Best Projector Mounting Systems 2020 – Consumer Reports

Sometime, owning just a projector is not suffice for daily usage. You will need a mounting system in order to fix it to the wall if you are a regular user. Adding to that, it is important to purchase the projector mount which is durable and sturdy enough to avoid accidental dropping from the ceiling or injuring people. Thus, we collected 10 best projector mounting systems which we think possess the said qualities for you to decide on.

10. Sanus Systems CMS440 Chief Speed-Connect Lightweight Suspended Ceiling Kit


Not only is this a tough projector mount, but it is also lightweight making you feel secured when you suspend it on your ceiling. The Sanus Systems CMS440 weighs only 5 pound, yet it can hold you projector weight up to 50 lb. For that, you can use any projector on this mounting system without being any concern. Needless to say, these features have made this one of the best item for you. You had better not over look this.

9. PCMD All-Metal Projector Ceiling Mount for Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 8350


This projector mount is a product from PCMD, all-metal build using wholly aircraft aluminum with precise design to fit every kind of projectors. The redesign of this mount will be fixed well on your ceiling as well as slope ceiling, completely adjustable to any condition. Together with the foolproof instructions, installation should be fast and trouble-free. Also, it is made absolutely easy to install to the wall to hold your projector safely.

8. Oineh PRB4S Steel 360-Degree Swiveling Ceiling Projector Bracket – Silver


The Oineh PRB4S has a bracket which is made out of steel, strong enough which can hold projector up to 22 lb. Designed for a decent flexibility, the projector mount can vertically tilt to 30 degree, up and down, and 360 degree for horizontal rotation. From the ceiling, it drops to 5.9 inches to support you projector. The installation kit will come in the box which is easy to follow. This is indeed the superior and best protector mounting system to seriously check out.

7. OLLO MOUNTS: PRO SERIES: Universal Video Projector Ceiling Mount Bracket


If you used to have a hard time installing your projector mount, you won’t ever have to experience the same with this OLLO mounting system. No requirement for complicated assembling as it is a universal mount (can be used anywhere). With the weight capacity of 22 lb., and you can adjust it freely at 360 degree rotation and 15 degree tilt. With its unique design and proven durability, there are not a lot great quality products like this one.

6. Pyle PRJCM6 Universal Projector Ceiling Mount Bracket


Supporting weight capacity up to 30 lb., the Pyle PRJCM6 is built to fit any of your projector and is an ideal choice either for home usage or office usage. With this projector mount, you can tilt it vertically to 20 or -20 degree, along with the full horizontal tilt. Furthermore, it can be installed on any ceiling whether it is flat or sloppy. As a durable product, it is engineered with Quick Release Mechanism for quick and easy installation as well as the uninstallation. In short, this mounting system for the product is such a nice product you can trust.

5. Vantage Point CGUPM12-S Universal Front Projector Mount


This is an appealing projector mount by Vintage. It is built using steel and die-cast aluminum, making it durable to support most of the standard projectors. Moreover, it can be extended to 12 inches from the ceiling, and adjustable for vertical tilting and 360 degree rotation. Whether you use it for watching movie or to work with the slide presentation, the Vintage Point CGUPM12-S will be a perfect choice for you. And, it will stay there as long as you want it to be while the price to bring home is reasonably affordable.

4. Cheetah Mounts APMEB Black Universal Projector Ceiling Mount


With Cheetah Mounts APMED, you can mount your projector on any location you prefer. Its four arms are removable and adjustable which will fit with all types of projector. Either keeping it close to the ceiling or extending it further down, it is totally possible with this projector mount because of the extension pole that is included with this mount. Moreover, it is carefully designed to tidy up your cable placement, and at the same time offer the safety installation due to the metal tether attached with the mount itself.

3. Peerless PRGS-UNV Precision Gear Universal Projector Mount – Black


This Peerless PRGS-UNV is also a durable projector mount compared other projectors in our list because it can support projector at a maximum weight at 50 pound. Pretty much everything is pre-assembled as it is packaged, so it can saves a lot of time on installation. For alteration, you can use the two knobs on the mount which are easy to get a perfectly parallel image. This will bring a great protector holding service to you.

2. QualGear PRB-717-WHT Universal Ceiling Mount Projector Accessory


When it comes to choosing a mount for your projector, QualGear is one among the most trusted brand for projector mount. According to its customers, the Qualgear PRB-717-WHT is a “sturdy and well-built” product which is available at a reasonable price. It will support almost any projector with the weight up to 30 pound. Vertically, you can adjust it at 20 degree minus or plus, while horizontally, you can swivel to 360 degree. In addition, this QualGear projector mount comes with Snap-on/Snap-off, hence making it fast to install and release.

1. VideoSecu Projector Vaulted Ceiling Mount Bracket with 22.4-Inch Extension Pole

Best Projector Mounting Systems

The best of the best projector mount in our list is the VideoSecu Projector Vaulted Ceiling Mount. Such product is made using steel and designed to offer the tidiness placement of your cable. An additional extension pole is included in the box for height adjustment. Regarding the weight capacity, this mount can hold your projector up to 44 lb. Along with the “No-slip” setting, it provides a safe grip on the projector, and also allows you to lock and release it conveniently. And, by and large, this has been considered and rated as one of the best projector mounting systems to buy.

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