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Review Being Updated: 15/12/15

Cloth ironing is a need for yourself and the family. Many even do it every day. That is a reason why you need the best one. And, when it comes to best brand, Rowenta is indeed a very well known brand. At the same time, many people opt for steam irons manufactured by Rowenta simply because of its superb build quality, high performance and great durability. As Rowenta produces quite a lot of models for its steam iron product line. Many of their products are widely known by many customers, and more than that, many are satisfied and happy with their buy over this brand. You too are going to enjoy it a lot.

Actually, Steam Iron is a type of the iron. In case that is what you have already decided to buy, according to our team’s research and review, we highly recommend you the Rowenta brand. It is not surprising. If you have a bit of your own search, you would see many of the products from this brand everywhere too, online and in the stores, with extremely positive review and rate from the customers. However, you will see have to pick up still among many version, models and designs from the brand. For this today, we have selected the top three to compare and review for your information so that you can match it to your need right. Those selected three are: Rowenta DW5080Rowenta DG5030, and Rowenta DW8080

Rowenta DW5080

1When it comes to Rowenta Brand, there is a huge reliability there, and one of its amazing steam iron is Rewenta DW5080. This is a very popular model of Rowenta which is also the best selling item in many online stores. This Rowenta DW5080 has been made with so many interesting features, ensuring great quality cloth steaming and ironing. For one, the Rowenta DW5080 operates with 1700 Watt power, powerful enough to tackle the wrinkles quick and easy. Anti-drip system is another functionality that worth a notice in this steam iron. Moreover, using this Rewenta DW5080 will get you to worry much about safety. It is built in with three functional ways for auto shutoff.

At the same time, this Rowenta item has big enough water tank of 10 Oz for your long time steaming and ironing your cloth. Also, the self-cleaning feature comes along with its transparent tank, making it even more of the favorite steam iron. Even more amazing, this item has a focused steam design which could shoot away tough wrinkles in an easy way. Thus, you are likely to see great performance of this Rowenta DW5080 in different types of fabric and clothes you own. Besides the normal use, this product is designed to work as well great for the vertical steaming.

Also to ensure the convenient use of the users, this steam iron is equipped with 7 foot long of the electric cord and the 360 pivot. The last thing to mention about this model is the fact that it comes with no switch on. It is the temperature control that does the work and do it great.

What isn’t great about this Steam Iron:

Nonetheless, though this steam iron is generally performing great for the majority of its customers, still some have encountered certain issues. Some have said that 400 holes have been made as ways for the steam air to come out but not all of them work. And for other users, they still need bigger water compartment. Actually, among all our three reviewed steam irons, we have the ones with 10 oz, 12.7 oz and 33 oz. If you are among those who need bigger tanks, you could consider the next options instead.

Rowenta DG5030

Another Rowenta product that is our pick today for the review is Rowenta DG5030. This is also a fantastic product from the same Rowenta brand. However, comparing to the first one, this has a complete different design with many different features. That is why the prices are much different accordingly. This Rowenta DG5030 works by 1750 watt 2power, and it has a bigger water tank which could hold water up to 33 oz. That is for a continual use for 1.5 hours if you need to. Upright position use for vertical cloth steaming is also what this Rowenta DG5030 could work great. It has a strong steam to deal with stubborn tough wrinkles well. It is designed to work best for both horizontal and vertical steam ironing.

Temperature options or steam adjustment is another feature of this product to notice. This adjust-ability allows users to have different levels of steaming heats to get ride of wrinkle effectively in different kinds of fabric or clothes you want a better look in. As well, ergonomic design is a feature many users like also about this steam iron design. It is convenient to hold for the handle, and it is ready to work at any time. For soleplate, the Rowenta DG5030 is attached with the stainless steel plate, and it moves smooth and great on different kinds of fabrics. Again, as this steam iron is also for vertical steaming, it is made with longer electric cord of instead 12 foot long.

What isn’t so great about this item:

At the same time that this steam iron is beyond the satisfaction for many users, some experienced issues. In that, the invisibility of the water in the tank is a point. Indeed, if you have a look at this design through the picture, you also do not see the transparent tank too. And, another issue some users have expressed less positive feedback on is the excessive water spotting when steaming.

Rowenta DW8080

The last pick of the best Steam Irons from Rowenta is Rowenta DW8080. This brilliant Rowenta make has had a 4.5 star rated so far by its customers. This reflects great satisfaction over the products by the users. That is not surprising at all when it has so many favorable features built-in. For one reason, you can have a look at its design which is sleek and stylish. Many users like it even at the first glance. However, still, it is the performance of this Rowenta DW8080 that makes itself the wanted steam iron. Similarly like the first reviewed Rowenta product, it operates by 1700 watt 3power. For the water tank capacity, it could hold 12.7 oz of water, and that gives you a longer steam than the first one.

