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Review Being Updated: 20/12/15

To get the best possible sound quality from your studio or home recording, you need to have outstanding recording gears that capture detailed frequency and eliminate maximum external distraction. Among the many important equipment, a decent recording microphone is one of the must-have gears that you should get. According to our team’s research and reviews, many interesting and best recording microphones are available. However, the price range is quite a gape. It could cost between less than 100 dollars to more than 1000 dollars.

Still, we compare some top recording microphones against their popularity, unique features, sound quality, and design. We have finally concluded that it is CAD U37 USB Studio Condenser Recording Microphone,  Neewer NW-700and Excelvan Condenser Microphone that are the choices we should recommend. These top three pick from our team are great for quality, price and design. Even more, those have been confirmed by many users’ positive reviews with high satisfaction over the products. This should ensure more of the right recording microphones you will see their reviews below. 

CAD U37 USB Studio Recording Microphone1

Considered best for home recording, this is a trendy USB Microphone that has been the best selling microphone. Of course, it is the simply but attractive design, the high quality sound recording, the price, and other features for convenient use of the users that have gained itself the status. This CAD U37 is indeed a great options though after being compared to many other amazing recording microphones on the market. Its 4.5 stars rated is good reflection for all of these.

For its features, this CAD U37 is firstly constructed with large condenser which allows for rich and smart recording. The microphone has proven itself to many users that it works great for the recording. Also, for the pick-up pattern, this design own the cardioid type which performs intelligently to minimize the background unwanted noise to the recording, making the recorded sound quality clear. Additionally, because the frequency response of this mic is quite smooth, users would find the best experience of this mic for singing, speech and instrument playing records.

Worth mentioning, it is the two switches built into this microphone. One is the 10 db overload protection. Once it is on, it could help protect the recording from loud sound for the surrounding sources. The other switch is the bass-reduction switch is its role is to eliminate room noise to the least. These two switches work smart to differentiate your recording sound and the distraction.

For convenient use, this CAD U37 is also a smart option. It is designed great for handling, it is made highly compatible with Window and Mac devices, and has a USB port for the connection which you can just plug in to record your sound even with your laptop at home. Simply, with just less than 500 bucks, you are ready to have a good recording microphone by this.

What Isn’t great about this item:

Though this CAD U37 is our recommendation, we still would want to include some down comments and feedback some users have faced with this particular microphone. A couple of users have had some difficulties when trying to monitor this Microphone with the headphone. Another issue of the mic is its blue status light, which users think it blinks too actively into their face and eyes. That is a kind of irritating for them.

Neewer NW-700

Also the top pick, the next recording Microphone to check out is Neewer NW-700. This is a top pick because it is a professional recording with recognized quality while its pricing is extremely cheap. Even more, you can find so many besides the microphone itself in the package. A few other things have also ensured this is the right one. Let’s check it out below:

Neewer is a nice, reliable brand, and specifically for this Neewer NW-700, it is our strongly suggested recording 2microphone. While its package contains the mic, arm stand, shock mount, mount clamp, pop filter mask, anti wind foam cap, an audio cable, there are many interesting features that have been designed and attached for smart performance of this recording microphone. When it comes to recording high quality sound, this will do the work for you. However, it worth noticing that the mic is made to record perfect from the straight direction in front of it.

Also, cardioid pick-up pattern has been adapted into the design, and it works very well for the noise elimination. Of the same matter, the pop filter mask and anti wind cap are also included to ensure only wanted high quality sound is recorded. The mental shock mount is another thing to mention. With its built-in locking knob, it works for least handling noise. Instead for the convenient use, the scissor arm stand of this mic is made highly adjustable by steel construction which ensure as well sturdy and stable stand for your recording.

To many users’ actual experience on the product, it is quite well made and is a great deal for that price. Also, many of them express excellent sound quality after recording with this mic. Easy setup for use by just plugging it in through the USB port is another common mentioning by the users. They simply love the choice to the max.

What isn’t great about this item:

In the meantime, some users have complained that the package does not include XLR cable which is useful for them to send phantom to the microphone. Some others users thought if it is for pod-casting, this is brilliant. However, it is a little noisy for gaming and streaming.

Excelvan Condenser Microphone

The last best pick to recommend is Excelvan Condenser Microphone. Among the many recording microphones our team has reviewed, Excelvan Consdenser Microphone is a brilliant one we have to mention it here. Priced less than the first two and most others, this condenser microphone has been constructed with high performance by its many interesting features as well as the stunning design as you might have seen its design.

