Best Selling Dog Houses 2022 – Consumer Reports

Having a dog at home is really like having a life companion or the friend that can create a lot of fun together. Actually, dogs are men’s best friends. We love our dogs, and we want to take care of them to the best at the same time. One of the things that we really should be careful about is having and choosing the right dog house for our dogs. Yes, it is important because it is their shelter. Like our house, we want it the best, so is the dog house. However, do not worry about where to find the great dog houses for your beloved dogs. The recommended best dog houses below are not only great but also look very nice.

1. Suncast DH350 Dog House


Currently, one of the best selling dog houses in Amazon is the Suncast DH350 Dog House. This dog house sells a lot and is extremely popular because it has an attractive and lovely design with easy assembling for the first installation. As well, this Suncast DH350 Dog House was constructed from resin, and it then is quite durable even when you have to place it outdoor. Also nice to notice, this Suncase DH 350 is perfect for any dog up to 100 pounds. Lastly, the best reason to select this is it sells in really a good affordable price.

2. Suncast DH250 Dog House


This is also the amazing dog house from Suncast, and it is modeled the Suncast DH250. Compared to the first one, this Suncast DH250 is a bit cheaper. However, it is constructed for only the dogs up to 70 pounds. In other words, it is smaller than the first one while generally for many other features, the two are quite identical such as the resin construction and the vinyl door of this Suncast. Again, if you decide to get this good looking Suncast DH250 for your dog, there is no need to worry about assembling. It is made very easy for you.

3. King Canopy Dog House Kennel Cover


Differently, this is also among the best shelter many families have taken for their dogs, and it is the King Canopy Dog House Kennel Cover. As you may see in the picture, the item has a bigger size and could very well protect the dogs from rain and sun light as its roof is the polyethylene material with UV protection coated all over. One the other hand, for the frame and metal net, they are the high quality steel with gauge powder coated.  Having this at home for your dog is the very good shelter to protect your dogs perfectly.

4. Merry Pet MPS002 Wood Room with a View Pet House


Made in a cute and lovely appearance, this Merry Pet MPS002 is the wooden dog house that is really popular for now. Actually, this Merry Pet dog house is designed more and better for smaller dogs, and it can be placed either indoor or outdoor. As it was constructed from cedar and the natural stain, its longevity is great. Additionally, within the package, there will also be the inclusion of the assembling instruction which when you follow, it will take only about 20 minutes to install it at an easy way. Another special feather of this dog house is its balcony which dog can enjoy their sit in either place.

5. Petmate Indigo Dog House with Microban


The next fantastic dog house to recommend is the Petmate Indigo Dog House with Microban. As seen in the picture, the design of this particular dog house is very unique and attractive. More importantly, it is perfectly resistant to wind and air. Then, you will feel relax though you have to keep your dogs outdoor. As the whole dog house is as well coated with Microban, this will help a lot to prevent mold and other bacteria to form around and disturb your beloved dogs. On its roof, the small hole is also curved, and that is for the air flow, allowing your dogs to breather easier.

6. Casual Home 600-44 Pet Crate End Table


Made from heave wood, this Casual Home Pet Crate End Table is another very good dog house that sells a lot in the market. In the meantime, it gets very positive review from its previous buyers. And, this is really a good evidence that you are likely to feel highly satisfy with the item to if you decide to bring it home for your dog. In terms of design, you can trust that this wooden dog house is very strong, stable and durable in addition to its beautiful appearance. Importantly, it creates a warm and comfortable place for your dog to sleep.

7. PETMATE 290706 Barn Home III for Large Pets


Built for good portability, the PETMATE Barn Home III for Large Pets is a particularly perfect dog house on this current market. In addition to the fact that this dog house is sold in a good price, it has the quality to be the top best dog houses. As it was made from durable plastic, you can relaxingly place this dog house indoor or outdoor based on your home situation. Moreover, the air ventilation and the rain diverting rim are another two premium features of the dog house. Nonetheless, what that is more important is your dog will like this dog house badly as this has happened  a lot to many other prior buyers.

8. Merax Pet Dog Wood House with Natural Color, Large


Instead for the Merax Pet Dog Wood House, it is a very newly-release dog house with incredible design. It is simple but extremely attractive. For the material, it is cedar wood and the stains with natural color that make up this lovely dog house as the final product. Best use for indoor and outdoor, you will find this dog house highly durable while it could very well protect your dogs from wind and rain to create a great sleeping place for them. With this for your dogs, bad weather will no longer be the problem, and you can relax with that situation.

9. Porch Pups Dog House


Even more stylish design, it is within the great Porch Pups Dog House. Similarly, this almost whole dog house was made from great quality wood which makes it extremely durable. However, for its design, it looks quite amazingly attractive to people and the dogs themselves. This Porch Pups Dog will surely be the perfect place for your dogs all day and every day especially during the bad weather. Also, though it looks so strong and stable this way, the dog house is actually very light which you can move easily.

10. Petsfit Dog House, Dog House Outdoor


Among all the best dog house in the list, the Petsfit Dog House is more expensive, and surely, it has many superior features than the rest, accordingly. For a remarkable reason to choose this dog house is the fact that it was built bad weather proof. It has all the qualities and design to make sure your dogs are safe and warm during the bad weather as well as its daily sleep. With easy installation and the door strap, this pet door is even more a better option for many dog lovers and owners. Nonetheless, there are different sizes and dimensions of this dog house design you can choose.

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