Also features such as vertical steam, anti-drip system, and tank self-cleaning are built in to make this Rewenta design serve users even better, and it does. And, when you face the tough wrinkles, burst of steam feature is there to use. Moreover, the handle of this steam iron has been made in an extreme ergonomic design which is highly convenient when in use. Meanwhile, the equipped soleplate of this is stainless steel with strong polishing. And, for the electrical cord, it comes with the 7 foot one. This Rowenta DW8080 is made in Germany, and 1 year warranty is included. All these should ensure very good reliability in your purchase.

What isn’t so great about this item:

Still to develop, some users think that this Rowenta would be even a better choice if it is made less heavy. Some other users instead have experienced the unstable of the steam adjustment. They are not always in where they are set to. However, this happened only to a few users. If you are one of them, you could safely return and refund your money.

Features in a Steam Iron to Consider:

A good steam Iron has good features for convenient use, powerful performance to eradicate wrinkles, safety, easy control, and more. However, according many testings have proven that higher price could not guaranty all those. Some cheap ones under 100 bucks could also perform great ironing work. On the other hands, if you need some ideas of what features you need to check out in an steam iron, here they are to see:

  • Auto Shut Off: Very first and important feature to look in a steam iron is the auto shut off function. There will be times you are watching your favorite TV show while steaming your clothes, and there are times you forget to unplug your steam iron after killing the wrinkles. That is when auto shut off feature is extremely important to prevent burning of your cloth and iron board if the issue is not more serious than this. However, many designs seem to have covered this. But, it is always a good idea to ensure it exists.
  • With and Without Cord: For convenient use, you may need a cordless design of the steam iron. However, if your favorite one is not cordless, you also can find the one with retractable cord. That would make things less messy on your iron board. However, for both the cordless and the retractable ones are not difficult to find online or in the store. 
  • Surge Button: Surge Button is another feature to see if you too need it. It is the extra performance feature with powerful steam burst. This is a need especially when you meet the stubborn wrinkles on your suits. Certain washer and dryers would leave you the kind of wrinkles. To tackle them well, find this button in your favorite steam iron.
  • Water Reservoir: Normally, in many designs of steam irons, the water reservoirs come in transparent and a line to tell you to refill. Indeed, transparent reservoir let you know at a glace how much water is left. However, also important to check out, you have to make sure it is removable and big enough so that you will have an convenient refill as well as do not have to fill it often.
  • Self-Cleaning Function: Many people need their steam iron every day, and it is a lot of work for the steam iron so. For this reason, buying a steam iron with self cleaning feature helps greatly for its durability. In many good steam irons, self-cleaning feature is a must-have feature.
  • Vertical Steaming Possibility: Certain steam irons design let users steam in a vertical and horizontal way. Some types of garment and suits need vertical steaming. Thus, if you own a lot of such types, you may check out seriously and find the steam iron which could work both ways. That would be of a better help for you.
  • Hole Cover: Needless to say, there is always a hole for you to refill the water. However, what you need to be careful is its cover design and the size of the hole. Big enough hole let you refill easily, and smart design hole cover prevents leaking well.
  • Adjustable Steam: This is the performance level of the steam burst to get ride of the wrinkles. As you know, different types of fabric need different performance to suite. Thus, find the steam iron with adjustable steam sets, and you can iron any cloth you have the best.
  • Product Warranty: Product warranty is another good thing to check out. High quality brand are not afraid to ensure more trust on their customers through the warranty. At least, if your one applies, you do not have to worry about it broken down in just a few uses.

Buying Guides For Best Buy of Steam Irons:

  1. Brand Reliability: Brand reliability is good thing to check out. At the same brand, the trusted brands for the moment of Steam Iron products includes Rowenta, Black & Decker, GE, Kenmore, Panasonic, Sunbeam, and more. However, those brands have different designs of their steam irons. It is still a need to compare the features you need and the ones built in.
  2. Price VS Performance: It worth knowing that many testings have proven cheap steam irons could also have amazing features and convenient uses just as the expensive designs of steam iron. Cheap ones could cost under 50 dollars while many so-called premium steam irons are 100 dollars or more. If you have time reading many reviews online, you will surely find a cheap with still amazing Steam Irons.
  3. Steam Iron Vs Usual Iron: All of these in the article is about steam iron. However, if the normal iron is good to you too, there is not a need to buy the steaming one. The article will be of a great use for you when you need a steam iron.
  4. Soleplate: Many types of soleplates have been designed into the steam iron. They could be ceramic, stainless steel, and aluminum. However, you have to check and make sure it is none-stick.
  5. Smooth and Comfort Control: Control is another thing you will experience every time you iron your cloth. So, you should always find the ergonomic design with easily-reached buttons on a steam iron. So that your hands will not be too tired with piles of clothes having to be ironed.  
  6. Fabric Type: Knowing what kind of fabric you need to iron and steam the most often, it helps you find the steam iron with right performance and features. So, it is better to check too if your interesting steam iron will also do the work for you specifically.
  7. Temperature Options: Temperature options make greater choice to deal with different fabric. So, if your one is more adjustable, you can still iron and steam different types of clothes right. So, when selecting one, find this out.
  8. Types of Steam Iron: When looking to buy a steam iron, you should also keep in mind that there are three types of the item you can find and which one is best would depend on your need. Below are them:
    • Conventional Design: Designed with smaller and more focused hot steam to tackle specific wrinkles, and it works great and fast.
    • Steam Ironing System: This is a bigger design of a steam iron. It takes more space, but it works with constant high pressure steam to get rid of the wrinkles very effectively.
    • With Cord or Cordless: Also to notice, some comes with cordless design and some are not. Cordless ones are easier for the maneuverability and is less messy on the ironing board.

