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Review Being Updated: 21/12/15

While not many people have enough time to go to gym, home gym becomes quite popular. Actually, you do not need too many equipment to have your own gym at home. A few workout equipment will do. However, in such a case, many people would need the recumbent bike because it is one of the reasonable and convenient equipment to work without needing the big space. According to our search, we have found a few recumbent bikes that are trustable with great design but affordable price. For those who do not have enough time searching and are hurry to buy one, you can check the reviews below, it will be of a great help.. At the same time, you can also take advantages of our buying guides as well as other related information to make the right decision in purchasing the right Home Workout Equipment.

Product Comparison By Brands

Indeed, nowadays people’s business has consumed the majority of their time. It them makes a commitment for healthy life even more tough. However, though many could not find enough time going to gym, they could still have some workout equipment and exercise at home. As you are here, that is clear that you might be looking for home exercise equipment for your fitness goal. This article is actually presenting you informational contents about reviews of the best recumbent bikes to consider. And our top 3 picks are Stamina Elite Recumbent Exercise BikeFitDesk v2.0 Desk Exercise Bike, and Exerpeutic 400XL Folding Recumbent Bike 

Stamina Elite Recumbent Exercise Bike


Among many best and most popular recumbent bikes for this year, the one outstanding design we have picked for the review is Stamina Elite Bike. Having been rated top 4.5 stars out of 5 from the previous customers, this recumbent exercise bike has been constructed with many special features that make it the wanted recumbent bike for home and gym use. One interesting feature is in its magnetic resistance. It runs quietly while your pedaling, and it is as well designed with adjustable resistance to different levels when you want to make it tougher and increase your heart beat. Another nice feature of this recumbent bike is its display monitor. It is built multi-functional, and it is extremely easy to read.

On the other hand, the seat and seat-back of this recumbent bikes are quite comfortable and made easily adjustable for your sit. However, what that is most special and unique about this recumbent bike is the fact that it is also designed for upper hand pedal as you could see in the picture. This recumbent bike simply can get your whole body to move and work out simultaneously.

Additionally, if you instead look at the exterior design of this Stamina Elite Recumbent Bike, you can tell it is a Premium Design with little space needed at its dimension – 49 x 50 x 24 inch with the weight of 117 pounds. And, it needs only about 20 minutes for the assembling. Even more important, the manufacturing company of this Recumbent Bike has ensured good confidence for their customers by including 6 year warranty in this Recumbent Bike. Most importantly, many users have expressed their like and satisfaction of this product, and said it pays the price best.

What is not so Great about this recumbent bike:

According to the reviews and feedback, some users have a bit of dissatisfaction with the resistance level of this Recumbent Bike. The adjustment actually works only for the lower foot pedals are used while both the upper hand peddle and lower foot peddles are expected to be resistant-adjustable.  Also, some users thought this recumbent bike would be even greater with the built-in armrests. All the rest are fine.

FitDesk v2.0 Desk Exercise Bike

Even more interesting, many people even try working and using the computer during their workout on a recumbent bike. If you are the kind, then this FitDesk V2.0 might fit your need the most.  As could be seen in the picture, the awesome design of this FitDesk model comes with the gripy surface pad and armrest which could be used to hold 2your laptop perfectly. Actually, the armrests could also be used as the massage rollers. However, if talking either about the price and design, this FitDesk model is extremely good and highly recommended.

Additionally, besides the sturdy, high quality frame, the bike is made from, you can further expect great durability from this. Another nice feature of the bike is its space-saving design. You could park this FitDesk anywhere even in front of your TV. Still to come, many users have expressed a need for the comfortable and adjustable seat and seat-back since not everyone is at the standard height. It is not a worry. This FitDesk exercise bike has the features for you. Even better, if you need to move it often, it is not the problem for this recumbent bike is only 45 pounds. Lastly, you could enjoy 1 year warranty after purchasing this exercise bike.

What are not so great about this recumbent bike:

While the majority think this design is a great deal for them at the price, some users encounter certain issues. For one, it is the location of the display which is behind the laptop when it is there. As well, some few users have experienced bad noise after using this recumbent bike for a while.

Exerpeutic 400XL Folding Recumbent Bike

Our last pick is the Exerppeutic 400 XL. This is a foldable design as the recumbent bike. Importantly, this is the best 3and most popular recumbent bike customers feel great for. Though at a very affordable price, this recumbent bike has been designed with many special features as well as constructed with high quality frame for lasting use. Besides the balanced flywheel, this Exerpeutic has been made adjustable for 8 resistance tensions to allow you have the tight peddling you need.  Additionally, an easy-to-read monitor is also built in, and users could easily check out the calories burnt, distance, speed or heart rate at a glance. Especially for those who like to cycling and watch TV at the same time, this design is even for them since it comes without the front bar.

