amazon. This shows a lot about its reliable quality as well as the affordable price it sells on the market for the moment. This is also another great evidence to allow you to order this with better confidence.

5. 90% Waveless Waterbed Mattress with Contour Lumbar For California King Hardside Water beds


Next is the California King Size waterbed mattress. With contour back support, the waterbed mattress has been designed professionally and made up of high quality materials which are soft and durable to use. Also worth noticing, the waterbed mattress will produce very less waves, making it even a smarter decision to buy. Importantly, it will surely create a soft, comfortable sleeping experience for you. 15 year warranty is also included for the product confidence.

4. Queen Size 60 x 84 Waveless Waterbed Mattress Boyd Lumbar Supreme


Built in a superb quality, this is the queen size of the Water Mattress Boyd Lumbar Supreme. Coming in with 5 year warranty, the mattress definitely is one of the best you can find available on the market because its materials are selected from the best and most comfortable one. In that, 4 layers including the Lumbar support and top soft regal foam are brought in together to form up this fine quality mattress for a better sleep. Though its quality is remarkable so, this mattress still sells in a good idea for users.

3. California King Waveless Waterbed Mattress 72w x 84L Boyd Lumbar Supreme


Another incredible model and size of waterbed mattress from California Waterbed Mattress is this product. Both the comfort and durability are the main consideration of the company when producing this best waterbed mattress. That might be the reason why it comes up with special features and quality to be the best deal for the users. Some of its interesting qualities include the waveless feature, comfort with few second slow movement, and the vacuum molded impression layer.

2. Queen Waterbed – High Quality – Down Alternative Mattress Pad/ Topper-Fully Reversible


Coming in a different shape, size and design, this Queen Waterbed is very lovely and popular since it creates good experience for the users, and it has been referred from one user to another, making its overall quality highly recognized by the market. Even more interesting, the mattress has been sold at a much cheaper price than the rest though it has good quality to deliver to the users. For cleaning purpose, this waterbed mattress is perfectly machine washable.

1. 95% Ultra Waveless KING Size Hardside Waterbed Mattress with FREE Fill&Drain Kit

Waterbed Mattresses

The last to review is the Unltra Waveless King Size waterbed mattress. Coming in with the drain kit and free fill, this waterbed mattress is just incredible for its quality. One interesting feature of the product is its Lumba support. Also very special, for its movement, it would take only less than 5 seconds while all the layers combined to produce this mattress are of great softness and quality. To ensure more of the trust on the product, you will also find the 15 year warranty in the package.

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