Also Our Top Picks:

10. Rowenta DW4051 Project Runway


Kicking off the list is the Rowenta DW4051 Project Runway. This high-quality steam iron is greatly known for its highly-polished soleplate made from perfect stainless steel. As such, this iron offers superb glide and excellent steam distribution that ensure high-end performances. This DW4051 model from Rowenta comes with a so-called anti-calc technology that works to remove impurities which thus allow for clean and long-lasting steaming performance.

9. Rowenta DW4060

Another popular iron model from Rowenta also makes its spot in this top-ten list is the Rowenta DW4060. This steam iron comes with a very sleek design and great build quality that offer superb performance for ironing your clothes. What is special about this model is the fact that it is designed with a Precision Tip that offers convenient access to iron difficult areas and reach narrow edges, collars as well as seams. On the bottom part, it is built with a top-end stainless steel air-glide soleplate that ensures scratch-resistant and non-stick performance.

8. Rowenta DW9081 Steamium Steam Iron


Standing at number eight is the Rowenta DW9081 Steamium Steam Iron that is very well known for its great performance and interesting LED display feature. The DW9081 is a 1800-watt iron that is highly developed and built with an advanced steam force technology that intensifies the steaming performance with an additional 30 percent. The soleplate of this iron is made of micro steam stainless steel that offers superb performance with maximum anti-glide feature. There is also a one-touch steam and temperature selection features that can be seen on the built-in LED display.

7. Rowenta DG5030 Pro Iron


Another great product from Rowenta is the DG5030 Pro Iron that stands at number seven of the list. This monster model from Rowenta has been a highly-recommended choice for professional clothing manufacturers and tailors. It is built with a highly powerful vertical steaming that lets this iron to be used in an upright position. The soleplate of this DG5030 Pro Iron is made of well-polished stainless steel that offers outstanding and consistent performance.

6. Rowenta DG84 Pro Precision Steam Station


The Rowenta DG84 Precision Steam Station is also another decent model from Rowenta that is worth mentioning in the list. It has a very attractive white/purple finish that everyone would love. With a highly scratch-resistant and polished stainless steel soleplate, the DG84 pro precision steam station offers a very smooth and outstanding ironing performance that ensures great satisfaction. With 1800 watts of power supply, this amazing iron can heat and steam up in no longer than three minutes.

5. Rowenta DW9280 Steam Focus

Standing fifth of the list is the Rowenta DW9280 Steam Focus. With a very rich, dark blue finish, this high-end steam iron from Rowenta offers a very sleek and attractive design that always stands out. One of the special features that this iron offers is the fact that it is built with a Smart Steam Motion Sensor technology that automatically turns off the steam when iron is not active. As such, it saves both water and electricity.

4. Rowenta DW8080 Pro Master


Rowenta DW8080 Pro Master is also one of the best options to look for when shopping for a high-quality steam iron. With such build quality and price range, this DW8080 Pro Master is a professional grade for its type. It comes with a high-end, well-polished stainless steel soleplate that ensures anti-scratch and smooth performance. Supported by 1700-watt power, this steam iron also features three unique ways of automatic shut-off function.

3. Rowenta DW2070 Effective Comfort Auto


Standing at number three is the Rowenta DW2070 Effective Comfort Auto. It has a white and blue finish that offers a very sleek looking design. In addition to its perfectly-polished stainless steel soleplate, this amazing steam iron also comes with 300 microsteam holes that ensure high-performing steam distribution. The handle of this iron is also spot on as it features an ergonomically designed that allows for easy thumb rest which provides highly satisfied comfort.

2. Rowenta DW5197 Focus Steam

The second best steam iron from Rowenta is the DW5197 Focus Steam. It is designed with a purple/black finish that looks so good as it stands. This popular model from Rowenta is also known for outstanding steaming and ironing performance that gives you great satisfaction over your clothes. It is built with a sharp precision tip that is so convenient for reaching narrow edges and difficult areas when ironing the clothes.

1. Rowenta DG8520 Perfect Steam iron

Best Rowenta Steam Irons

The best of the best product from Rowenta is the DG8520 Perfect Steam Iron. This special model comes with an exceptional soleplate made of perfectly-polished stainless steel with 400 microsteam holes for steaming distribution. It is also built with an Eco Setting feature that helps conserving up to 20 percent of energy. Moreover, there are also five exceptional bars of pressure that are great for removing difficult and unwanted wrinkles on your clothes.

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