Moreover, many users, from their actual experience, find the seat of this recumbent bike very comfortable, and they feel good siting long hour on this recumbent bike. With the dimension of 19 x 36 x 33 inches, it could support up to 300 pounds. This is best and can be used by anyone in your family.  Another important thing to notice is its V-belt design which lets the bike run extremely smooth and quietly. For its overall weight is 39 pounds, and this item comes with a year limited warranty.

What are not so great about this recumbent bike:

From the shipping issue, some users received the bike with some parts cracking. Some other users have argued that they are a bit of a surprise since they find out that the product is not much like in the picture as it is much flatter while the rest is all fine.

Features in a Recumbent Bike You Should Look For:

If you have no ideas what features to look for in a Recumbent bike you are going to need, these will help you. They are the necessary and extra features you would need to bike and work out at home. That will also remind you if your favorite recumbent bike is having all what you needs to enjoy your ride at home.

1.Comfort: Very first of all, you should check out the comfort of the recumbent bike you like. Comfort is extremely important since if you are committed, you might want to spend long hour cycling on the bike. Thus, comfortable padded seat could help you stay there longer without big resistance.

2. Workout Programs: Workout program is one of the most important features in a recumbent bike. If you are planning to lose some pounds of your weight, you would need the fitness goal, and the built-in workout program could greatly help you. So, you really need to check out if there is a good workout program in the recumbent bike you intend to purchase.

3. Adjustable Seat: As not everyone is at the standard weight and height, adjustable seat is a feature of most recumbent bikes. However, never forget to check that out. If it does not exist, you could face a problem easily when it arrives for your testing at home. Also, the level of seat adjust-ability worth checking. Without the right setting for your comfort site, you are unlikely to be able to stay on it long.

4. Many Resistant Levels: When buying a recumbent bike, many users are often worried about the resistance levels in the exercise bike they want to order. Indeed, that is the right concern since by times, you would want a more resisting peddling for tougher exercise. If it does not, you do not set for a new challenge, and your exercise could become boring.

5. Weight Limit: All recumbent bikes come with different frame make, and it could hold different weight limit. The feature worth also checking out. You would not feel comfortable and sturdy at all if you site and peddle one the recumbent bike that would not support your weight properly. You instead might end up ordering a new one.

6. Noise: Noise is also an issue. When you sit and exercise on the bike routinely, and the noise comes anytime you site on it, that is quite disturbing. However, good recumbent bikes have least noise during the run. If you have to spend a bit more and get the quiet running recumbent bike, it is highly recommended. The noise could be frustrating to some users.

7. Safety Issue: Safety is another issue to care for. Normally, any recumbent bike design would be fine for you as a adult. However, if you have kids at home, it is better to find the ones that are safe for kids too since they could be on the bike at any moment. Nonetheless, some recumbent bikes are designed great with that in their focus.

8. Bottle Holder: For the last to notice here, it is the bottle holder. Actually, it is not a must. But, just because many people need water close to them when they are working out on the recumbent bike, the holder could be of a good help for them. If you happen to like the recumbent bike that does not have a bottle holder built-in, you could also consider that accessory if you need one.

How to Buy the Best Recumbent Bike:

It is different between needing a recumbent bike and needing to work out at home. Actually, there are many different kinds of equipment you could find if you plan to work out at home instead of going to the gym. Options include the elliptical trainers and rowing machines beside the recumbent bike. Whichever you feel good about and enjoy doing, you could go for that. However, in case you have decided you want a recumbent bike for your home exercise, you could check out our guides below to find a good pick.

1. Know what you Need: Though you know you need a recumbent bike, but there are many things to check such as the price, the design, the support weight, the workout program to understand. Thus, when you go out and select the recumbent bike, you know which would fit your requirement the most. If you need help for the features you want one, you can check out listing above.

2. Brands: When it comes to brands for a recumbent bike, thousands of them are on the market. Brands like Exerpeutic, Schwinn, and Velocity are among the reliable ones. However, if you look at the reviews of the single design you like, that would help a lot too. That gives you more specific information about the item. Still, good brand ensures better trust and quality for you, and it is more expensive, oftentimes.

3. Fitness Goal: Yes, Indeed. Many recumbent bikes come with workout program. And, you may be having your fitness goal too. What you need is to check out if its program responses well to your fitness goal. This could play a role to help you lose your weight based on the plan.

