Best Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Cases 2022 – Consumer Reports

Very recently, Samsung has released two new models of their smartphone. They are the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus and the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. They are super interesting for many people who are waiting for these new models of the phones. They are amazing in both the design and the feature. However, many people who own these new phones would need the cases to protect it. And, to help you find the right case at the right deal, this article finds you the top 12 best samsung Galaxy Note 5 cases for your review.

12.Galaxy Note 5 Case, SUPCASE Water Resistant Full-body Rugged Case


Very first one to recommend is the Galaxy Note 5 case from SUPCASE. This incredible case has been made fully water proof with its rugged body. The front screen protector has also been built into this case, and you can get two in one for the protection for your Samsung Galaxy note 5 if you choose this case. Even more incredible, this package will give you 3 different covers with 3 different colors you can change through time by your favorite. And, simply, the case is highly scratch resistant and will protect your new phone really well.

11.Galaxy Note 5 Case, Spigen


The next case as to suggest is the Galaxy Note 5 case from Spigen brand. Actually, Spigen is a nice brand which is highly recognized for quality smartphone accessories. And, for this item, it is the case it makes for the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Differently from the rest, this case has been made in transparent body which allows its original design to be appealing still while it is also there for the protection. Also, this model and design as the case from Spigen is totally made just for the Note 5, so you will find it perfectly fit with the phone.

10.Galaxy Note 5 Case, Verus


Interestingly for the design, the Sumsung Galaxy Note 5 case from Verus is also selected to be one of the best recommended cases for the phone. Comparing to other cases on the market, this one seems to have a superior and more interesting design than the rest with its texture surface. Additionally, the case was made with dual layers, and it is fully functional for the protection. Undoubtedly, this case would be one of the perfect ones to protect your Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

9.Galaxy Note 5 Case – Ringke FUSION


Also built and designed fully transparent, the Ringke Fushion Galaxy Note 5 case is one of the most popular one not to miss when looking for the best case for Galaxy Note 5. With a good and affordable price, this case is additionally great for scratch resistance. Moreover, the case has been precisely cut out the area where buttons and port are made. Thus, you still can get full access to any of those conveniently. Even better, screen protector has been added as the bonus for this package.

8.Note 5 Case, Abacus24-7 Note 5 Wallet Case


Differently from the above mentioned best Samsung Galaxy Note 5 cases, it is this BAbacus24-7 case which is a wallet case. For one reason, this case seems to have a very lovely and attractive design while it was attached with many pockets to store other things you might need such as the credit cards and some money. For the color availability, pink, purple and black are there you can choose. For the price, it is quite reasonable comparing to its good quality production.

7.Galaxy Note 5 Case, Ringke REBEL Extreme Tough


For the best extreme protection, you can consider the Galaxy Note 5 case from Ringke. This design is simply designed for the perfect protection as well as the style in combination. Besides the very nice and fashionable design, the case is amazing for its drop protection. To many cases of drop, the case could protect your phone very well. As well, for the dirt and scratches, they can never get in as long as this case is still there. One additional premium HD screen protector is included.

6.Galaxy Note 5 Case, Spigen Neo Hybrid Carbon Case for Galaxy Note 5


As the hybrid case for the Sumsung Galaxy Note 5, it is this Spigen Neo Hybrid case that is strongly suggested to check out. The case comes in a variety of colors with transparent back. For the quality and durability, you surely can trust and be confident with this case for your Samsung Galaxy Note 5. In short, for both the style and best protection, the case from Spigen could offer the service to you and your phone very well.

5.Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Case, SUPCASE


This is another design of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 case from the SUPCASE brand. This is also one of the most popular products which is recognized very well for its quality and design. While its body is fully rugged, the screen protector is as well built into its front design to make it a complete protection for your Note 5. At the same time, the case can be ordered at such an affordable price.

4.Note 5 Case, Tauri Wallet Leather Case with Stand


If instead you love the leather case more, then you can have a look at this Note 5 case which is made from leather as the main material. Besides the many colors available for your selection, this wallet leather case comes with a stand and many pockets for credit cards and money. Again, the case has been made from premium quality synthetic leather, and you will find it very comfortable to touch and durable for your use. And, for the protection, it needless to say is the best.

3.Galaxy Note 5 Case, IZENGATE Wallet Case Premium PU Leather Flip Cover Folio with Stand


Similarly to the case number 4, this is also the leather case for Galaxy Note 5, and it comes from the IZEGATE brand. For the quality, you can highly rely on the product. However, to many users, the design of this case is also very lovely and attractive. Importantly, it has been designed and made most convenient to install and remove if needing to. And, because of its precise cuteout, all buttons and ports are fully accessible.

2.Galaxy Note 5 Case, Lific


Before last, it is the Galaxy Note 5 case from Lific which is chosen to review in the list of the best Samsung Galaxy Note 5 cases. For protection features, this Lifi case is surely among the best while for the style, this is case is as well among the most attractive ones with its color choices. Additionally, the case has been made from highly durable materials, making it last quite long for your use for sure. In the meantime, its back design could also allow you to store some cards like the business cards too.

1.Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Case, SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Series

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Cases

It finally comes to the last, and this one is the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 case Unicorn Beetle Serries. Indeed, for the design, the protection quality, and the price, this case is the perfect and best one. You can look at its design in the picture above, and you can tell it has been done in an elegant way. Moreover, its sporty design is as well one of the things many users love about this case for Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

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