3For the frequency response, the mic has a tailored made design, making it capable of recording the vocal clean and clear. Neodymium magnet is another part of the mic which works to differentiate between the noise and signal, letting it perform even smarter for its record functioning. To deal with handling noise, shock mount has been included into the package. For material use, metal is the chosen one, and it could ensure you long durability as well as sturdy stand for your recording. Like many other users, if you decide to get this model, you will feel this is the best for home recording, radio broadcasting, and more.

What isn’t so great about this item:

Because there might be some technical issues, some users find their mic with very low sound recording. Some others think if the mic has more of the sonic and dynamic range, it would be even a better mic for them, especially when they need recording their voice with their acoustic guitar.

Buying Guides for a good recording Microphone:

If you are new to all these music tools and collecting them for a home recording or others, the best thing you can do is knowing general and basic information about a condenser microphone before you should head to go through different designs and models. The knowledge will give your some ideas which one you should pick up and is best for your situation.

  1. Types of the Microphone: So far, there are several microphone types which are used and made available on the market for your choices. However, each type fits better in different situation. To get you around that, brief description of each microphone type is brought along below:
    • Dynamic Microphone: often thought to be best used with drum and electric guitar, dynamic microphone is a very common type. Actually, this microphone type is made for recording stronger wave of the sound. But, if we compare the responsiveness, a condenser microphone works better for the point.
    • Condenser Microphone: Condenser microphone is thought to work brilliant for recording the sound with high recording quality. It has a diaphragm which is attached to the back plate, and when the sound creates vibration, vibrating the diaphragm that creates the output.
    • Ribbon Microphone: Unlike the first two types, Ribbon Microphone does not work by the vibration but instead the air flow through its ribbon. What that is good about this ribbon microphone is it could very well record the sound for multiple directions of the air. As a result, it becomes best use for studio.
    • USB Microphone: Made very convenient for recording purpose, USB microphone could be connected to your devices such as your laptop easily to record. That is why it is marked as the best choice for home recording. At the same time, it costs much less expensive while its sound recording quality is great, still.
  2. Sound Quality: Of course, when it comes to the sound recording, it would mainly be about the sound quality. And, to many users’ reviews, they will also express their actual experience  on the point. So, if you find any recording microphone very interesting, you had better check out also what previous customers thought about its sound quality.
  3. Polar Pattern: Polar pattern in a microphone is how well it hears the sound. Different kinds of polar patterns are made into different types of the microphones. Simply put, it is about how the mic catches the sound. Some are more directional while some others could record better from any direction the comes from. Another point is its unwanted sound elimination which leaves only what you need.
  4. Target Budget: Budget is another must-plan when you are to look for a recording microphone. Again, a simple USB microphone with good quality could cost only around 50 dollars while some might cost even more than 1000 dollars. Think for yourself how much you want to spend and review the ones with that similar budget. You will not waste your time so.
  5. Instruments to Play with: What instruments to use with the microphone is also a matter to think of. Different types of microphones are made to work best with different types of instruments. Like the Dynamic Microphone type, it deals great with strong sound wave, so it works perfect with drum and electric guitars.
  6. Size: When talking about the size, people refer to the diaphragm built into the microphone. Large, medium and small sizes are made into a mic, and each performs best at a different situation. It thus suits different purpose. Just to note, you would need to match that with your purpose as well. That simply means a better microphone for your need.   
  7. Ease of Use: besides the sound quality it could produce, the design of a particular mic will decide if it is great for your space and convenient use. Only you could answer the question, and what we can tell is it matters. Commonly, if it is a home recording, USB microphone is the best, not a doubt for that. You just need to plug it into your laptop and you are ready.
  8. Popular Model: If popular models would also help you decide, here they are: Neewer NW-700, Shure SM57-LC, Royer R121, and Excelvan Condenser are some you can trust for its sound recording quality and ease of use.

Features To consider in a recording Microphone:

These are some other features you should carefully check within the microphone you are interested it. It will ensure you more you have found the right one.

  • Design: The way a microphone is designed includes two things. One is the attraction and two is the convenient use. Some have to be mounted while some might have base you can stand it up and use like you want easily. That is a very common feature you should look at in a microphone.
  • Noise Cancellation: Noise cancellation is the ability of a recording microphone to get ride of unwanted sound while you are recording. That helps keep the sound quality great without disturbance. Good design one comes with the feature for you.
  • Frequency Response: to some expert, flat frequency response is recommended in a microphone design. The flatter, the better. If you buy this into, you can set it as also a feature to look for in your favorite recording microphone.
  • Connectivity: A few connectivity methods are available in many recording microphone designs. Needless to say, for the USB microphone, it has a USB plug which works great with any USB input such as the one in your laptop. While the other two are the 3.5mm connection and the XLR traditional cable.
  • Compatibility: If you are looking for a USB microphone, you are very likely to connect it to devices such as laptop or ipad. That is an important point to check out for its compatibility. Thus, if it is made greatly compatibility with both Apple products and the rest. You should be safe to buy it.

