Best Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge Cases 2022 – Consumer Reports

Definitely, Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge are among the newest models of smartphone, and for those who own the phone, they must be very proud to have it while they also need the full protection for their phone. Normally, the new phones will necessarily need the case as well as the cover or the screen protector to ensure scratches will not touch your Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge easily. On the other hand, there are so many cases with various designs on the market with very affordable price. There is no reason at all not to find the best cases for your Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge.  For next, this article will review and present to you the top list of the best selling and most popular Samsung Galaxy S6 and S 6 cases for your selection.

1. Samsung Galaxy S6 case, Caseology


Galaxy S6 case from Caseology is a great case which has got quite an enormous popularity from the users. For a reason for this, it is the fact that this case was designed particularly for only the Samsung Galaxy S6, and it then perfectly fit the phone. Also, its design is quite nice in a variety of colors. Many users have said they like the design so much, and that is one of the main factors they have decided to select this case for their Samsung Galaxy S6. Even more interesting, they later find out the case has a good quality to protect their phone.

2. Samsung Galaxy S6 Case, ACEABOVE


The next best case for Samsung Galaxy S6 is the product of ACEABOVE. This is actually a flip cover leather case with amazing design in pink. As a great feature, on the wall of its cover, a few card slots have been designed with, and they are for users to store some cards like their ID as well as some money if they need to. This will make things a lot easier for them. Furthermore, the overall quality of this leather case for Samsung Galaxy S6 is highly recognized and worth a referral to others. At the same time, its flip cover can also be used the kickstand for the phone. In case you want to watch the videos from your Samsung Galaxy S6, this kickstand will help you.


3. Samsung Galaxy S6 Case, technext020


Another premium quality Samsung Galaxy S6 case to check out quick is the one produced by technext020. This case is very simple and beautiful in light green. Your Samsung Galaxy S6 will immediately become a new one after installing this to. More importantly, it could protect the back side of your phone nicely from scratches and any sign of wear. Actually, this case design is also available in many other colors you can choose if you like a different one better. For the material, it is the silicone rubber that makes up the case at his high quality.


4. Galaxy S6 case, Caseology Premium Leather Bumper Cover


The number 4 case is extremely lovely. This is best especially for girls since the design is quite cute. However, related to its quality, it is assured, and you can rely on this for your phone protection from scratches. Meanwhile, the design includes the precise cutout which 100% allows users to access to any port and button built in the phone. Additionally, the TPU and Pu leather are selected to be the main material for this case production, and it results in a fine quality case for Samsung Galaxy S6 like it is.

5. Samsung Galaxy S6 Wallet Case, Luxury Wallet PU Leather Case Flip Cover


Another case to suggest when it comes to find protection and extra beauty for your Samsung Galaxy S6 is the wallet case, made from PU leather. While the quality if this case is certainly premium, it is interesting that it sells still in a good reasonable price. This is behind why many users really love the case and have made great referral for the case. Nonetheless, the design of the case has been integrated with many features that are super useful for the user. Take the purple flip cover of this as the example, card slots are built in, they are for easy card storage.

6. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Case, Spigen Slim Armor Case


Next is the turn of the suggested case for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. And, this item is the product of Spigen. With a slim and sleek design it possesses, this case make the whole phone even more attractive and eye-catching. Innovatively, a kickstand is also attached to its back cover, and this is perfect when you want to watch a video from your phone. However, what that is uniquely special about the case is its air cushion technology. In case of a drop, this technology could help save your phone from breaking to a large extent.

7. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Wallet Case


If you instead like the case in a wallet form, and your phone is Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, then, you are recommended to consider this wallet case. This case is among the few latest models which are designed only for the Galaxy S6 Edge, and so it is best fit with phone. Built-in card pocket is another good and useful feature of the case since many users do have to bring certain kinds of cards with them all the time while putting them in that card pocket is more accessible than putting them in the wallet.

8. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Case, SUPCASE Full-body Rugged Holster Case


SUPCASE is another brand which also produces good quality case for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. While its quality in unquestionably superb, the design of the particular case from the brand is fantastic. And, more importantly, it is loved by the majority of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge users. Compared to the rest, the design of this case is indeed quite unique and handsome. As a special inclusion, the cover will also be with the case, and with this on, you will not longer need a screen protector. This case can provide a full protection for your phone in the front and in the back.

9. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Case


Wonderfully designed with great protection on the four corners of the phone, this Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is just amazing by its own way. Having this case to protect your phone, your Samsung Galaxy S6 will be free from scratches and though it may be dropped accidentally, the case will perfectly help to keep your phone safe from breaking. It actually can do a lot to guard your phone for the quality it is built in is high and trustable.

10. Galaxy S6 Edge Case, Verus


The last to check out is the Galaxy S6 Edge case providing by Verus. For its design, it is lovely by its own way while its quality is amazingly superior to the rest. To date, quite a big number of its previous users have made a great positive review over the item, and this is another obvious evidence to show how satisfied they are with the item even after having used it. Hidden card storage has also been made to his back, additionally. This adds another useful feature to the case.

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