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People have different hobby. Some prefer going out and watching movie. Other prefer sport activities, creativity games, videos game, so on and so forth. Roller skating is also a hobby among some teenagers as well as adults. Some do it for recreational purpose, while other regards it as an exercise. For enjoy this hobby, we have to own a rollerblade first. So, what kind of rollerblade is the best one to own? Here are the top 10 best rollerblades for men of the year which you should consider.

10. Roller Derby Men’s V500 Adjustable Inline Skates


First of all, we begin our list with the Roller Derby Men’s inline skate that is being sold at 40 USD. You will feel the comfy as you ride them because it uses soft fabric and top quality cushion inside the boots. The exterior is made out of the enhance nylon which is strong and protective enough for your feet when you slip and scratch the boot against the hard ground. Indeed, this is one of the best rollerblades you will rarely find.

9. Rollerblade Men’s Macroblade 84 Alu Fitness/Training Skate


When it comes to skating, Rollerblade is the most well-known company for producing stylish and premium rollerblade. One of its products is the Macroblade 84 which is regarded as a high quality rollerblade which will deliver awesome experience to its rider. Combining with the aluminum frame and durable wheels, you will find this rollerblade extremely stable and enduring in a long-term usage. At the same time, it has an incredible design which will add in the fashion into your ride, and you will look very unique to others.

8. K2 Skate Men’s Il Capo Inline Skates


Fashionable in appearance, this K2 Il Capo inline skate, will offer maximum comfortability to your feet. Fasten the special boot buckles to have a secured ride as the rollerblades won’t ever fall off no matter how hard you fall. Additionally, the rollerblade is engineered with the 80 mm sturdy wheels delivering a stable ride that will amaze you. For the lacing system of this rollerblade, you can find it quite similar to the transitional one. In general, this rollerblade has had a high quality with incredible performance which allows you to have however aggressive ride you want.

7. Rollerblade Men’s Zetrablade 80 Skate


This Rollerblade Zetrablade is the most suitable rollerblade for any beginners out there who want to learn rollerblading. In particular, user will find this rollerblade awesome because it is very convenient to use. Furthermore, the rollerblade uses the tough and outdoor wheels that can guarantee a long ride and optimal stability. Unquestionably, you are going to feel great with your ride by this best rollerblade. Like it does to its prior users, it performs to the maximum satisfaction of the riders.

6. K2 Skate Men’s F.I.T. 80 Inline Skates


The K2 Skate F.I.T 80 is the rollerblade which is made with a durable and high quality frame, thus offering a stable skating experience to its owner. The said frame will reduce the vibration on the any rough ground and the skater’s weigh as well, so that he can ride easily and smoothly on any type of terrain. This is just a brilliant construction by its design, appearance, quality and performance while its selling price is not too expensive than the rest.

5. K2 Skate Men’s Kinetic 78 Inline Skates


This K2 Kinetic 78 rollerblade is known for its superiority in providing the stable and balanced ride. Designed to support extreme weight and stabilize your ride even if you skate on the bumpy surface. It is a custom fit rollerblade, meaning that you can adjust it freely whether to fit your heel, mid-foot, or any area of your feet that you prefer. However, if we look at the design of this rollberblade, there are three words to say: Amazing, Fantastic, and Wonderful.

4. Rollerblade Men’s Macroblade 90 Skate


The Macroblade 90 is a model produced by Rollerblade which is one of the best-selling products within the market. Its redesigned aluminum frame will be lightweight and long-lasting. Underneath the rollerblade comprises of four 90 mm finest wheels and SG9 bearing which play a role for creating a smooth ride and steer. This is just perfect for fitness and recreational purposes. You will like it to the max, and you will enjoy the ride even more than your last experience.

3. Rollerblade Men’s RB 90 Urban Skate, Black/Blue, Men’s US 6.5


This is the RB 90 which works best in absorbing the vibration on rough terrain. With the secured buckles and Velcro design in this model, your feet will be rest comfortably and safely inside the boot. Thanks its robust 90 mm wheels, you can run smoothly on this rollerblade and steer very easily on every turn. If that is the design you are looking for, there is nothing else to think about while its quality and performance are assured.

2. K2 Skate Men’s VO2 Max 90 Boa Inline Skates, 5


However fast you skate, you will always have the complete control over your balance due to the steady frame and “Stability Plus” innovative design. The strong wheels and top class bearings will enable a smooth ride and perfect turn. In addition, it features the Vortech Ventilation technology that will ventilate the boot, making your feet feel much greater compared to some rollerblade.

1. Rollerblade Men’s Maxxum 100 Skate

Best Rollerblades

The number 1 rollerblade on our list is the classy Rollerblade Maxxum 100. By investing in this rollerblade, you will get yourself a quality and long-lasting product. This Maxxum 100 is constructed with a solid structure; the RB Hydrogen wheels, the finest SG9 bearings and the aluminum frame which contributes to the toughness of the rollerblade. Plus, it also includes the vibration absorption which will make it performs greatly on any road.

These are all the super amazing rollerblades you can consider. All of them are selected carefully for your best ride. Even better, though their quality are great, their selling price are seen to be quite reasonable compared to other best rollberblades with similar quality and superiority in design. That is why these are among the best ones for the users, not only the quality and design but also the affordable price to bring it home.

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