10.Condenser Microphone Studio Package

Bad Axx CM40 Condenser Microphone is developed with outstanding features and functions that make it one of the best options in today’s market. It is typically known as a professional wide-diaphragm, cardioid condenser microphone. Moreover, it is also built with a low frequency roll-off switch which is very handy when recording. In short, it will bring a lot more convenience to your recording in addition to its super performance and good longevity.

9. Professional Condenser Sound Microphone


Another decent option you may look for is the Professional Condenser Sound Microphone from SOONHUA. This popular microphone is specially designed for using on personal computers, singing on the internet, as well as normal voice recording. With its built-in noise cancellation feature, you can just plug and play/record without the need of any extra gear. Additionally, it has a lovely design and the sturdy stand to sure the best sound recording for your work. Lastly, it has a good price to offer and make you happy with the deal.

8. NEEWER Microphone Suspension Boom

Coming at number eight is the NEEWER Microphone Suspension Boom. This microphone is designed with high-quality materials and advanced technology that let you experience a very satisfying recording quality. Great for general recording or professional sound recording, this microphone should be the one to look for, and it will surely perform a smart and great work for your recording. You will like it even better by then.

7. Excelvan Condenser Sound Recording Microphone


The Excelvan Condenser Sound Recording Microphone has also been rated very high by the majority’s interests. It is designed with tailored frequency response that gives incredible vocal crispness. Perfect for song recording, this amazing recording microphone from Excelvan will never let you down. And, as you can see its appearance, you can tell this is one of the best designs with great attraction as a recording microphone on the market. It is just stylish and fashionable.

6. Neewer NW-700 Recording Condenser

Another great product from Neewer also makes its spot in this list is the NW-700 Professional Studio Broadcasting & Recording Condenser Microphone. This microphone comes as a set that includes the microphone itself, a metal microphone shock mount, an anti-wind foam cap, and a power cable. With amazing recording quality it provides, you can use this microphone for both professional sound recording and karaoke purpose. Though with a similar design to the above mentioned item, they have different features and prices for the different needs of the users.

5. CAD GXL2200 Cardioid Condenser Microphone


Standing at number five is the CAD GXL2200 Cardioid Condenser Microphone. This microphone features a frequency responsive of 30Hz to 20KHz which is somehow very decent, considering the price range caliber of this microphone. Also known for great durability, this microphone offers a perfect recording quality that you would definitely like. It is until you have the actual experience with this recording microphone that you really know its superior performance.

4. LyxPro Microphone for Home Recording


The LyxPro HHMU-10 USB Handheld Microphone for Home Recording has been rated by many consumers as one of the best microphones out there. The recording quality that comes with this microphone is pretty ideal for broadcasting, voice overs, and portable and home recording. Working perfectly well with recording applications, you should definitely give this microphone a try, and you will never be disappointed after that.

3. InnoGear Studio Recording Condenser Microphone

Best Recording Microphones

The InnoGear Studio Recording Condenser Microphone is another well-known recording microphone. It is known for its clear and crisp high-fidelity vocal quality that is ideal for professional studio recording. Not only does it work perfectly with voice recording, this microphone is also a decent choice as a music recording  instrument. Indeed, either in terms of the quality, performance and durability, this item is among the best recording microphones to consider.

2. CAD Condenser Recording Microphone

The CAD U37 USB Studio Condenser Recording Microphone stands in this list as the second best recording microphone of the year. It is specially designed with a large condenser element that is perfect for getting warm and rich recording quality. With this microphone, you will get a crisp and smooth sound quality that minimizes background noise extremely well, leaving you only the perfect sound you will need. So far, many users like this, and it has become the best recommended product from them.

1. Audio-Technica Condenser USB Microphone


The next is the Audio-Technica ATR2500-USB Cardioid Condenser USB Microphone. Designed with a USB connection, you can easily record directly to your computers. Great for home studio recording and podcasting, this amazing microphone offers outstanding sound quality like no others. Grab this ATR2500-USB today, you will definitely bring your home studio recording to the next level! That is really a great product to create you a smarter experience with the sound recording fuction.

If you are really to look for one of the best recording microphones, these ones will do the work for you really well. And, it is only about the design that you will have to check out if which one among the list will fit your interest best. For the quality and durability, these ones are already built great, and thus, you can order without having to think twice, and you will love this to the max.

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