Best Samsung Galaxy S6 Leather Cases 2020 – Consumer Reports

Nowadays technology has become more advanced, people all around the world use their phone to contact with their family, friends or lover everyday. To protect their phone from breaking, some people use case to protect them from unintentionally falling. Besides, case also can help their phone to decorate it more comfortable and beautiful, because the designer has made many colours and shapes to attract users to enjoy with with their favorite one. Here are Top 10 Best Samsung Galaxy S6 Leather Cases you will see below:

1.Samsung Galaxy S5 Case S View Flip Cover Folio


This Samsung Galaxy S5 Case S View Flip Cover Folio is designed with a perfect combination of fashion and function, With this S5 Case, it is not only for decorating your lovely phone, it also has their own benefit with many functional options that allow the user to do some more activities even they close their phone with this special case; you can view the time, date, pedometer, weather and quickly access your camera through the display window without opening the case. Moreover, it also can allow the user to preview text messages or missed calls and to give the option to call back too. Furthermore, you can answer or reject the calling with a message by swiping on the display window. Besides these functions, there is one more special function that protects your phone battery from wasting power, it is automatically sleep when you close the case, and when you open your case, it will wake you up to continue your work or entertainment.

2.Yousave Accessories Samsung Galaxy S6 Case Black Genuine Leather Wallet Cover


This case of Samsung Galaxy S6 is a genuine leather case that makes the user feel more comfortable when they are talking on phone or holding it. It is clear screen protector and soft micro fibre polishing cloth that protect your screen phone from scratching and denting. Anyway, this kind of case has multiple pockets that you can keep your credit card or ID as a wallet. With this case, the users do not have to worry more about accessing their touchscreen, because the clasp has more extra layer that remind the user about their incoming calls or messages. This is a perfect blend of fashion and functions that make the user more easier.

3.iphone 6 case,Candywe iphone 6


This is a brand new and high quality case in the US which is suitable for smartphone like iphone 6 or other smartphone that is 4.7 inch. As you can see in the picture, candywe is compact, elegant, and stylish design with superior quality material that can show your elegance and high quality temperament. In addition, Candywe can help you to protect your phone from scratches, bumps and dust and make your phone still lovely when you are holding it. Besides these function, it has some pocket on the left side for you to keep your credit card or bank card as you use your wallet too. And with this case, all the buttons, connection, and speaker positions is placed perfect with the case as a unity.

4.Galaxy S6 Case, ACEABOVE


ACEABOVE is suitable with only Galaxy S6 that will be released soon, and it is designed for people who like watching movie or playing game. As you can see in the picture, kickstand feature is more comfortable for viewing video or texting your messages. Anyway, it also has some pockets for you to keep your business card, credit card or some cash too. Furthermore, it is 100% Premium Soft PU Leather and is available for accessing to all functions for Galaxy S6.

5.Galaxy S6 Case, BUDDIBOX Premium Wallet


BUDDIBOX is premium quality hand-made vagan leather case for Samsung Galaxy S6 that has three special functions. Firstly, it has Magnetic Clasp to secure your phone from scratches or bumps and provide easy access for anytime. Secondly, the interior of the flip case has 3 slots for you to keep credit cards, I.D or cash. Thirdly, it can be used as a stand case for watching video and texting the message. And the case is ultra slim that minimize bulk and weight to hold it easily and comfortably.

6.Galaxy S6 Case, Verus


As you can see the designer design the case with a perfect feature that allows the users to have many functions such as calling, texting or watching the movie easily. it is also designed for fashion such as slim fit, heavy duty,and kickstand with screen protector which combines quality construction with pragmatic features and elegant design from scratches or bumps. The thor also provide your phone with safety and beautiful look even it is in office or outside. In this case, it also has three slots to use as a wallet for inserting Credit Card, Business Card or case.

7.S6 case,Galaxy S6 Case, ULAK


It is special designed for Galaxy S6 only, because it is not fit to any smartphone. ULAK is a media standing feature that allows the user easily view their phone in horizontal view like watching video, playing game or texting. It is also constructed with high quality PU leather and Magnetic clip which is not the same as genuine or 100% leather. ULAK also can protect and prevent your phone from scratches, chips and dirt from accumulating. In this case, it also has three slots to use as a wallet for inserting Credit Card, Business Card or case. etc… And it is completely 100% brand new.

8.aLLreLi Samsung Galaxy S6 Case Ultra Slim


If you are looking for a case with fully protection of your smartphone from unwanted bumps, accidental drops, scratches, bruises or stains, it is the suitable case for you; the case cover all your device with some functions, it has only display window that allows you to check time, text messages, call or battery status without opening the front cover. With the stand view, you can watch the video without moving your machine and hand free watching with ideals angle, and the cover also can be fully folded to the back of the case too.

9.Samsung Galaxy S6 Wallet Case Premium Flip Cover Leather Case


LK is a high premium quality with wallet leather case for Samsung Galaxy S6, it has 3 slots for inserting Credit Card, ID and Cash. with his folio style, it is enable to stand for watching horizontal view. It is not only the style that can stand, it also allow you to use all the functions button in Samsung Galaxy S6 without moving your case. Moreover, it can protect your smartphone from knocks, dust, damage, or scratches. It is an elegant case for you to join the special occasion with your friend or work with people.

10.Galaxy S6 Case, aLLreLi can

Samsung Galaxy S6 Leather Cases

aLLreLi can is one kind of Galaxy S6 smartphone case with a pocket to keep your Credit Card, ID or Cash in a hidden pocket that makes you more secure and easy for not to use a heavy wallet on your cloth. This kind of wallet can stand your smartphone when you are chatting, texting or surfing the web. It is made from leather that can protect it from water and look luxury and fashionable. Polycarbonate back helps to prevent breakage if the phone is dropped, and the magnetic clasp ensures that the case stays closed to protect the S6.

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