4. Space Vs Design:​ Because recumbent bike is a home exercise equipment, you would need to be careful with its size and space needed. Some best recumbent bikes look premium and stylish. Nonetheless, it needs a big wide space. So, never forget checking if your have enough space for the one you are interested in.

5. Cost to get a recumbent bike: One of the good points many people choose to have a recumbent bike at home is because they do not have to spend a lot of money on it. With just around 100 bucks, you can bring one home easily. While the more expensive ones is more promising for luxurious features and materials. And, that could cost around 500 bucks.

6. Foldable or It doesn’t matter: Another feature you may also need is the foldability of a recumbent bike. Some are made foldable, and some are not. Thus, if you are specifically looking for a foldable recumbent bike, you will need to check it out seriously too.


Also our Best Pick:

1. Schwinn 230 Exercise Bike is a great one with many high quality workout equipment. Particularly, the Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike is quite outstanding in users’ perspective. It gets rated high and positive while many users strongly recommend this. As a special feature of this, it has an LCD window system which has many functions you may need such as the tracking record and goal for your exercise. Importantly, the item runs extremely silently.

2. Also from the Schwinn, this is the Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike. Though coming from the same brand, they are two different designs with different features to serve your gym time at home. Having built in with 29 programs, this recumbent bike is very functional and convenient to gym with. Additionally, the 4 users’ settings can be recorded, and this is great if this recumbent bike is going to be used by many family members. Moreover, you can set goal, record, and export the data out easily. When it comes to exercise for good health, this recumbent bike would be your best friend.

3. Attractively designed in a premium look, the Exerpeutic Magnetic Recumbent Bike is an extremely unique design for best exercise at home. Even better, this design is made with the Bluetooth technology and is highly compatible with the mobile app tracking. This allows users to record or even entertain themselves easily during the exercise time. Regarding the seat, it is made with a soft material, making it highly comfortable to sit on and enjoy the exercise.

4. The Nautilu R614 Recumbent bike. The bike is an attractive design in addition to the fact that it has so many special and useful features to entertain your gym time. Besides the comfortable setting to sit on, this recumbent bike comes in with two LCD screen in one display. You can set and adjust the setting through that for any record or workout details you may want. Additionally, it has 22 programs as well as the 20 resistance levels to adjust.

5. If you love the design but want a more powerful and stronger performance, you can consider its similar model R616. Between both, it has almost the identical design. However, certain features of them are made differently. For this particular R616 model, it has the display with 2 LCD. In that, you can use to set out among the 13 workout details as well as control and monitor the way you want to gym with this recumbent bike. For the programs to set, 29 of them are available with 4 users’ profiles.

6. The Smart Technology Recumbent Bike is the one to really check out. This specific bike has had so many unique features plus great functionality for your exercise at home. Besides, you can tell this recumbent bike has a fantastic exterior design which is so lovely when seeing it. Nonetheless, if we instead check out the features of this, we can see it has 22 levels with 12 workout programs. Moreover, the backrest of this bike is adjustable, and you can set it to your most comfortable setting.

7. You may also consider this Sole Fitness R92 bike. The product has been constructed perfectly for home use while it is built in with so many useful features and programs to help you have the best gyming experience at home. Besides the convenient and comfortable construction, it has an ergonomic setup which is friendly for the joints. Also, through the display layout on the top, you can check your heart rate as well as chest strap heart rate.

8. Look at the design of this suggested Diamondback Fitness 910SR recumbent, and you will say Wow. Indeed, this is a very premium product which has been carefully designed for best attraction besides the extremely good functionality. For quiet and sturdy ride, the product has been produced with the high quality magnetic flywheel. In the meantime, it comes along with the 32 workout programs with 32 resistances. Additionally, for its blue LCD electronic display, it has an amazing presentation with buttons to allow you to adjust and set up the settings you want quickly and easily.

9. Much affordable than the rest, here it comes the Marcy ME709. Though it is cheaper, this Marcy ME recumbent exercise bike has been a brilliant design which has satisfied the majority of those who have purchased the bike. This simple bike has up to 8 preset resistance with console display which allows you to monitor the speed, distance, time and colory conveniently. Also special, it has the counterbalanced nicely designed pedals with straps.

10. Here it presents the ProForm Hybrid Trainer. This suggested item is a bit different from the above best recumbent bike reviews. However, this ProForm Hybrid trainer is another smart option for gyming at home. It has 15 inch for stride length, 14 apps for the workout, and 14 resistance levels to adjust. Moreover, it has 3 month warranty for parts and labor.

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