Best Sand Toys and Beach Toys 2022 – Consumer Reports

Because kids enjoy their time on the beach, many parents often take their kids there. In the meantime, kids do need the best sand toys and beach toys include the sandbox, and they thus can enjoy their time even more. If you have no ideas what to look for and what kind of the best sand toys and beach toys to buy for your kids, here they are to see. These are the best sand toys and beach toys to see, and importantly, your kids are going to badly enjoy their time on the sand. At the same time, these ones are quite reasonably affordable to order home.

10. Beach Toys by Liberty Imports


Beach Toys by Liberty Imports comes with a big truck measuring 16 inches long. Furthermore, some materials like shovel, sand-wheel, mold, rake and sailboats are included to make your kid enjoy their vacation cheerfully on the beach. Plus, all are made of heavy-duty plastic that are durable and colorful. This set is affordable compared to other set with similar play tools in the market.

09. Beach Dump Truck by Liberty Imports


This set of Liberty Imports comes with 8 pieces for various plays. The main feature is dump truck with 11-inch length with large containers. In addition, shovel, Frisbee, and sand sifter are provided to make your kid build any castle or building on the beach easily. The castle toy with purple color is added as well. Finally, it also contains of turtle, clam shell and crab sand molds, so your kids will feel like they create a real sea world on the beach for their unforgettable holiday.

08. Toy Beach/Sandbox Play Set by Sand Toys


Sand Toys play set contains of many durable plastic materials that will cheer up your kids. Shovel, rake, and scooper can be played as construction tools to make sand building. Besides, some accessories like pail, watering can, sand molds, and hand tools are provided for varieties of play. The molds are designed with the shape of fish, whale, and shrimp. All colors of materials are varied to make it the most colorful set.

07. GiggleBox Sand Toys


GiggleBox Sand Toys is composed of 13 pieces of cooking stuff with distinct colors. All toys come with cuteness and different characters to attract your kids and enable them to play imaginatively. In one carrying case, there are 3 cups, sea shell plate, scooper, strainer, misty mixer and spade. Besides, a lot of types of molds are given as well with various shape like Chrissy crab, Charlie crab, Cindy star, and silly star. Finally, this cheap set will not only make your children happy but also promote your kids’ innovation and imagination.

06. Beach Toy Set by Liberty Imports


This mode of Liberty Imports is composed of sifter, rake, pail, and shovel for fun construction on the beach. Moreover, double sand wheel and sailboat are included for various types of play. Plus, fish, turtle and octopus molds will enable your kids to make those animal shapes happily. Finally, all materials’ colors are varied to make this set colorful and attractive.

05. Children’s Kid’s Toy Beach/Sandbox Play Set by Prextex


Pretex set provides you amazing materials for summer fun on the beach. It comes with hand tools and a big 6-inch high bucket. Bucket is designed with strap to facilitate your kid to carry. In addition, shovel, scooper and rake are the important materials for your kid to construct any types of sand building with ease. Furthermore, some animal and sea-fish sand molds are provided like dinosaur, whale and walrus.

04. Melissa & Doug Sand Cupcake Set


Melissa & Doug sand cupcake set is very suitable for kids loving cooking. It consists of 12 pieces with different colors and shapes. There are cupcake toppers, cupcake molder, icing tool, and tray. All materials in the set are enough for your kids to enjoy their cupcake making like real experience. All the materials are made of high-quality plastics to ensure durability and safety. A mesh bag is offered to store all stuff securely.

03. Hape – Sand & Sun


This set of Hape is very suitable for young kids from 18 months to 8 years. Its high quality is tested to be non-toxic and safe for children’s health. In addition, it is composed of a strainer, shovel, pail and shovel. Your kids will love playing with this product because of its bright beautiful colors.

02. Beach Sand Toys Set by Bo-Toys


Bo-Toys sand toys comes with 15 pieces of varieties of tools. One big bucket is designed with an easy-to-carry handle. A shovel, rake, watering can, and sand sifter are provided for fun sand construction experience. Besides, there are 2 castle molds with different colors. Incredibly, 6 molds are given with distinct shapes: crocodile, alligator, turtle, hand, bunny, and dino. A large zippered bag is able to store all the materials well.

01. Beach Set in Bag by Toysmith


This set of Toysmith is composed of watering can, shovel, rake and spade. Moreover, two molds are added to make any sand shapes on the beach. The tall bucket with handle and diameter sieve is provided to make your kid enjoy their plays happily. All products are designed with different colors to attract your kids. The zippered bag can store all materials properly and it is designed with carry straps for convenient portability.

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